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A British Pakistani Muslim’s autobiographical one-woman production

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Almost every theatre production ever produced contains tens of characters, who help the audience understand the play from a variety of viewpoints. BURQ OFF! contains 21 different characters but there is one glaring difference – they are all played by the same woman.

Nadia P Manzoor has both written and stars in the one-woman show which takes audiences on a jaunty tour through madly opposing worlds, showing a British Pakistani Muslim's struggle towards self-acceptance
The glowing promise of modern London versus the glum realities of a conservative Pakistani Muslim home are punctuated by fierce Bollywood dance moves and at least one blackout drinking incident.

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From a domineering father and a soulful mother, to a saucy English friend and even an Islamic studies teacher whose interests range from slapping to pornography, BURQ OFF! infuses the story with comedy, religious fundamentalism, cultural critique and spiritual depth.

The autobiographical show illuminates Nadia’s conflicted sense of identity while questioning repressive cultural norms.

The gifted writer, who grew up in a Pakistani Muslim home in North London, before moving to the US via stops in Singapore and Dubai, has performed the show across locations in the States.

It is only now that the performance has arrived on British shores with The Cockpit, in Marylebone, London, set to host BURQ OFF! between the 9th and 14th September.

Nadia has had success in several platforms of entertainment in the past, most recently creating and acting in the hit web series, ‘Shugs and Fats’ on MTV DESI.

Ever since completing her Masters Degree at the University of Boston in Social Work, she says she has had a passion to merge arts and social reform into memorable, entertaining productions.

In addition to ‘Shugs and Fats’, she has produced and performed in the web pilot ‘House Arrest’, as well as acting in the Off-Broadway play ‘PompaPompa’ where she played an old cockney mother.

Over the past 12 months she has performed regularly in the all-female Improv troupe, Thirteen Degrees, at theatres throughout New York whilst also teaching improv after being trained at ‘Improvolution’ - a Groundling ’s based Improv School in the same city.

As well as acting, Nadia is also a gifted dancer, which is portrayed in BURQ OFF! with her skills including street dance, Bollywood, bhangra, popping and hip-hop all shown off in the 80-minute performance.

Moving, funny, deeply personal and yet universal, BURQ OFF! explores what it takes to evolve past the veil.


Tickets are available now by contacting
The Cockpit on 020 7258 2925 or visit show/burq_off