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Punjabi No.1

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DCS releases much-awaited track with a new twist

As promised, DCS is giving you crazy music-lovers one of the most anticipated bhangra tracks, by probably the best bhangra band still around.

The song “Punjabi No.1” comes from the DCS quarters and as one of the pioneers of British bhangra making music for British Asians is what DCS have always done best, with their own unique style.

Heavy guitar and tumbi riffs, even heavier dhol and drum beats, are all laced with the soaring sound of Shin’s versatile vocals.

PunjabiNo1 ShinDCS and Sharni
Joining DCS on this track, in the joint role of co-producer and rapper, is Sharni. A young man from Birmingham who is very quickly earning a name as a serious musician/producer/ rapper, and has already worked with some of the big-named artists in the industry.

Always loud and proud about their roots, DCS promise that they are back with this anthem for Punjabis all over the world.

The Punjabi spirit is that of a fighter and a survivor who will never give up, whether it is in life or on the dance floor, every Punjabi wants to be at the top of his/her league and this song is a salute to that spirit with “Punjabi No.1, which releases on 17th April.

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