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P.I.A delay: Airline’s American flight is the most held-up in the UK

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WAIT FOR TAKE-OFF: The PIA flights between Manchester and New York was officially the most delayed flight on average in the UK

WAIT FOR TAKE-OFF: The PIA flights between Manchester and New York was officially the most delayed flight on average in the UK

A Pakistan International Airline flight from Manchester to New York was officially the most delayed flight in the UK last year, statistics released this week have shown.

Eight out of 10 recorded flights from January 2015 to March 2016 were delayed on the flight route with an average wait time of 88 minutes for patient passengers.

In total, delays added up to a massive 190 hours as departure boards

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said: “The Pakistan International Airlines service doesn't impact on any other flights operating from Manchester.”

PIA are yet to comment on the figures.

Worryingly for PIA’s regular passengers, the airline was also second on the list for companies with the highest average delays in the UK, only behind Turkmenistan Airlines.

Meanwhile, London Gatwick Airport had the most flights delayed in the same period, averaging an 18 minute wait for passengers.

A spokesperson said: “A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said: “We regret any delays our passengers experience however several incidents beyond Gatwick's control influenced the airport's performance during this period, including numerous air traffic control strikes across European airspace, impacting the airport's whole flight schedule including our long haul routes.

“Gatwick has more flights to Europe than any UK airport and can therefore be impacted disproportionately by events on the continent.”

Mid-air death: OAP dies on board Emirates flight from Dubai to Manchester

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UNSUSPICIOUS DEATH: The cause of death is not yet confirmed but there are reports that the man was not well before he boarded the flight

UNSUSPICIOUS DEATH: The cause of death is not yet confirmed but there are reports that the man was not well before he boarded the flight

A 71-year-old passenger died mid-flight on a plane that was bound for Manchester from Dubai.

The man passed away on a Emirates Boeing 777 passenger plane on 20th June.

Emirates confirmed this after a medical team rushed to meet the plane, which landed around 7.30am at Manchester airport.

An airline spokesperson said: “Emirates can confirm that a passenger on board today’s Emirates flight EK 21 from Dubai to Manchester passed away during the flight. Emirates expresses its condolences to the family.”

The cause of death has not yet been confirmed but there are reports the man was already ill before getting on the flight.

A Greater Manchester Police statement said: “A 71-year-old man travelling on a flight from Dubai to Manchester Airport was found unresponsive by the cabin crew.

“Despite the best efforts of the cabin crew and paramedics at the scene, the man was pronounced dead a short time later.

“There are believed to be no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death and a file will be prepared for the coroner.”

It is understood passengers got off the flight before the body was removed.

Disney disaster for Muslim family who were banned from boarding US flight

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REFUSED ENTRY: A British Muslim family had to abandon their Disney dreams at the airport

REFUSED ENTRY: A British Muslim family had to abandon their Disney dreams at the airport

US officials refuse to explain why 

A British Muslim family in London were banned from boarding a flight to Disneyland, Los Angeles, on 15th December by US authorities at Gatwick airport. US officials have refused to explain why this happened.

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, from north-east London, was excited to be going on the holiday to California with his brother and nine of their children.

Mahmood said: “It’s because of the attacks on America – they think every Muslim poses a threat.”

He said the children had been counting down the days to the trip for months, and were devastated not to be able to visit their cousins in America.

Mahmood is the latest British Muslim to have reported being suddenly barred from getting on a transatlantic flight, despite having been granted authorization online by US authorities.

Senior politicians have been asked to look at the incident, warning of a growing trend of the number of British Muslims being barred from the US without being told a reason for their exclusion.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that he will examine the case, which comes as a leading community group in the US has warned that Muslims are being subject to ‘an unprecedented and dramatic increase’ in violent incidents.

This attitude may be borne out of the recent terror attacks in Paris and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

The case of the family from London, who were turned back at the airport, has been raised by the British Labour MP Stella Creasy who says that because US authorities are holding back information, resentment is being fuelled within British Muslim communities.

In an article for the Guardian, Stella said:“Online and offline discussions reverberate with the growing fear UK Muslims are being ‘trumped’ – that widespread condemnation of Donald Trump’s call for no Muslim to be allowed into America contrasts with what is going on in practice.”

Mahmood said that the airline told them that they would not be refunded the cost of their flights - which amounted to about £9,000.

They were also forced to return items bought from the airport’s duty-free shops, before being escorted out of the airport.

“I have never been more embarrassed in my life. I work here, I have a business here. But we were alienated,” Mahmood said.

Two days after the family was stopped from boarding their flight, another British traveller, Ajmal Mansoor, an imam and lecturer based in Bristol, was turned away from boarding a flight to New York.

“USA has the right to issue and revoke visa – I fully understand that,” Mansoor wrote in a Facebook post. “However not forwarding any reasons infuriates ordinary people. It does not win the hearts and minds of people, it turns them off.”

Social media was buzzing with comments about the Disney disaster on Twitter.

Hugh Peebles, @PeaceYank said: “Trumpstyle fear strikes again. Dreadful!” whilst Sima, ‏@simathoe, said: “They should make a Muslim Disney Princess next.”

On the other hand, conservative British columnist Katie Hopkins has spoken out in favour of Trump’s (unconstitutional) proposal.

“If Donald Trump wins the race to the White House I’m moving to America,” she tweeted the other day.


Russia ISIS bombardment increases

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AWARD: Vladmir Putin has put a bounty on the heads of the people responsible for the plane bombing last month

AWARD: Vladmir Putin has put a bounty on the heads of the people responsible for the plane bombing last month

Action stepped up as investigators confirm ISIS blew up tourist jet

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has put a £33 million (US$50 million) bounty on the heads of those responsible for the bombing of a Russian tourist flight from Egypt.

The reward was announced after the country confirmed that a homemade bomb took down Metrojet flight 9268, last month, killing all 224 holiday-makers travelling from Sharm al-Sheikh to St Petersburg.

The terrorist organisation, ISIS, claimed responsibility for the blast.

Russia’s General Staff, Valery Gerasimov said that on Tuesday alone, Russian air force flew 65 sorties. Among the targets destroyed were eight command centres, eight armouries, four plants for making explosives and six fuel storage tanks.

Russian aircraft also launched 34 cruise missiles, destroying 14 terrorist targets.

As the country stepped up its bombardment of ISIS forces in Syria, Putin announced his determination to obliterate the militant Islamist movement.

He said Russians would not dry their tears until they find and punish those responsible.

“This is not the first time Russia experiences barbaric terrorist crime. We remember everything and everyone. We will search wherever they may be hiding. We will find them anywhere on the planet and punish them,” said a resolute Putin.

He also ordered long range bombers to double the volume of airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria and told a navy cruiser to coordinate operations with French naval forces in the Mediterranean.

“By conducting military missions in Syria, you are protecting Russia and her citizens,” Putin told his military chiefs. “Our air campaign in Syria must not only be continued, it must be boosted, in such a way that the criminals are made aware that retribution is inevitable.”

France also stepped up its attacks on ISIS targets in Syria after the organisation carried out a brutal attack in Paris leaving more than 130 dead and more than 350 wounded.

France also called on other countries to join a military coalition against the terrorist organisation.

In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron has said that it is his “firm conviction” that Britain should extend its airstrikes against ISIS targets from Iraq to Syria, as he announced plans to return to Parliament for a vote to support British military action in Syria.

In Egypt, authorities arrested two employees at Sharm al-Sheikh airport.