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March 21 – April 20
The focus is on finances this week, but that doesn’t mean you should worry yourself sick. Rather, it is about finding new and improved ways to boost your earnings potential. Don’t let nebulous tendencies interfere with your plans. It’s fine to consider several options  but don’t get caught up in indecision. Schedule networking opportunities later this week.

April 21st – May 21st
Business partnerships are tested, some of them could challenge your authority. The more you live up to your own set of principles the more you will gain. Now is the time to cultivate an easier relationship with life, get out and about, explore fresh possibilities. Once you set your mind on a goal you must go for it.

May 22 – June 21
Jupiter is transiting your solar second house for some time to come. During this transit, you have the chance to make lots of money and improve your standard of living. You are likely to feel more confident and enthusiastic about life. Your personal relationships are still going through a period of re-assessment.

June 22nd – July 22
The prevailing pattern of planets gives you a marvelous opportunity. Take time out to strengthen close ties of affection, sort out emotional differences and proffer the olive branch to anyone who may have caused you pain in recent months. Venus throws an easy light on affairs of the heart – prime time for engagements and weddings.

July 23 – August 23
You will find added scope and greater incentive to push full steam ahead with your cherished aims.  You must be careful not to tread on other people’s toes.  This is the right time to talk things over with your loved one – especially anything that has been worrying you or making you feel insecure.

August 24 – September 23
The Sun moves into your solar sixth house, the accent shifts to your job interests and physical welfare. Do not try to rush projects to completion – pace yourself sensibly. At the moment,  relationships are experiencing major transformations – those with shaky foundations should be extra careful.

September 24 – October 23
Although all kinds of opportunities are coming your way, there are many obstacles  between you and the fulfillment of any of these. You’re likely to find yourself weighing practical considerations with long–term goals. Some of you will try to get away from the routine chores.

October 24 – November 22
Your horizons are most certainly expanding. Your philosophical thoughts will make your mind run wild.  With Jupiter transiting your Solar 9th House, there will be many  opportunities. Your financial affairs are looking up. Do not miss out on ways to better yourself in the coming weeks.

November 23 – December 21
You may find yourself hard at work behind the scenes, although that may not be apparent to others. You may find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of activity, with opportunities to advance on both the inner and outer level. There’s a sparkle to your social life and you will have fun communicating with others.

December 22 – January 20
The fiery planet Mars, continues to occupy your Solar 10th house for some time to come. Its influence will help you to maintain a high energy level and achieve positive results in anything that requires drive and initiative. If you are involved in a fairly competitive field of activity, you will be the one who comes out on top.

January 21 – February 19
Your communications are at their peak and any initiatives you take now will be well received by people in authority. An exchange of opinions ought to prove very enlivening at this time.  Although the very practical affairs of life continue to be highlighted,  you will still be very much in demand socially.

February 20 – Mar 20
The prevailing astrological trend indicates increasing vigour and stamina. At an ordinary everyday level you can expect this to be a pleasant time, indulging in the good things of life. At a deeper level, there does appear to be a new energy stirring within you. This will urge you towards creating greater independence in your lifestyle.