Much has been spoken about the actress, Preity Zinta, and her drooping stardom lately.

The actress apparently is in much financial debt after the failure of her last production which was made on a lavish budget.

Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

Multiple leading Indian newspapers and magazines have reported elaborate descriptions of how Zinta is finding it hard to make ends meet, so to say.

A visibly miffed Zinta finally issued a press statement rubbishing all what is being said about her.

She said: “These reports are completely false and there are no facts to support such baseless claims. As an actor and entrepreneur, these reports are damaging not only towards my reputation but also harm my business interests.”

Preity continued: “I have been a resident of Quantum Park, Union Park, Khar in Mumbai for almost a decade and have no plans of moving out of this apartment.

“I am currently busy planning the upcoming season with my IPL team and looking forward to several other ventures which will be announced soon.

“In the event of any rumours or reports being published, I further request the media fraternity to verify the news with my PR firm.”