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Yorkshire’s ‘BIG’ issue

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WORRYING TREND: Dr Hasantha Jayasinghe says he is worried about the latest figures showing a lack of awareness about cancer

WORRYING TREND: Dr Hasantha Jayasinghe says he is worried about the latest figures showing a lack of awareness about cancer

Preventable cancers are linked to Leeds’ rising obesity rate

A Leeds GP is warning the public that more awareness has to be raised about the different causes of cancer following the publication of new figures this week highlighting that three out of four people are unaware of the link between obesity and cancer.

Dr Hasantha Jayasinghe, of Chapeltown Family Surgery, said: “Fat isn’t just a lump of flesh or inactive tissue, it actually produces hormones and chemicals and they leak out. Those hormones increase your risk of cancers.

“The rate of obesity is rising. In West Yorkshire, there’s around 1.3 million people who are overweight and especially in Chapeltown, there’s a definite increase compared to the rest of Leeds.”

Almost three out of four - 73 per cent - of people in the North are unaware of the link between obesity and cancer, according to new figures released by Cancer Research UK this month.

A survey of people in the region found that, as well as general ignorance about obesity and cancer, around three-quarters of those asked didn’t know obesity was linked specifically to ovarian cancer.

Two thirds didn’t know there was a link with breast cancer and more than half didn’t know pancreatic cancer was linked to obesity.

Dr Jayasinghe added: “Obesity is a big problem. People also don’t realise that 42 per cent of cancers are preventable so if people are worried about getting cancer the simplest advice is to try and stay slim and not to smoke.  Those are the main things. The point is to make radical changes to try and address the prevention strategy.  

“People need to exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet. It takes a 60 minute jog to run off the calories from a sandwich. It really is true that a minute on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.”

Being overweight or obese is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking and is linked to an estimated 18,100 cancer cases each year in the UK.

It is also associated with at least 10 types of cancers, including breast, bowel, womb and oesophageal. 

Alison Barbuti, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for the North, said: “Around a quarter of all adults in the region are estimated to be obese, and this has a real impact on their risk of developing cancer.

“Eating a healthy balanced diet and becoming more active can help people to keep a healthy weight. And encouraging children and teenagers to do the same can help them keep to a healthy weight later on in life.” 

Cancer Research UK is calling on people across the North West to email their MP to help tackle junk food marketing to children.

Restaurant runners: ‘All-clear’ diagnosis inspires fundraisers to raise thousands for charity

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CHARITABLE: Bobby Patel celebrates raising £2,000 for Yorkshire Cancer Research with his wife, Minal, and Stephanie Jones, Regional Fundraiser for West Yorkshire at the charity

CHARITABLE: Bobby Patel celebrates raising £2,000 for Yorkshire Cancer Research with his wife, Minal, and Stephanie Jones, Regional Fundraiser for West Yorkshire at the charity

A restaurant owner from Drighlington has raised £2,000 for Yorkshire Cancer Research after taking part in the Run for All Leeds 10K.

Bobby Patel, owner of the Indian restaurant Prashad, decided to take part in the event after his dad, Mohan, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Earlier this year, Mohan received the all-clear after undergoing treatment at Bradford Royal Infirmary and his family have been supporting the cancer charity ever since, helping to raise awareness of the disease among Asian communities in the Bradford area.

Talking about last month’s 10k challenge, Bobby said: “It was amazing to take part in the Leeds 10K with thousands of other runners raising money for lots of different charities. The atmosphere was so warm and the cheers from the crowd gave me that extra push.

“I haven’t found that nirvana of running. It’s still hard every time I go out, but crossing the finish line felt incredible.”

He continued: “We’re really grateful to our friends, family and customers for all the support they gave us in the run up to the day.

“Taking part in the event gave us something really positive to talk about in the restaurant and we hope that it will inspire other members of the Asian community to take up healthy past times such as walking and running.”

Following a host of recent fundraisers and awareness events, Bobby’s wife, Minal, Head Chef at Prashad, has now been inspired to take up running herself and the couple will take part in the Bradford 5K together on 30th October.

Minal, who works 80 hours a week, said: “The whole family went to watch Bobby and it was so emotional to see him running for the first time.

“I’m not a sporty person but I’ve found that running gives me so much more energy. I’m always so busy and tired but you have to make the time to exercise. I’m so excited to have a challenge to aim for.”

Next month, Bobby will take on his latest challenge as he heads to Newcastle for the Great North Run’s half marathon event.

Bobby added: “Minal is always on her feet cooking or developing menus. The way she’s taken up running just shows that there’s always time for these things and I hope her example will encourage other Asian women to think about setting some time aside for exercise.

“It’s amazing for us to be able to do something together outside work and we’re really looking forward to taking part in the 5K for Yorkshire Cancer Research. Statistics around cancer, particularly in Asian communities, are really worrying, so we’re trying to raise awareness as much as possible.”

For more information about fundraising for Yorkshire Cancer Research, please visit

Race against cancer

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MEDAL WINNERS: All the students who ran the race received a medal for their efforts

MEDAL WINNERS: All the students who ran the race received a medal for their efforts

Academy kids run to raise money for fantastic cause

Hundreds of students from a Dewsbury secondary school have laced up their running shoes in the name of charity as they raised funds for Cancer Research UK.

Despite the hustle and bustle of exam season, teens from Thornhill Community Academy’s Years 7, 8 and 9 were eager to add a charity run to their packed timetable before the summer holidays commenced.

Earlier this month, they were able to do just that as the Race for Life 5k challenge arrived at the school.

Over 400 students in total took on the task of walking, jogging or running the distance, raising money for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

Upon finishing the race, children were also presented with a medal to commend their efforts.

Head Teacher, Bev Matthews, praised the enthusiasm of all those involved who have so far raised hundreds of pounds.

“Today has been a real team effort and a great day for students and staff, whilst raising money for a seriously good cause,” she said.

“Most of us know someone who has been touched by cancer and we all have our special reasons for taking part and wanting to help more people survive.”

Five kilometres - or just over three miles - is an achievable distance for all ages and abilities.

£5 will kit one of our research labs out with essential chemicals, £8 kits out Cancer Research scientists with a lab timer, helping them to find out what makes a cancer cell tick and £30 covers the cost of a cervical cancer trial for one day.

The school are still asking for sponsorship from parents, students and friends of the academy as they aim to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK.

You can sponsor the runners through their ‘Just Giving’ page: