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Impersonating doc gets jail treatment: Fake doctor jailed for secretly recording sex tapes for blackmail

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GUILTY: Farhan Mirza was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for secretly filming himself having sex with women in order to later blackmail them

GUILTY: Farhan Mirza was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for secretly filming himself having sex with women in order to later blackmail them

A fake doctor, who kept ‘props’ at home and in his car to appear as a medical professional, has been jailed for eight and a half years after secretly filming himself having sex with women.

Farhan Mirza, 38, from Abertillery, South Wales, used his fake profession as a way of impressing women who he would then sleep with and video to blackmail.

All of his victims were Muslim and were targeted, according to Mirza’s trial, because of the shame which would have been brought on the women’s families should the film be made public.

In one case, Mirza also threatened to send the video to a woman’s family in Pakistan, where she feared they could be targeted by extremist religious groups.

This week he was convicted at Cardiff Crown Court on charges of sexual assault, blackmail, voyeurism, theft and fraud against three victims.

His actions were described by Judge Tom Crowther as ‘pure misogyny’.

Speaking to the court, prosecutor Timothy Evans said victims were left facing ‘humiliation’ after meeting Mirza.

“It is the prosecution’s case that Mr Mirza is a particular kind of sexual predator and he chooses his victims carefully,” he said.

“Because of their religious and ethnic backgrounds, he targeted them because of the terror, embarrassment and humiliation that each of these ladies would have felt in their minds by what this defendant did to them.”

In all the cases, Mirza met the women via the dating website, Shaadi, where he used a fake profile to entrap women looking for long term relationships.

In an attempt to impress the women, he would keep a stethoscope in his car and hung surgical scrubs in the wardrobe of his home.

He told another woman that he was an IT manager and came from a successful family.

In truth, Mirza was an IT worker and taxi driver who lived with his mother.

His shocking crimes only came to light when one woman, who he was in a ‘relationship’ with, found intimate images in his home of her and other women. She also discovered £70,000 in cash – money Mirza had reportedly gathered through blackmail.

PC Pat Maguire, the officer in charge of the investigation for Gwent Police, praised the victims for helping to bring Mirza to justice.

“I would like to thank the victims for their courage to come forward and report these offences to the police,” he said.

“They have shown great bravery and dignity throughout.”

Fake sheikh jailed: King of Sting to serve 15 months behind bars

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PRISON: Mazher Mahmood was sentenced earlier this month after being found guilty of attempting to pervert the court of justice

PRISON: Mazher Mahmood was sentenced earlier this month after being found guilty of attempting to pervert the court of justice

Infamous British journalist - the ‘fake Sheikh’ - has been jailed for 15 months this past week after being found guilty of tampering with evidence in a high-profile trial.

The investigate reporter, real name Mazher Mahmood, was involved in a number of undercover sting operation for media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids over the past 25 years.

His disguise has duped criminals and celebrities in the past yet it was his attempt to see former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos convicted for dealing cocaine which saw him step over the line of legality.

STING OPERATION: Tulisa Contostavlos was the final celebrity the journalist attempted to dupe

STING OPERATION: Tulisa Contostavlos was the final celebrity the journalist attempted to dupe

Contostavlos was due to go on trial accused of supplying cocaine to Mahmood, who had posed as an influential film producer whilst secretly working for the Sun on Sunday newspaper.

Prosecutors said Mahmood had got his driver, Alan Smith, to change a statement he had prepared for detectives as it would have made Contostavlos's conviction less likely by supporting her case that she was a victim of entrapment.

Both men were found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice at London's Old Bailey court earlier this month.

Mahmood was finally jailed for 15 months on Friday with Smith given a suspended 12-month prison term.

Following the sentencing, it was revealed that 18 other individuals, who had previously been caught out by Mahmood’s stings, are also now planning to take civil action against him.

“Mazher has led scores of successful investigations during his 25-year career with the company,” a News UK spokesman said, adding any legal claims would be ‘vigorously defended’.

“His work has led to the exposure of criminality and wrongdoing. It is a source of great regret that his time with the company should end in this manner.”

Mahmood initially built up his reputation as the ‘King of the Sting’ during his work with Murdoch’s now defunct newspaper, News of the World.

His work has previously seen several high-profile convictions, including the 2011 case of spot-fixing in an international game between Pakistan and England which saw three Pakistani cricketers jailed.

Members of the Royal family have not escaped Mahmood’s work either, with Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Princess Michael of Kent and Sarah Ferguson.

Not all stings have been successful with some leading only to prosecutions which collapsed, including the case against five men accused of plotting to kidnap singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham in 2002.

£1.2 million fake banknotes scam

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Two brothers who used their printing firm's Christmas and New Year break to churn out £1.2 million worth of fake banknotes have both been jailed for seven years.

Businessmen Amrit and Prem Karra used specialist paper, inks and foil to run off the near-perfect forgeries of £10 notes at their print-works in Hockley, Birmingham.

Amrit and Prem Karra

Amrit and Prem Karra

They worked through the night to print the notes with a face value of at least £1.27 million.

Birmingham Crown Court was told the brothers acted as "masterminds and architects" of the highly-sophisticated counterfeiting operation.

Sentencing the brothers and two other men who also took part in the scam, Judge Richard Bond said such offences undermined the integrity of the UK's financial system.

Amrit Karra, 45, and Prem Karra, 43, both from Walsall and their brothers-in-law Rajiv Kumar, 40, of West Bromwich; and Yash Mahey, 44,  of Handsworth, Birmingham, were all convicted of conspiracy to produce counterfeit notes following a five-week trial which ended in December.

Judge Bond told the men, who are all married with children: "People who commit offences of this type must realise that those who counterfeit currency must expect long sentences of imprisonment.

"In this case the amount of money produced and disseminated into general circulation was enormous.

"Production of counterfeit notes undermines the whole economy of the country... essentially it undermines the whole integrity of the currency system.

"It is so serious that only lengthy custodial sentences can be justified."

Karra Design and Print

Karra Design and Print

Jailing both Mahey and Kumar for four-and-a-half years, and barring the Karra brothers from acting as company directors, Judge Bond said the offences were motivated by greed.

He told the defendants: "All four of you knew what would happen to the notes.

"You knew that if you were caught it would affect your wives and your children and other members of your immediate family.

"Knowing, as you did, the consequences of being caught, you ignored your families. The risks taken in this case were high and you must personally take the blame."