Mohammed Rafi leads the group throughout the tour and has been doing so for the past nine year
Mohammed Rafi leads the group throughout the tour and has been doing so for the past nine year

Want to make that memorable Umrah trip this year but worry about getting lost, not understanding the local dialect, or missing out on some of the many ‘must-see’ attractions?

Well worry no more. Simply visit Subhanallah Hajj and Umrah Tours in Huddersfield this autumn and learn how you can not only book that once in a lifetime trip but also receive a guided, personal service around all the holy sites.

With a number of tour options available for all bookings, there is a package for every person and of course the prices are at the most competitive around.

Starting from just £1,250 for an unforgettable two week experience, the cost cannot be beaten for the quality of service and accommodation on offer.

Customers will have the chance to stay at a four or five star hotel, located just seconds away from the sacred sites, where millions regularly embark upon a spiritual journey every year.

Unlike during hajj, the temperatures will also be much cooler in December, when the next guided tour is set to take place, meaning the climate is more tolerable for people of all ages.

Group leader, Mohammed Rafi, is on hand throughout the tour to lead the group round the sites including mountain treks for the more adventurous and historic Islamic sites which must be seen. Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic are all covered by tour providers.

Unlike other tour providers, Subhanallah Hajj and Umrah Tours guarantee every visitor will experience the ultimate Umrah trip, with a 100% feedback rate throughout the past nine years of organised expeditions.

Money transfers are also now available in store so you can rest assure that you, or a friend/family member, undertaking the trip of a lifetime, will not be left stranded

There is of course one other necessity every Muslim must undertake to make their Umrah trip complete and it certainly isn’t the easiest.

The 400-plus mile trip between Makkah and Madina is usually done via old Saudi buses which have no air-conditioning and run just once a year.

By booking with Subhanallah Hajj and Umrah Tours, you will be entitled to travel in style on a private bus, along with the group, which is to the highest standard.

So why wait? Book today and start your countdown to a spiritual trip you will never forget with ‘the people who care’.

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