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We need to dispel the dangerous myth that it’s only Asian men who sexually assault young women

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“There is no community where men don’t rape girls and we must face up to it.”

Recently, as we saw 17 evil men and one woman found guilty of almost 100 sex abuse offences, we must first acknowledge the bravery of the victims of these brutal crimes, as well as how unimaginable it must be to have to relive the evil and the horrors that they went through.

Anger doesn’t come anywhere near in describing my feelings towards these vile criminals – criminals who thought it was not only acceptable behaviour to put innocent young girls through “sessions”, where they intoxicated them with alcohol, drugged them with “Mkat”, and brutally abused and exploited them – but then had the audacity to think they would get away with it.

Achieving justice was a painful experience and far from easy for these victims and thus the sentences given should be far from easy for these vulgar criminals.

However, I have been deeply disturbed by the coverage of the convictions, and how it has been painted as predominantly an issue of race, and not male-led sexual exploitation of vulnerable women.

To put things in context – my mother was abused. She is Pakistani. Her abuser was also Pakistani.

So seeing a headline which says “British Pakistanis ARE raping white girls...and we must face up to it” is beyond personal to me.

Such an incendiary headline and article is not only irresponsible but also sets a very dangerous precedent and must be challenged.

Let me explain why. Where another community is over-represented within a model of criminality, like for example, in cases of wider child abuse, where nearly 90 per cent of the perpetrators are white men we wouldn’t suggest that white people “are raping children” or use the whole community to describe the actions of a few criminals. That would not only be horrific but ridiculous.

I also have two sons. Blanket racially loaded statements like these set them up to fail before they even reach their teenage years.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the first to challenge wrong wherever it happens. This includes within my own Pakistani community. I continue to challenge the patriarchal system and misogyny in the face of death threats – and I am not about to stop, that I can assure you.

But what I won’t accept, or tolerate, is a narrative that demonises every Pakistani man as a rapist. I won’t.

Let’s be clear about “Pakistani” men – are we including the The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, in this sweeping statement? Because he’s Pakistani. Or how about Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London? The list goes on.

There is no community where men don’t rape girls and we must face up to it.

Yes, Pakistani men are disproportionately involved in grooming gangs and this particular model of abuse. And no that is not a racist statement.

Neither is it racist to say that when it comes to wider child abuse nearly 90 per cent of those convicted and on the sex offenders register are white men. However, focussing entirely on one community ignores the fact that vulnerable young girls of all ethnicities are targeted by men.

Following an enquiry into this issue in 2012, the Government’s Home Affairs Select Committee called upon MPs to commission some research into this area of criminality. One expert witness was Nazir Afzal, the Chief Crown Prosecutor who’s correct approach, in recognising victims for the victims they were, led to the first ever convictions in Rochdale. Oh, and just for the record, he also happens to be a Pakistani man. Nazir explained, and rightfully so, that to address a problem we first need to understand it, which is why it is important to renew that call for some research.

It is also worth noting that Nazir’s approach also challenges this concept of “political correctness” – the key to his success was a change in the way victims were believed, which led to a whole cultural shift amongst statutory bodies, including the removal of the term “child prostitutes” from government literature in 2015.

For further clarity – only last year we were shocked and horrified about the abuse scandal in football, perpetrated by and large by white men – but we don’t say all coaches are abusers.

The government is currently looking into allegations of abuse by politicians – once again, by and large white men – but we don't say all white male politicians are abusers, just like we don't say that all white men in the entertainment industry are paedophiles either, despite the horrors of Jimmy Saville.

As I have alluded to previously, it is crucial to recognise that in many child sexual exploitation cases, victims are also of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including Pakistani victims. If anything, some women’s groups have indeed put forward the case that in fact Pakistani girls are preferred targets as they are less likely to come forward and seek help due to the concepts of honour and shame.

The evil of abuse is indiscriminate in its application.

One of the facts that all victims have in common is that they are targeted because of their vulnerability. The other commonalities are that the perpetrators are linked to other criminality, such as drugs, as well as the night time economy – be it takeaways, taxis or other forms of business.

We can’t stigmatise whole communities because of the evil few that we have within them. But at the same time, whenever abuse occurs regardless of who, what or where, we must ensure there is no hiding place for this evil.

And finally, just like nearly 90 per cent of child abusers who are white men do not typify all British white men, these Pakistani criminals do not typify all British Pakistanis. As we plunge further into this debate, let’s not drown out the most important voices which are those of the victims of this brutal evil.

Naz Shah is the Member of Parliament for Bradford West.

By: MP Naz Shah


Bradford celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day

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Bradford hosted great festivities as the Pakistani community celebrated 70 years since their independence day August 14 1947.

India were born as free democratic country on August 15 as the two celebrate ten decades as independent states in their own right.

This followed 90 years of British reign which ended and gave them their freedom.

The day began with Pakistan’s flag being raised outside the consulate in Bradford as the national anthem played out.

With that many waving their own personal Pakistan flags and smiles on their face the event moved inside the consulate and got underway.

A cake was cut at the end of the ceremony iced again with the Pakistani flag as the many in attendance were in high spirits shouting ‘Pakistan! Pakistan!’

Social, cultural, religious, political and other organisations are marking the day and paying homage to national heroes and martyrs of the freedom movement.

(Left to right) Younis Chaudry, MP Naz Shah, Consul General, Abid Hussain and Ikram Butt enjoy the celebrations

(Left to right) Younis Chaudry, MP Naz Shah, Consul General, Abid Hussain and Ikram Butt enjoy the celebrations


Of course the history of the celebration can’t be forgotten as one of the largest mass migrations in modern history followed the partition.

As Muslims trekked to West and East Pakistan (now know as Bangladesh) while millions of Hindus and Sikhs headed in the opposite direction, over a million people died.

More than 15 million people had been uprooted in the largest mass migration in the history of the world, travelling across the borders.    

The Indian self-rule movement was a mass-based movement with a strong Hindu nationalism that brought about the ‘Two Nation Theory’ and is given the credit of being Pakistan’s creation.

After the second World War India and Pakistan finally freed from the rule of the British and became independent sovereigns in their own right.

Naz Shah MP for Bradford West spoke of her wish for occupied Kashmir:

“A huge congratulations to all of Pakistan, but while we are all celebrating we must remember the people of occupied Kashmir, who I hope can one day all celebrate together in peace and harmony.”  

PROUD: Adeeba Malik CBE described the great steps Pakistan has made over the last 70 years

PROUD: Adeeba Malik CBE described the great steps Pakistan has made over the last 70 years


Consul General Ahmed Amjad Ali discussed how proud a moment it was for the people of Pakistan: “We have managed to achieve what are forefathers wanted for us.

“Pakistan is now becoming one of the main forces in South Asia and I wish for all our friends and family to prosper together.”

Adeeba Malik CBE described the great steps Pakistan has made since going independent: “This momentous occasion and is particularly in Yorkshire as the Pakistani community is a well-established part of the region.

“They have contributed with greatly economically but there are still improvements to be made in things such as education, but as a whole today is about celebrating Pakistan.”  

Bawa Saddique from Leeds at the Independence Day celebrations in Bradford

Bawa Saddique from Leeds at the Independence Day celebrations in Bradford



Bradford students celebrate A-level result success

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Coun Imran Khan, Bradford Council's Executive Member for Education, Employment and Skills said: "The early signs from the provisional results we have so far are very encouraging with the majority of schools in the district seeing their grades improve this year.

"We know that today's success is the culmination of years of hard work by our young people and the dedicated staff in schools across the district.

"The indications we have from the results of 22 of the 28 secondary schools across Bradford district are certainly positive. The vast majority of these schools have seen their average A-level grades improve compared with last year.
"There are also signs of strong success among students taking vocational and technical qualifications.

"As the country's youngest city the success of our young people is crucial to the future of our district. I am very pleased to see these initial results are positive. I would like to congratulate Bradford students on their achievements and wish them the very best for their future."


Lord Mayor of Bradford buys his candyfloss and popcorn

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Manningham event organised and run entirely by young volunteers is an iconic representation of community cohesion

With the single aim of uniting communities through social activities and fun, a youth organisation smashed it at it’s annual event once again with over 1500 people attending.

The local Bradford initiative driven by volunteers, was born with the single vision of extending the hands of friendship towards all, no matter what faith or colour, in a call for community cohesion.

Since its founding some eight-years-ago, Hollings Youth Assocation (HYA) has been facilitating personal, social and educational growth of young people in the Manningham area of Bradford, helping them reach their full potential in the society through social interaction.

The event on Saturday 5th August, held on the Drummond Road field, behind Manningham Sports Centre, brought in support from the Lord Mayor, several local councillors and MP's.

Imran Khan, HYA Chairman and youth worker comments: “HYA is a completely not for profit organisation.

“The event we put on every year is organised and run entirely by volunteers with the common interest of building links and unity in the community.

“I’m incredibly proud of the young people involved and believe that small gestures can often make a significant positive impact..”

“We believe that with the right support and help, the young people we work with will gain a more positive outlook of life and work hard to achieve their personal goals

Asian Express would like to send a special thank you to Project Manager Tausif Mohammed in bringing this story to our attention.


Local fighters train ahead of bout

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GRAFT: Adil Anwar (left) and Hamed Ghaz sweat out session at Burmantofts gym

GRAFT: Adil Anwar (left) and Hamed Ghaz sweat out session at Burmantofts gym


Yorkshire fighters Adil Anwar and Hamed Ghaz have been putting in the hard yards in preparation of Ghaz’s upcoming fight

Adil Anwar and Hamed Ghaz have been putting each other through their paces at their gym at Burmantofts in Leeds.  
Ghaz’s fight is on 1st September at Elland Road against 29-year-old Fonz Alexender as the Bradford man looks to add another victory to his impeccable record.

Since turning professional at the ripe age of 18 the light welterweight has a perfect record of ten wins (two by KO).

The 21-year-old is looking to get two or three wins under his belt with coach Mark Bateson in the hope of a British title shot in the future.

Hamed is feeling extremely confident ahead of the fight:

“This is the best camp we’ve done so far and I’m in great shape.

“We’re five weeks in with another four to go until the fight where all the hard work will pay off.”

Leeds-lad Adil rates Hamed very highly rated and expects big things from his sparring partner:

“I’m looking forward to seeing Hamed get out there. He’s been training hard and it’ll be great to see him in action.

“Once he wins this fight it’s onwards and upwards and on to bigger and better things.”

The 30-year-old is also training hard as he looks for his next opponent following his defeat to Jose Del Rio in Spain.

With a record of 22 wins (eight by KO) and seven defeats Adil is extremely keen to get back in the ring and prove his qualities.

For ticket enquiries contact Hamed Ghaz on Facebook.


Deaf girl wins Outstanding Achievement Award

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JUMPING FOR JOY: Shahayna Begum celebrates during boccia game

JUMPING FOR JOY: Shahayna Begum celebrates during boccia game


A Bradford schoolgirl has been celebrating after being presented with an award recognising her success in disability sport.

Ten-year-old Girlington Primary pupil Shahayna Begum received the Panathlon’s West Yorkshire Outstanding Achievement award for her performances in her school Boccia team.

The award recognises Shahayna’s leadership and determination when participating in Panathlon competitions, and also for being a sporting role model for her peers.

Every year Panathlon provides more than 10,000 young people with disabilities and special needs with opportunities to take part in competitive sport.

Taking part in the charity’s events, Shahayna captained her school’s boccia team to a runners up in the Bradford Panathlon, followed by another second place finish in the West Yorkshire Panathlon competition.

Shahayna was presented with her award at the Bradford Multisport Primary Panathlon event at University Academy in Keighley.

Her achevement is even more impressive as she only began taking part in sport this year after being encouraged by PE teacher Mrs Simpson.

Shahayna  has a profound bilateral sensori-neural hearing loss and wears two behind the ear hearing aids.

Her hearing loss means that she is unable to access most sound, in particular speech.  Shahayna’s main mode of communication is through British Sign Language (BSL).

Winning the award has given her a huge amount of confidence and it has been given pride of place in her home as her family are extremely proud of what she has accomplished.

Being in a team with all her friends gives Shahayna a great amount of excitement and joy as she tries to score points in the fast paced game.

Shahayna’s favourite subject is maths and she loves attending school with her friends and learning something new each day.

She also enjoys drama  

Outside of school Shahayna enjoys cooking with her mum and playing with her friends as well as the occasional spot of drawing.

Claire Hussain, Girlington Primary’s teacher of the deaf said:

“Shahayna is an example of how determination and perseverance can lead to achievements beyond her own expectations.

“Other pupils, deaf and hearing, have seen what she has achieved and are motivated to try new things and develop new skills, even in areas which they may find challenging.

“Everyone at the school has learned of her achievements and we are all immensely proud of her.”


Sweet success: Confectionary initiative raises £51,000 for Pakistan orphanage

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A team from Bradford has had an insanely successful month of fundraising this Ramadan, after selling £51,000 worth of chocolate fudge cakes in order to raise money for the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT).

A cheque for more than £51,000 was handed over by 41-year-old Nadeem Malik and his team of fundraisers from Bradford, who sold cakes during Ramadan.

Nadeem was one of several volunteers who helped distribute chocolate fudge cakes, bought from Sea Fresh, in Bradford, and sold around the country.

The profits were to go towards KORT orphanage, in the Mirpur region, and a cheque for £51,650 has now been handed over.

KORT is a non-profit charity organisation that provides food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education for almost 200 orphans, including children who were orphaned by the devastating earthquake of 2005 and the floods of 2010.

The orphanage was started by Mohammed Akhtar after an earthquake devastated the region in 2005 and the charity is registered in the UK.

Nadeem has visited the orphanage and seen the facilities first-hand: “We realized that there was a greater need for long term support of the children orphaned by the earthquake.

"The Kort complex has a state of the art school and high quality living accommodation for the orphans.

“The lovely thing to see is orphans from all faiths and backgrounds in this complex.

“I’d personally like to thank you to everyone who bought the cakes to help us raise so much."


Saving lives in Syria and Gaza

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DETERMINED DUO: Avid fundraiser and humanitarian Nazim Ali along with 15-year-old Sufyaan Bashir will climb three of the country’s highest peaks in 24-hours

DETERMINED DUO: Avid fundraiser and humanitarian Nazim Ali along with 15-year-old Sufyaan Bashir will climb three of the country’s highest peaks in 24-hours


Bradford duo ready to take on the Three Peaks challenge raising crucial funds

A serial volunteer and avid fundraiser who has pulled in well over £120,000 for numerous charities both here in Britain and abroad, is at it again.

This time Nazim Ali, less than six-weeks since he raised money by completing a gruelling run whilst fasting, has paired up with a friend’s 15-year-old son Sufyaan Bashir to take on the Three Peaks challenge.

The challenge on Saturday 26th August is hoping to raise crucial funds to buy food parcels for Syrian refugees and get clean water to Gaza.

Nazim and Sufyaan, with a group of 28 others, will climb the three highest peaks in the country - Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Mount Snowdon in Wales… all in under 24-hours!

Sufyaan, a Bingley Grammar School student who lives in Keighley is a fitness fanatic. “I am excited by this challenge and know it won’t be easy - as Nazim keeps reminding me,” laughs Sufyaan.

“However, I did Mount Snowdon last year for charity and felt physically very strong. It helps that I attend regular circuit-training workout classes and am a keen rugby player in school.

“The main thing is to raise lots of money for food parcels in Syria and clean water in Gaza. I am grateful to Nazim for his support and encouragement in doing this amazing challenge. It’s time to get training and raising lots of money.”

Funds raised will be split between two projects: The food Parcels for Syria, which cost £20 each, provide a family of five with 7-10 days supply of food inside war ravaged Syria and displaced Syrian refugees.

“The situation is so bad in Syria that people have been known to eat grass and dead animals to survive due to the on-going civil war which shows no sign of ending,” says Nazim.

"We will be raising money for the Dewsbury-based International humanitarian organisation, SKT Welfare which operates on 100% donation policy.

“Our target is £3,000 which will be equally split 50-50 between Syria and Gaza.

The Water for Gaza (Palestine) initiative, will introduce desalination plants that purify sea water. £83 per day will provide 50,000 litres of clean water for 70,000 Palestinians.

“Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, and ongoing assaults have left the territory’s 1.8 million residents facing an imminent water crisis. Statistically around 90% of the Gaza strip’s water is undrinkable,” adds Nazim.

“Without water, no reconstruction and no rebuilding of lives can take place.

“Medicine, sanitation, hygiene, and crucial facilities that depend on water all suffer.

“Contaminated water is causing several illnesses including, renal failure, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

“Most families spend a bulk of their earnings on contaminated water. The grim water statistics are part of a recent UN report on Gaza, which says the Gaza Strip will become uninhabitable by 2020.

“SKT Welfare is a charity which does not outsource meaning they take full responsibility for the delivery of all their projects from start to finish. I have personally worked with the charity and observed their transparent approach having witnessed on my five humanitarian aid trips to the Turkish/Syrian border region in recent years.”

If you would like to help Nazim and Sufyaan hit their £3000 target, you can donate on: www.justgiving.com/nazim00786

Completing the Challenge and travel will be SELF-FUNDED ensuring not even a single penny will come out of your donations.


School kiddos go to college: Year 6 pupils at Bradford primary school get a taste of further education

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Year 6 pupils from St Matthew’s CE Primary, Bradford, were given a real taste of what’s on offer at Bradford College when they visited the campus.

Some 60 Year 6 pupils, 30 on each day, were given an extensive tour of the College on Thursday and Friday 13th and 14th July, where they met with students who they had previously spent time at the school.

Known as College Ambassadors, they helped the pupils gain insights into a range a courses and careers, and into the general life of post-school study.

The pupils saw the engineering and technical workshops, science labs and library. From the top floor of the main building, they were able to see the Bradford cityscape. The day ended in a media studio where groups of pupils made a talk show video. They took on the roles of either hosts, guests, camera operators, sound engineers or directors. They are looking forward to seeing the short films.

Included in the tour was a visit to a hair salon, a boxing gym, and a statue of Sir Edward Appleton, who won a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1947 while working at the former Bradford Technical College, which later became Bradford College.

Last November students from the College answered questions from pupils about life as a student as part of a Year 6 Careers Week. The event was organised to encourage the pupils to have high aspirations and consider further and higher education once they leave secondary school.

A second session, called Your Future and Higher Education, was held at the school in February. It gave pupils an insight into studying Higher education and the students answered frequently asked questions about courses, entry requirements and the costs involved.

The events were part of Bradford College’s Get Involved scheme which runs the College’s Further and Higher Education Progression Packages.

Headteacher Kay Remmer, said: “Our Year 6 children had a great time at the Bradford College campus. They came back excited about what they had seen. All three sessions have helped our Year 6 pupils make well-informed decisions about their future Further and Higher education choices, aspire to engage in higher qualifications and to be the best that they can be.”


Book puts Bradford on the crime map

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‘Girl Zero’ is the second in the DI Harry Virdee series - doing for Bradford what ‘The Wire’ did for Baltimore

A tensely paced and meticulously plotted book, ‘Girl Zero’ takes you from the dark heart of the city to its fraught outskirts on the vengeful hunt for a trafficking ring.

This is the second in an explosive new book-a-year series that will put Bradford on the crime map.

Author A.A. Dhand was raised in Bradford and spent his youth observing the city from behind the counter of a small convenience store.

After qualifying as a pharmacist, he worked in London and travelled extensively before returning to Bradford to start his own business and begin writing.

The history, diversity and darkness of the city have inspired his Harry Virdee novels.

TV rights for the book were snapped up by Filmwave, the producers behind the recent adaptation of JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy for the BBC and HBO.

There are some surprises that no-one should ever have to experience. Standing over the body of your beloved – and murdered – niece is one of them.

For Detective Inspector Harry Virdee, a man perilously close to the edge, it feels like the beginning of the end.

His boss may be telling him he’s too close to work the case, but this isn’t something that Harry can just let lie. He needs to dive into the murky depths of the Bradford underworld and find the monster that lurks there who killed his flesh and blood.

But before he can, he must tell his brother, Ron, the terrible news. And there is no predicting how he will react.

Impulsive, dangerous and alarmingly well connected, Ron will act first and think later. Harry may have a murderer to find but if he isn't careful, he may also have a murder to prevent.


Anoop Doogy Dog! Move over Snoop there’s new talent on the international music circuit carrying Bradford blood-line

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GOUNDBREAKER: 11-year-old Anoop Singh, son of Manjeet Ral and Nindy Kaur is set for his debut on the music scene

GOUNDBREAKER: 11-year-old Anoop Singh, son of Manjeet Ral and Nindy Kaur is set for his debut on the music scene


Bradford's much-loved globally successful RDB has just announced the debut of its next generation of musical genius.

Anoop Singh, 11-year-old son of RDB's Manjeet Ral and Nindy Kaur is launching himself as a singer in the music industry with his first solo single featuring Toronto-bred rapper Humble The Poet and India's much loved rapper Raftaar.

Titled 'You Can't Stop This Party' the anthem is inspired by desi hiphop and British Punjabi vibes, with video shot at a number of locations across the world including Canada, Bombay, South of France and Los Angeles.

Canadian-born Anoop has penned much of the lyrics himself and becomes the first child to make a professional video in the Punjabi Urban Pop industry featuring some of the biggest artists from one side of the globe to the other.

The music video has been directed by renowned Birdi and Manj Musik, while mum Nindy – an iconic Punjabi female music artist herself, has styled the entire video.

Young Noopsta says: "I am very fortunate to have parents who have been in the music business for over three decades now.

"I always dreamt of being a musician since childhood but I wanted to first train professionally as a singer before taking the big leap, so I am learning tabla and keyboard in school as well as from my dad.

"I love producing beats on my laptop in my pre-production studio at home and writing melodies– I've been doing it for as long as I can remember."

Having influenced Bollywood A-lister Akshay Kumar to title his hit film 'Singh Is Bling', the youngster with parents both at the helm of the Punjabi music industry has had the privilege of meeting T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu and other Bollywood biggies.

The 11-year-old also reveals that he has a couple of Bollywood tracks in the pipeline later this year.

With Manj and Nindy travelling all around the world for work, Anoop has shown an immense ability to adapt to whatever is thrown at him and yet keep up with schooling.

Proud dad Manj says: "Sometimes he impresses me with what he comes out with and both me and Nindy push him to be as creative as he wants. He has even started his own Youtube channel making blogs etc., which we highly encourage as the future is now digital.

"As much as we push him to do all his music and blogs we make sure he is always on top of his studies, and keeping him up-to-date with his school work as its very important to us.

"Anoop travels with us when we are on the road and has home education arranged by his Canadian school while we are on the go. He's not a slacker and sits exams back in Canada every year.

"Nindy has raised him well to make sure he is kind down to earth and always a well-mannered child. We are so proud of him... and we thank god every day!"

Having grown up around musicians the young talent's hobbies, besides gaming like a normal 11-year-old - Spiderman and Ironman being big favourites, are drawing.

Manj adds: "His uncle Aman who goes by the name Inquisitive is a worldwide renown artist and inspires Anoop a lot," says Manj.

"Anoop's hand in drawing and being creative on paper has been there from the start - as I used to love drawing as a child too.

"Now with inspirations like INK Cha Cha Ji he is taking his painting and drawing skills very serious."


Noopsta’s ‘You Can’t Stop This Party’ will be released worldwide on the Manj Musik Youtube Channel, AK Projects and One Digital Entertainment platforms on 1st August 2017.




Attacks on postal workers by dogs up 88% in Bradford

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Dog attacks on postal workers have soared in Bradford increasing by 88% in the last five years with The Royal Mail looking to reduce this to ensure the safety of their workers.

Royal Mail released figures this week in conjunction with their fifth annual dog awareness week. These figures show that 32 postal workers were attacked in Bradford last year this has since increased to 115.

This 88% rise in attacks in Bradford is a worrying trend with an increase in attacks also in Wakefield as they have increased 38% to 156. While rather more encouragingly numbers are decreasing in Leeds which was down 10% to 253 and a 19% decrease in Huddersfield to 78 over the same time frame.

In the UK, there was a total of over 14,500 attacks over a five-year period with over 2470 in the last year alone.

This has led to The Royal Mail creating the Annual dog awareness week which is designed to raise awareness of the issues regarding dog attacks and encourage responsible ownership, in the hope that this results in a reduced amount of attacks.

Dog attacks have actually fallen by 7% in the last year to just over 2470 but this is still too many as one dog attack is too many. This equates to around 7 dog attacks a day in the UK which can lead to permanent and disabling injury.

DR Shaun Davis, Royal Mail Group Global Director of Safety, Health and Wellbeing and sustainability had his say on the issue he said: “There have been around 14,500 attacks on our workers over the last five years with over 2,400 this year alone.

“Some of these attacks have led to life changing injuries and this is unacceptable.

“While the number of dog attacks has fallen in the last year, the numbers are far too high, our postmen and women need to be able to deliver the service they provide the UK without the risk of injury.

“This is why the campaign is important as we need to keep raising awareness of this serious issue and ask all dog owners to keep their dogs under control and be a responsible dog owner.”

Communications Workers Union National Health and Safety Officer Dave Joyce commented on this growing issue, he said: “Seven postal workers attacked a day by a dog is simply unacceptable.

“The whole idea of Dog Awareness Week is to highlight the problems and repercussions for dog owners and victims, many of whom are seriously injured.

“Over 70% of dog attacks on postmen and women occur on the garden path or at the doorstep of the dog’s owners home.

“It just needs owners to restrict their animals access to the front garden or put their dog in another room when collecting or signing for an item.”


Bradford bike ride to show unity and respect for Manchester victims

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Bike ride to start in Bradford to show unity with Manchester following Ariana Grande attack in May

Over 100 cyclists are set to take part in a ‘unity and respect’ bike ride which will start in Bradford and finish in Manchester later this month.

The ride is due to take place on 29th July 2017 and has been organized to show support to the victims of the atrocious Manchester bombing which took place during an Ariana Grande concert at the city’s MEN Arena, killing 23 people and Injuring dozens more on May 22nd.

The ride has been organized by Rifaqat Ali, Bradford Community Coordinator in partnership with Shazia Awan, Manchester Community Coordinator in aid of the love Manchester emergency fund.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford will see the cyclists and support the depart from city park in Bradford at around 9AM. The cyclists will then move on to Halifax, Tormorden and Rochdale before arriving in Manchester at around 4:30 PM.

The cyclists will be greeted in Manchester by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester who will receive a letter of civic greetings and a small gift on behalf of the Lord Mayor of Bradford.

Councilor Abid Hussain, Lord Mayor of Bradford, said: “Manchester and Bradford are two great cities with a very proud history. This bike ride shows how the people who live in Bradford want to stand in solidarity and support the victims of the Manchester attack. I want to thank all cyclists taking part in this ride.”

Rifaqat Ali, Bradford Community coordinator, said: “We have people from all faiths and communities, young and old coming together to take part in this ride. We all want to show how unity and respect are important in overcoming hate and violence.

“We also want to raise money for those who have been affected by the terrible events that took place in Manchester.”


2 in 5 taxis fail checks: Bradford Council taking tougher stance after report has shown 40% of taxis and minicabs fail crucial safety

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Bradford authorities are now planning to beef up its safety checks on taxis by requiring vehicle safety records for each car, after it found two in five cabs failed crucial safety checks.

Under the changes, drivers taking their cars in for their regular mandatory checks at Bradford Council’s taxi testing office in Shearbridge would also be hit with larger penalties if they fail.

Cabbies would be suspended, as well as being charged the existing £100 fee, if their vehicles are found to have two or more dangerous defects.

The fee for one serious defect would increase from £20 to £100 and the fee for five or more minor defects would rise from £20 to £75.

At the district’s taxi and private hire testing facility a light has been shone on some of the horrors their staff have discovered over the years.

From a broken seatbelt poorly sewn back together to vital car parts missing all together and tyres worn through to the canvas.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, who oversees licensing at Bradford Council has said that a 40% failure rate is too much:
“This is all about ensuring safety and increasing standards, and making sure that regular maintenance is done so that everyone is safe.”

Other changes proposed by the council are that drivers would be forced to display a window sticker telling people what to do if they have concerns about child sexual exploitation.

The report says that displaying stickers had been optional until now, but “whilst a number of operators supported the initiative, take up was very low”.
And operators would also be forced to conduct background checks before hiring office staff, with the report saying if information like people’s home addresses or holiday dates “were to fall into the wrong hands, this would pose a potential risk.”


Your chance to shape the future of cricket

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ECB to host Consultation Workshop in Bradford on South Asian Community Engagement

“Whether you are involved in cricket or not; you could be a community leader, regular player, volunteer, coach, school teacher, an armchair fan or a parent of a cricket mad child – everyone is welcome to attend.”

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the governing body for cricket in England and Wales, is planning to run a series of regional consultation workshops, including one in Bradford.

The ECB wants to ensure that cricket is a game for everyone; full of great experiences whether people play, watch, follow, or work in the game.

To help with this, the ECB wants to hear feedback, ideas and thoughts on how cricket can do this for Bradford’s South Asian communities. They want to hear from people from Afghani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, or Sri Lankan communities.

The consultation will be held at the Carlisle Business Centre on 18th July from 7pm-9.30pm, to help improve its understanding and levels of engagement with South Asian cricket fans across the country.

As well as Bradford, the workshops will take place in seven other regional venues in Birmingham, Dewsbury, Manchester, East and West London, Leicester and Sheffield. They are designed to encourage local communities to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences on playing, attending or following the game.

Lord Patel of Bradford OBE, independent director at the ECB, said: “We know that there is an incredible passion for the game within South Asian communities nationwide. Cricket is in their DNA and we want them to help shape our future plans for the game.

“Today we are only scratching the surface of the potential engagement with cricket from the UK’s South Asian communities. This is a huge opportunity to grow the game and we want to hear from people in South Asian communities who play or follow cricket, but also from those who don’t.

“Get involved, tell us what you think and contribute to deliver a change and help make cricket a better experience for all.”

Taking place at the Carlisle Business Centre in Bradford on Tuesday 18th July, the workshops will take place throughout July and August, and will not only offer guests an opportunity to have their voices heard, but also give them the chance to get a taste for the sport both at a local level through tickets to local NatWest T20 Blast matches as well as being entered into a draw to win four VIP tickets to England vs India or England vs Pakistan in 2018.

This is your chance to make your voice heard, and ECB are looking for your support. People interested in attending can register by visiting ecb.co.uk/southasiancricket or emailing rsvp@ecb.co.uk




People interested in attending can register by visiting ecb.co.uk/southasiancricket or emailing rsvp@ecb.co.uk


Thursday 13th July 6-8.30pm The Kia Oval Cricket Ground, London

Sunday 16th July 12-2.30pm Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham

Monday 17th July 7-9.30pm Dewsbury Town Hall, Dewsbury

Tuesday 18th July 7-9.30pm Carlisle Business Centre, Bradford

Wednesday 19th July 6-8.30pm Fischer County Ground, Leicester

Thursday 20th July 6-8.30pm Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester

Tuesday 25th July 7-9.30pm Jack Carter Pavilion, Ilford

Wednesday 23rd August TBC Sheffield – location TBC




Cake craze raise 53k

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Pats on the back all-round as almost £53,000 was raised during Ramadan through cake sales and donations for a blind school and orphanage in Pakistan

The Bradford due behind the phenomenal total are Abdul Satar and Amjad Akram whose fabulous fudge cake sales will fund the lives of innocent blind children and orphans.

The pair have worked for numerous years for AKAB school for the blind, a children’s charity in Pakistan giving hope to blind orphans.

Abdul Satar, who runs the Office Furniture Company, in Sunbridge Road, and Amjad Akram, of LetzTalk phone shop, in Great Horton Road, were the main people behind the collection and distribution of the fudge cakes.

The cakes were bought by wholesale at Sea Fresh products, in Bradford, and sold for £10 each as well as donations given to the sweet fundraising activity.  

The men used their own vehicles and petrol to pick up and deliver the cakes all around West and South Yorkshire, as well as parts of Lancashire to ensure all profits go to the charity.

They even paid for their own t-shirts advertising the charity and had posters printed.

Having made over £20,000 on the sale of cakes the rest of the money came from generous donations.

Mr Satar was overjoyed with the response for the charity given its size and the importance on the help AKAB needs to carry on and the money made has already been given to make an immediate effect.


Bradford’s David Hockney birthday gift

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The gallery where the renowned artist was first inspired has opened a David Hockney Gallery in honour of him turning 80

A new permanent display of Hockney’s work will be on show at the Cartwright Hall Art Gallery containing works spanning his career and unseen photos from his personal albums.

The exhibition showcases an unrivalled collection of his early work and provide an introduction to his life and art with a particular focus on Yorkshire and Bradford.

The city of Bradford went all out to for Hockney’s birthday with thousands attending on the opening weekend for a huge party.

Although he didn’t make it to his hometown as he now lives in Los Angeles, Bradford did plenty to celebrate in his absence.

Over the weekend a huge portrait of Hockney was unveiled made out of coloured nails.

Artist Marcus Levine created the piece that stands 16ft high out of 250,000 nails hammered into a base of lacquered marine plywood and fixed onto the wall.

Hockney is widely regarded as Britain's greatest living painter and his exhibitions have drawn record-breaking crowds to the Tate and the Royal Academy in recent years.

Born in Bradford in 1937, he learned his craft pushing a pram containing art materials around the city while he painted on the streets.

He has previously spoken of his joy of visiting the Cartwright Hall as a kid in the 1940s and 50s which makes the gallery even more touching as Hockney claimed it was the only place in Bradford to see ‘real paintings’.


A liberating film… ‘Freesia’: Bradford production company produces first feature-length bold drama about Islamophobia

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Conor Ibraheim expresses response to problem in Islamic communities with film

Conor Ibraheim expresses response to problem in Islamic communities with film


A film which is the first of it’s kind addressing Islamaphobia, has been picking up awards whilst touring not only Britain’s film festival circuits but also those internationally. The film, made by a Bradford man, will be screened in selected mainstream cinemas next month.

Writer, director, and producer Conor Ibrahiem, as part of a three-year-project with his Islamic theatre company, ventured into filmmaking some three years ago. The multi-narrative interwoven tale of mosques, women’s rights and the far-right in his film ‘Freesia’ couldn’t have been released at a more relevant time.

40-year-old Ibrahiem, with over a decade of experience in film, television and theatre says he chose the topic to respond to the injustice Muslim communities currently face.

The stories featured in the film are fictional but based on real issues. The main Islamophobic incident was loosely based on a real-life hate crime; the case of 82-year-old granddad Mohammed Saleem who was murdered as he walked home from mosque by neo-Nazi Pavlo Lapshyn in 2013.

Originally conceived as three short films, ‘Freesia’ developed into a daring and challenging 91-minute movie task. To add to the challenge, Ibrahiem had a shoe-string budget of just £27,000, approximately 1% of a standard British films budget.

Over a gruelling 13-day production schedule in Bradford, Leeds and Keighley, Ibrahiem with his team managed to produce a film that has picked up 14 official festival selections and three awards, including one for the best first-time film maker.

“As a writer and director was delighted that they were able to pull off a minor miracle by making a feature film on a budget of only £27,000,” says Ibrahiem speaking to the Asian Express.

“If El Mariachi and Paranormal Activity could do it with very low budgets, so could I!” Ibrahiem laughs.

“The budget wasn’t the only issue though. We strategically planned shooting everything in 13 days - which was a real challenge. To synchronise getting the locations and then getting the right cast all in the same place was “tricky”, to say the least.”

Technology also did its best present it’s challenges, Ibrahiem tells: “On day three of filming one of the SSD memory cards failed us and we lost half of the footage in one important scene. Thankfully I managed to salvage it - we couldn’t re-shoot as it would cost more money.”

Part of the film’s cast is Bradford-born actor Aqib Khan, who made his screen debut in the 2010 film West Is West, the sequel to the hit 1999 film East Is East.  

Starting out as an actor, Ibrahiem began scriptwriting in his spare time and gradually took a back seat on being behind the camera to focus on writing as he established his own theatre company in 2009.

Arkan Creative have featured several plays looking at various issues from the Hijaab to extremism, and is now looking to branch in to film: “Thanks to Freesia we already have moved towards film and I want us to be ahead of the curve when it comes to Islamic film production in the UK,” Ibrahiem says optimistically.  

The film won the Award of Merit, from the Accolade Global Film Comp, was a finalist in the Focus International Film Fest for Best Editing, Best Score and Best Trailer and had three nominations in the London International Film Festival for the Best Original Screenplay, Best Score and Best Director categories.



Freesia film synopsis


A multi-narrative journey that weaves between three families in present-day Bradford, where three worlds collide and leave a Muslim scholar fighting for his life. Yusif, the son of Mosque scholar Rehman, is doing his best to keep his dad's dream at arms length. Zac is from a white working class family whose troubles hit fifth gear due to his radical behaviour. Khadija is second generation Iraqi and a recent graduate in Politics whose ambitions are about to be put to the test. Fuelled by yet another grooming case making the headlines, they must face the storm before the calm - and they call it 'Islamophobia




Freesia  film awards


Winner of the 'Award of Merit' from the Accolade Global Film Comp

Winner of the ‘Best New Filmmaker’ from the Canadian Diversity Film Festival

Winner of the ‘Best First Time Filmmaker’ from the Auckland International Film Festival





Freesia cinema dates


  • Picturehouse Bradford at National Science and Media Museum on Monday 7th August 2017 at 20:50
  • ODEON Belfast on Tuesday 8th August 2017 at 20:30
  • ODEON Birmingham Broadway Plaza on Thursday 10th August 2017 at 20:30
  • ODEON Leicester on Friday 11th August 2017 at 20:30
  • ODEON Maidenhead on Saturday 12th August 2017 at 20:30
  • Crouch End Picturehouse on Monday 14th August 2017 at 20:30
  • AMC Cinemas (Manchester) on Tuesday 15th August 2017 at 19:30
  • Vue Leeds The Light on Wednesday 16th August 2017 at 19:00
  • QUAD (Derby) on Thursday 17th August 2017 at 20:45
  • Vue Shepherd's Bush on Friday 18th August 2017 at 19:00
  • Vue Sheffield on Monday 21st August 2017 at 19:00
  • Reel Cinemas Hull on Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at 20:00
  • ODEON Edinburgh Lothian Road on Wednesday 23rd August 2017 at 20:30
  • ODEON Edinburgh Lothian Road on Thursday 24th August 2017 at 20:30. Tickets




Four Bradford men jailed for Class A drugs conspiracy

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Four men appeared at Bradford Crown Court and have been jailed for over 15 years roles for a conspiracy to supply class A drugs in the city.

Aqib Javed, 24, of Cecil Avenue, Great Horton, was jailed for four years and six months.

Khalid Hussain, 23, of Grisedale Close, Great Horton, was sentenced to four years and three months imprisonment, with a consecutive six months sentence after admitting dangerous driving.

Aqeel Zaman, 27, of Kirkham Road, Lidget Green, was imprisoned for four years.

Usman Chaudrey, 28, of Pickles Lane, Great Horton, was jailed for two years and eight months, with a further two months imprisonment for dangerous driving.

All four pleaded guilty to the drugs conspiracy charges.

Sentencing them at Bradford Crown Court, Judge David Hatton QC said: "Each of you has pleaded guilty to playing a part in a conspiracy whereby class A drugs were supplied to order by customers dialling a mobile phone number, which was placed from time to time in your mobile phones.

The supply of drugs went on for a period of weeks in 2015. The customer would be phoned back and his or her requirements speedily provided.

The judge said that each defendant played their part in the crime fully understanding what was going.

"Those who distribute these substances on the streets of this, and any other city, can expect to receive a sentence of imprisonment.”


Prity’s products shine and leave Bradford looking and feeling beautiful

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Prity’s award winning salon in Bradford which is home to natural Ayurvedic products and treatments

Prity’s award winning salon in Bradford which is home to natural Ayurvedic products and treatments


Since 2005 Prity Salon has established itself as pioneers of bringing new Indian beauty methods over to England.

The premier beauty salon which has two shops, one in Bradford and one in Harrogate, has won numerous awards including best beauty salon in the UK by Asian Style and are famous for their eyebrow threading and facials in Bradford.

They are leaders in their field and specialise in natural Ayurvedic treatments and products. They pride themselves on their skincare products and have introduced some new lines to their already esteemed range.

This includes the ‘Prity skin glow serum’, this is a night time serum which leaves you with brighter, smoother and glowing skin. It is a perfectly blended serum for facial massage which is used to combat wrinkles, dark circles, acne scars and blemishes. In the process improving complexion and texture. This can be used daily on all skin types as a moisturising oil or as a primer by using a few drops before applying make-up. This is available to buy instore and online for £30.00

Prity Salon have now expanded their range of expertise and have now developed a haircare range, this includes, the Prity Hair Growth Oil, which is designed to strengthen the root of your hair, increasing volume and shine, while repairing broken and damaged hair which helps to promote the growth of new hair. This is available to buy instore and online at £20.00

Prity also offers a Repair Shampoo, which is designed for dry, damaged and brittle hair. The shampoo will cleanse and nourish hair reducing dandruff. This is available to buy instore and online at £20.00

Prity also offer a Ayurvedic Conditioner, which is a naturally sourced product which is used on dry and damaged brittle hair to help regain its moisture repairing and replenishing to regain that shine and glowing look. This is available to buy instore and online at £25.00

You can also purchase all three haircare products in a bundle package which costs £60.00 and is available instore and online. To purchase these products online and to see the other products available to buy at Prity Salon, visit their website which is, www.prityskincare.com or visit their stores at Bradford or Harrogate.

If you would be interested in visiting a store near you to for a natural experience or to purchase one of their natural products you can visit their Bradford store which is, 14 Legrams Lane, Bradford BD7 1ND. Or you can visit their Harrogate store on 65 Leeds Road, Harrogate HG2 8BE.


Made Bradford market expands

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Made Bradford, located on Darley Street, set up to help regenerate Bradford city centre has expanded to monthly events due to popular demand.

The market opened on Darley Street during the weekend of the Tour de Yorkshire when it came to Bradford in April to give a boost to the area after a period of decline in footfall.

The market, supported by Bradford Council, is for traders from the district and Yorkshire, features stalls for original artists, crafters, designers and creative food producers and for anyone looking to buy something original in Bradford city centre.

It will next be held on Saturday, July 22, between 11am and 6pm, as part of the North Parade Music and Arts Festival and feature 12 gazebos selling items including pies and cookies.

Made Bradford markets will then take place in conjunction with the Bradford Festival on July 29 and 30, also in Centenary Square, from 10am until 4pm on both days.


EXCLUSIVE: Curry boss unveils grand dining and leisure facilities

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Curry boss unveils plans for £5M Yorkshire culinary centre of excellence project with grand dining and leisure facilities

Bradford is set for a major £5 million development which will provide the city a unique multi-cultural dining experience under a massive 60,000-square-foot site.

The project has been forwarded by Saleem Akhtar of the Jinnah Group who already runs successful restaurants in Bradford and the North. He's looking to combine four of five different ideas together as part of the new development.

It will consist of a hotel with 25-bedrooms, restaurants, banqueting and conference facilities, while also running an academy for training up chefs and service staff in a ‘struggling industry’.

The welcomed landmark development will offering a multi-cultural buffet service, which will offer up to 100 different dishes of cuisine from around the world.

The restaurant itself will have a seating capacity of 500 and it will feature a car park with up to 300 spaces. It's predicted that this project will create between 150-250 jobs.

FIRST LOOK: This is an artist’s impression of what the multi-million-pound development by Jinnah Group could look like

FIRST LOOK: This is an artist’s impression of what the multi-million-pound development by Jinnah Group could look like

Situated opposite the current Jinnah restaurant in Bradford on Filey Street (off Leeds Road), the mega-development will see a complete overhaul of the former Royal Bank of Scotland building.

Managing Director Saleem Akhtar spoke about the development and Lloyds banks' eagerness to get involved with the project. He said: “The initial purchase was by us, but Lloyds bank were very keen to get on board and be part of the landmark development.

“Bradford is known as the nations ‘curry capital’ catering for the whole country as we have people travelling from all over for our food, this will offer something new for the city.”

Saleem, who is fronting the project, explained his journey and how he came up with idea he said: “I’ve been in the industry 25-years and been all around Yorkshire, ranging from York, Harrogate, Scarborough, Sheffield, Leeds and now Bradford.

“It was my children who persuaded me to come back to Bradford and create a family restaurant.

“Since August 2015 it’s been a great success in Bradford as it’s the only purely family-orientated restaurant in Bradford, I noticed during this time the need of a large establishment with a diverse range of cuisine.

“There are very good Persian, Kashmiri’s and Indians (restaurants), but I want to create something different where I could potentially give them Mexican, English, Thai, Chinese and more.

“Largely Asians can’t go to a pub, hotel or restaurant as 99% of places don’t serve halal food, and settle for a curry as it’s the only halal choice.”

Saleem then spoke about Bradford and why he felt this was an appropriate location for his project he said: “Being here in Bradford, looking at the catchment area and trade, after a while here I soon realized this was the market that was required and I could use world food to help expand us.

“There isn’t really an equivalent in the country for the range of foods that I have got planned, I’m looking at eight to ten different cuisines under one roof, it will be exciting for the Asian market to have change and experience something new.”

Saleem also spoke about the training and employment opportunities that will be crucial to the project and the future of the food industry in the area.

“In the last ten years the industry has really struggled in recruiting kitchen staff and waiting staff. It’s a very tough job. It’s hot in the kitchen - not everyone can do it.

“We used to have people come in from the subcontinent for work in this industry, but with new tight immigration rules that has stopped and the industry is struggling now to get staff.”

Saleem then revealed details about the training academy. “It is a large enough premises and I am going into partnership with Mr Zulfi Karim who fronts the World Curry Festival.

“Negotiations are ongoing with local colleges for course accreditations - this will include written courses as well as practical courses, which will help the industry and employment.

“Our group employs 200-people and other groups in Yorkshire are struggling for staff so we will be training youngsters to get jobs as we are all struggling and we need people.”

In terms of the process behind the project there are still a few things to sort out and a couple of years before the project is brought to life. Saleem commented: “The development is in the hands of planning at the moment but there are green signals.

“By the end of August, we will receive the end results of planning, and we hope to start developments at Christmas time or early January 2018, with the first phase set for the end of 2018 and looking at opening in 2019.”

Saleem give a brief overlook at what else the project will feature when finished: “There’s much planned for our patrons - things like hotels, conferencing, banqueting, a Mediterranean a la carte restaurant as well a ladies spa on the rooftop.

“There’s a lot going on, it’ll be something different for Bradford.”


HARROWING ORDEAL: Taxi driver bricked by youngsters in senseless hate-attack in Leeds

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TRAUMATISED: Awais Hussain says that taxi drivers often don’t report hate incidents to the police as it goes to the ‘bottom of the pile’

TRAUMATISED: Awais Hussain says that taxi drivers often don’t report hate incidents to the police as it goes to the ‘bottom of the pile’


There has been an unprecedented spike in hate crimes with people receiving Islamophobic abuse following the Manchester Arena bombing and London Bridge attack, and taxi drivers are no exception.

Hard-working 29-year-old Bradford man, Awais Hussain, was bricked by hooded white teenagers whilst on his shift as he drove down Woodhouse Lane in Leeds on Friday 16th June.

With one brick flying in through the car window and hitting him in the face, others smashed his windscreen.

“The impact was so shocking I initially I thought I’d been shot. I looked down and all I could see was blood. It was everywhere,” says Awais reliving the harrowing experience.

“I was driving down the road with my window open and I heard a brick hit the front of my car but it hit the road and thought kids were messing about again.

“Two seconds later more stones were thrown and one made it through the window and hit me.

“I parked the car up, got out and fell to the floor. Someone walking by stopped and helped me to my feet. As I got up my head was in so much pain I got to my car and pressed the emergency button.”

Fortunately, a fellow taxi driver had seen the incident dialled the police, while a member of the public dialled for an Ambulance.

“I was at the LGI for about six-hours that night. The doctors glued and stitched my nose but I couldn’t get to sleep all night. I was in shock. I still am,” adds Awais.

Awais says the youngsters were in the area following the attack around 11pm that night, but police but officers were unable to make any arrests.

The shaken taxi driver says that incident could have been much worse had he swerved the car and hit pedestrians. He added that it could easily have been a more dire situation had he not slammed on his brakes.

Not only has the family man lost earnings with him being off work, his insurance company has refused to pay for damages to his vehicle.

“I go out every day to earn an honest living and provide for my wife and myself. No one expects to be unable to work for something like this.

“When people ring up the police with complaints, I believe it goes to the bottom of the list. Drivers have said the often don’t get an immediate response.

“Less people report an incident because they believe nothing will happen, so what’s the point?

“The only reason they were so quick with me was because I was actually injured.”

Awais had a final message for his attacker: “When you are out of school there are other ways to spend your time. It might seem fun but these actions are affecting lives and could cause serious injury to pedestrians and passengers in the taxi you’re attacking.”


Councillor calls for change

SOLIDAIRITY: Councillor Javaid Akhtar and local drivers stand together in support of Awais

SOLIDAIRITY: Councillor Javaid Akhtar and local drivers stand together in support of Awais

Following Awais’s attack, Councillor Javaid Akhtar called for a meeting with West Yorkshire Police, the press, Leeds City Council and taxi drivers at Woodsley Road Community Centre in Hyde Park.

Cllr Akhtar says that an alarming number of taxi drivers are not reporting hate incidents to the police, either because they just have the work ethic of “get on with it” or for fear of seeming to be wasting valuable police time.

“To be attacked for doing your job should not be tolerated and that’s why I called the meeting,” says Cllr Akhtar.

Speaking to the Asian Express, he adds: “We are trying to encourage drivers to report every single incident, and that schools need to educate their young people to be more responsible.”

“Children in school need to be told how dangerous their seemingly ‘bit of fun’ could be.

“Throwing stones or bricks at a driving vehicle could have dire consequences.

“More often than not, cabbies are not reporting these crimes because they see no end result – they still have to fix their own vehicles regardless of what the damage and still  need to get up and go out for work the next day because they need to earn a living.

“Unless we all collaborate, things will not change.”

West Yorkshire Police sergeant John McNiff said: “There have been arrests and they are usually school children, some even under the age of criminality.

“Ultimately we want to eradicate the issue but are best bet is to highlight ‘hot-spot’ areas.”

A number of drivers said they had been targeted by youth in Leeds throwing stones and provided a list of the most dangerous areas: Armley Ridge Road, Armley; Cockshott Lane, Armley; Easterly Road, Gipton and York Road and Halton Moor.


Top tips from top children’s author

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Best-selling book writer Billy Bob Buttons visits primary school and gives them a “WOW” experience

Award-winning, best-selling children’s author Billy Bob Buttons helped improve writing skills as he spent a day with pupils at St Matthew’s CE Primary School, Bradford.

The day was one of a number of “Wow!” experiences the school has provided in Reading, Writing, Science and Maths, and included a book signing of Billy Bob Buttons’ best-seller “I Think I Murdered Miss”.

The author of 16 popular children’s books held workshops for pupils in Years 1 to 6 on Wednesday 7 June, 2017, focussing on Planning a Story, Adventure Writing, Characters and Top Tips for Writing.

The visit of Billy Bob Buttons builds on a series of events the school has organised in recent months to bring about further improvements in Reading and Writing. These have included visits from authors and participating in reading and writing “Wow!” experiences.

Headteacher Kay Remmer said: “The children were very excited with the visit of Billy Bob Buttons. The workshops are part of an ongoing programme of “Wow!” experiences for our pupils, which will aim to help improve reading and writing outcomes as well as being fun.

“We are planning more similar workshops for later in the school year which will enrich the hard work which takes place daily in the classroom.”


Return of the Ramadan Runner: Bradford man completes fourth 10K run whilst fasting for 18-hours

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Fundraising hero Nazim Ali slam-dunked it again this year for the Jane Tomlinson ‘Run For All Hull 10K’ – all under the hot sun at 28 degrees and all whilst fasting.

The Hull 10K marked it’s eighth year on Sunday 18th June, with a record number of 5000 runners braving the sun –baked-day. Nazim, who Asian Express have fondly given the title of ‘Ramadan Runner’, completed the gruelling run in just one hour and 17 seconds to complete.

A minute's silence was held for the victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy prior to the race, which created a real sombre community feel for everyone running.

Enjoying the scenic route, participants ran past some of Hull's iconic landmarks landmarks such as Guildhall, Victoria Park, the Deep (aquarium) and reached the finish line on Whitefriargate.

Nazim spoke highly of the Hull, the UK City of Culture 2017: “There was a wonderful carnival atmosphere with people lining the streets encouraging the runners on and the thoughtful residents were even using their hoses to cool the runners down, I just hope their water bills are not too high!”

“Different faith groups and ethnicities came together to collectively show their respect for the victims and the bravery of our emergency services.

But Nazim admits that this year’s run has been the most difficult to date.

“Fasting whilst doing a 10K run really was a gruelling challenge for the body, and never have I craved water as much as I did during and after the race,” confesses Nazim.

“In 2014 and 2015 I ran the Leeds 10K and the following year the Gateshead 10K but this was by far the hardest.

“There wasn't much shade on the route which meant the heat was zapping your energy levels and I still had eleven hours after I completed the run before I opened my fast which meant no access to water or drink.”

“I literally had to dig deep into my soul to complete the run and the wonderful crowd kept encouraging me – cheering me on - bless them.”

This was the Bradford careers officers fourth consecutive year completing a 10k during Ramadan and Nazim has raised over an epic £34,000. Over the last eleven years Nazim has done huge amounts of charity work and volunteering, raising almost £115,000 for both local and global causes.



Leeds-Bradford’s record-breaking week

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The record breaking figures are in correlation with the start of the summer holidays

The record breaking figures are in correlation with the start of the summer holidays


With such huge numbers visiting LBA mean the month of June has the potential to be the busiest month in the airport’s history.

These numbers come only a few weeks after staff and passengers were evacuated after a suspicious package was found which is testament to people travelling that they continue as normal.

In the last 12 months LBA were statistically the second best nationally for its overall on-time performance as more than 3.6m passengers used the airports services.

The most popular departing destinations for last summer were Palma, Alicante, Malaga, Dublin and Faro, which look set to prominent again this time round.

David Laws, Chief Executive at LBA, said: “These passenger numbers are really encouraging and it’s great to set a new record of passengers coming through Leeds Bradford Airport.

“This achievement is a real team effort; working closely with all our partners has made this possible.

“We will be focusing continually on driving up standards here at LBA and we have undergone major developments in the terminal over the winter.

“Therefore, passengers travelling through the airport will notice significant changes and improvements in the coming weeks and months.

“We aim to be the number one airport of choice for passengers in the region and I have a clear vision as to how we can achieve this.

“I very much look forward to a busy and successful summer and beyond.”


School hosts street party in honour of Jo Cox

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A Bradford primary school is helping bring its community together for a street party in honour of the late MP Jo Cox.

All Saints CE Primary School, in Little Horton, is hosting the event as part of the Great Get Togethers which are being held across the country to bring communities together on the anniversary of the Yorkshire MP's death.

The All Saints Street Party takes place on Saturday from 2pm in Kennion Street, Little Horton.

The school's head teacher John Davie said: "We serve a diverse community here and we thought that hosting this event would be a great way of bringing people together from our school, the local church and mosques to celebrate this diversity and to honour Jo Cox and the work that is being done in her name to promote hope, tolerance and understanding."

Guests will be welcomed by the Lord Mayor of Bradford Coun Abid Hussain, the Rev Canon Stephen Treasure of All Saints Church and Mr Davie.

The entertainment will include an All Saints Got Talent Final and a performance by children in year four of Bamboo Tamboo, a form of Caribbean music using tubes and beaters. There is also a street performance of Fools Rush In by Harry Kingham and friends, and the police and fire brigade will be attending.

The Lord Mayor Coun Abid Hussain said: "As Jo Cox said in her first speech to Parliament 'We have more in common than that which divides us'. It is good to see a school leading a Bradford community to come together like this to celebrate this important message. I am delighted to be able to attend the All Saints Street Party. "

The event is one of a series of Great Get Togethers taking place across the district and country. They are being launched by the Jo Cox Foundation along with dozens of other community groups.

A picnic and fun day takes place in City Park on Sunday (June 18) where people can enjoy a fun filled afternoon with music, activities, games and great community spirit. Then the Big Iftar takes place on Sunday evening from 7.30pm to 10pm, in City Park. This is a more spiritual event which includes the Iftar - the breaking of the fast for all those observing Ramadan.

Friends of Ilkley Lido are hosting an afternoon of games, entertainment, food and fun at a massive community picnic in The Grove on Sunday from 12 noon until 3pm with people being asked to bring their own food and chairs. And in Keighley, at the Highfield food co-op, an Iftar party is being held from 9.30pm at Sigh Airedale in Highfield Lane.


RAKKAPOSHI: Sweet success

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Bradford dessert café wins award

A popular Bradford coffee and dessert cafe is celebrating after tasting success in the Asian Voice Charity Awards.

Rakkaposhi on Ebenezer Street reopened its doors on Thursday 8th June following repairs for roof damage shortly after hearing that it had been shortlisted in the start-up of the year category.

The cafe was set up as a social enterprise 18-months ago and donates all its profits to Bradford-based QED Foundation, a national charity that aims to create a peaceful and harmonious society by tackling poverty and inequality.

“We were over the moon to hear that our efforts had been recognised,” says Nazia Ali, the brains behind the venture.

“But when we announced closure for repairs soon afterwards, we were bombarded by disappointed messages from our regular customers. We are delighted that we have been able to open again so quickly.

“We have taken the opportunity to introduce new products to our range and are looking forward to meeting new faces and welcoming our long-standing customers back.'

Rakkaposhi, which is named after a peak in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan, has built up a devoted following among customers who appreciate its home-made cookie dough, thick shakes, Liege waffles and Fujis.

Just across the A6181 from the Broadway shopping centre, it also serves premium coffee, indulgent puddings and cakes, ice cream, sundaes and smoothies.

During the month of Ramadan Rakkaposhi is open from 8pm to 1am but after 27th June it will be serving sweet treats, house coffees and  hand-picked tea blends from 3pm -11pm Sunday to Thursday and 3pm – 1am on Friday and Saturday.


Firefighters uncover Bradford cannabis farm

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CANNABIS FARM UNCOVERED: The empty shop on Thornton Road was the scene of a major fire in the early hours of the morning

CANNABIS FARM UNCOVERED: The empty shop on Thornton Road was the scene of a major fire in the early hours of the morning


Up to 15 firefighters from Bradford and Fairweather Green stations were on hand to battle a fierce blaze at an empty shop in Thornton Road.

The fire, at around  3.30am on 12th June, is believed to have been caused by faulty wiring after the electric meter was bypassed. The flames from the incident grew to such a severe size they were visible from outside the shop.

Two hours after they arrived, the shop was declared safe following which crew found the cellar and first floor packed with young and mature cannabis plants.  

Crew manager Mick Mawson also added: “The door had been left wide open we didn't even need to break in. Whoever it was had done a runner before we got there. Someone had been living there, there was a sleeping bag.

"It was all set up with a feed and watering system as well as lights but the wiring was dodgy. The place was also full of air fresheners to try and throw people off the scene.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Officers have completed their enquiries at the premise and have recovered a number of plants for further investigation.

"It is believed there were as many as 500 plants in the building, but many of these were destroyed by the fire which is believed to have broken out in the early hours of Monday.

"Our enquiries are continuing and we would ask for anyone who may have seen any recent suspicious activity around the building to contact the Bradford City Area Neighbourhood Team on 101, quoting crime reference 13170266226.

"Information can also be passed anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111."


Fancy a choc fudge treat? Bradford duo takes on the challenge to shift tasty confectionary by the tonne for a sweet cause

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SWEET: Abdul Satar and Amjad Akram have been selling chocolate cakes to locals to raise money for charity

SWEET: Abdul Satar and Amjad Akram have been selling chocolate cakes to locals to raise money for charity


Two Bradford heroes have been overloaded with choc fudge cakes during the last couple of weeks, and you’d be forgiven thinking it was all to satisfy the whims of a having a sweet tooth.

Dedicated duo Abdul Satar and Amjad Akram have tirelessly been selling the yummy confectionary, all in aid to raise crucial funds to help improve the lives of innocent blind children.

But, this isn’t the first time they’ve committed to such a task. The pair have been doing charity work for a number of years and last year raised over £20,000 for AKAB school for the blind which is a children’s charity in Pakistan which aims to give hope to blind orphans in the country, who they are again raising money for.

Abdul and Amjad have once again already raised thousands of pounds for the project, and have now stepped-up the ‘sweet fundraising activity’ during the month of Ramadan.

With the cakes supplied by renowned Bradford business Seafresh, Abdul from the Office Furniture Company and Amjad of Letz Talk have been selling the cakes by knocking on doors and businesses, and using social media to plug the campaign.

“We deliver the cakes to people’s doors at £10 each and all the profits we raise go straight to the charity,” comments Amjad.

“We are doing this throughout Ramadan, but there are no hard set goals - whatever we raise is what we raise, they are only a small charity and can often be overlooked.

“It’s imperitive that we think of those less fortunate than us during this special month in the holy calendar.”

AKAB who’s mission statement is ‘to honour, empower the blind community by identification, education and employment’, have an enrolment of over 150 male and female students, which is funded through volunteers and fundraising.

So far, the charity-loving pair have sold over 800 cakes.

“All money from the sale of each cake is going directly to the charity,” adds Abdul.

“Is a very rewarding experience knowing that we’ve done something to assist the lives of young blind children.”

Abdul also carries out weekly charity work through his own local initiative Bradford Community Kitchen Centre for homeless people every Sunday from the Millside Centre in Grattan Road.

If you would like to buy a cake and help this cause, you can contact either Abdul on 07888693196 or Amjad on 07956566666.


Vigils held in memory of those lost

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UNITED: Different communities came together as one to send love to the families and friends of those lost

UNITED: Different communities came together as one to send love to the families and friends of those lost


Thousands turn up for Yorkshire peace rallies to pay tribute to lives lost in Manchester and London terror attacks

All races and religions united to send a message of solidarity, one which has been shared with thousands around our county in support of all those affected in from the attacks in London and Manchester.

People in Yorkshire also gathered in a host of locations such as Sheffield where a peace rally was held, during which Asim Khan expressed his feelings following the despicable acts through a poem.

In this emotive reading he stated: “From the families of the victims their lives won’t ever be the same. So much hurt, so much anger, everlasting pain. And for the criminals responsible - you are totally insane.”  

Elsewhere Bradford Cathedral played host to a peace rally, which was attended by Bishop of Bradford Toby Howarth, the Dean of Bradford Cathedral Jerry Lepine, The Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Abid Hussain and other dignitaries.

The Muslim Engagement and Development Community and Stand Up to Racism organised several locations across the country including Hull and Leeds to pay tribute the lives cut short and to make a stand against hatred and division.

As well as the resilience in Yorkshire there was a vigil held near London Bridge with more than 100 Imams from across the country, co-ordinated by Leeds’ Qari Asim.

Qari Asim helped bring Imans from across the country together to condemn the recent atrocities in Manchester and London and make clear that there is no religious justification in the taking of innocent lives.

During the vigil a statement was read condemning extremism and terrorist violence, endorsed by 500 British Imams from all over the UK.

The Imams also set out the actions they will be taking within their communities and mosques to help eradicate the perverted interpretation of Islam that is put forward by extremist groups.


MAN ON A MISSION: 2,400 food parcels distributed to refugees on Turkish/Syrian border

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“For me that is the best part just seeing them smile and taking their mind off the horrors no child should witness”

A good Samaritan from Bradford who self-funded a Ramadan food aid trip to the Turkish border has returned home and says the immense gratefulness of displaced Syrians moved him to the core.

Nazim Ali, who has been raising funds for both local and overseas charities over the past 19-years made his fifth humanitarian trip to the Turkish/Syrian border with Dewsbury-based international humanitarian organisation SKT Welfare last month.

Raising a whopping £100,000 for this particular Ramadan mission, SKT Welfare sent out 21 members of the team to distribute hundreds of essential food parcels, each feeding a family of five for thirty days.

Nazim himself raised £16,479 for Syrian refugees for this trip, making his personal total raised for a plethora of charitable causes so far, at an all time high at over £100,000.

“We packed and distributed almost 2,400 food parcels, and I also took a suitcase full of toys for Syrian refugee children, which I distributed to Syrian orphans,” says Nazim.

“The intense six-day aid delivery trip consisted of a gruelling challenge in the blazing heat up to 38 degrees, and then just three or four hours sleep a day, if that.”

The passionate team distributed food parcels to the Turkish/Syrian border town of Reyhanli, which is 25-miles from war torn Aleppo. People have sought refuge in makeshift tents and partially built homes.

“Nothing has improved in terms of the living conditions of Syrian refugees since my very first visit four years ago,” states Nazim.

“You know the situation on the ground is dire when children do not have appropriate footwear or clothing and when it is torn and dirty.

“They ration the little food they have so that it lasts as long as possible, as they often have large combined families of up to 12 people living in one-room accommodation.

“Other refugees are living in almost underground caves - premises which you wouldn't deem fit enough for animals let alone humans!

“For me helping those in need, irrespective of religious affiliation or ethnicity, is a religious obligation as a devout British Muslim, and that’s what keeps me going.

“I visited Istanbul (Turkey) and came across so many Syrian refugees seeking monetary assistance. Small children as young as five-years-old are selling tissues at road-side so they can help earn a living and provide for their families, often working until midnight.”

Nazim says seeing, first-hand, the horrific injuries some children have sustained is hugely distressing .

“My heart literally sunk when I saw loss of limbs on particularly children and young people and hearing their harrowing stories on how they suffered such devastating injuries.”

The dedicated aid worker says that it was heart-rendering to see the Syrian children smiling and elated at receiving the toys that he gave them.

“For me that is the best part just seeing them smile and taking their mind off the horrors no child should witness due to the brutal on-going Syrian conflict which is into it's sixth year and shows no sign of ending.

“The suffering of the Syrian people both internally and externally displaced is continuing and is the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War 2.

“I am grateful to the on-going support of the British public, as I often say it is through their kind support and generosity that I am able to do what I do on the ground.

“What sticks in my mind and is the reason I go back taking my annual leave from work is when Syrian refugees have said to me, 'We feel abandoned by the world buy you have left your family (3,000 miles away in the UK) to help us and that means ever so much to us.'

“The Syrian refugees were really surprised when I informed them that the donations from the Ramadan food parcels was from both Muslim and non-Muslim people.

“They have asked me to convey their greetings to you and to convey their appreciation and gratitude for donating towards the food parcels.”


Braniacs! Titus Salt School Pupils Progress and Succeed with 0% NEET

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Titus Salt School, for the sixth successive year has each pupil that leaving at the end of Year 11 or Sixth Form studies has progressed to a high quality destination.  

They are the only school in Bradford to have achieved this.

0% NEET means that no pupil has become ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’ and is one indicator of how well a school prepares its pupils for further learning, work and training.  

Each Titus Salt School pupil has a personalised programme of careers education, advice and guidance including opportunities for work experience, studying local enterprises as part of coursework and case studies.

The school works with Prospects to ensure pupils receive impartial and high quality careers advice.  Recent developments include sponsorship from Costain plc to extend our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) provision and also the involvement of Leeds Ahead who support the delivery of enterprise education and skills.

In addition, Titus Salt School continues to develop strong links with Universities and Further Education colleges and is delighted to see that the percentage of pupils going to the top Russell Group universities was double the national figure in 2016.

Ian Morrel, Headteacher said: “We are committed to help every pupil leave with a good education and ready to embark on their next steps.  

“Our zero NEET, development of STEM and collaboration with employers such as Costain plc means we can support our pupils to get a great insight into the world of work, training and further academic study.  

“We are grateful for the support we get from many local businesses, universities and colleges to ensure our offer is broad, high quality and personalised.”


Icestone Gelato: Stopping the traffic on ‘GT Road’

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Powerhouse of all things yummy - Icestone Gelato sets benchmark for desserts with reopening of Bradford site

Parre hatt jao, hatt jao… for the undisputed king of desserts is back in Bradford with luxurious gelatos, crepes, Belgian waffles, hot cookie-dough, sweet ice-cream sundaes and cheesecakes.

After a fire devastated the much-loved Icestone Gelato site last year in Great Horton Road (AKA GT Road), the team worked tirelessly to completely refurbish the dessert parlour.

The refurbishment has been greeted with rave reviews and endless compliments from customers who love the new vibe that the store offers.

Bradford-based bosses of the Icestone Gelato ice-cream chain have spent a considerable amount of money on its Great Horton Road site bringing it in line with the newer more vibrant-looking stores in Huddersfield and Wolverhampton.

“Some things remain our secret very much like our logo ‘Nobody Has To Know’”, says Director of Operations Paul Morris.

“We are very conscious of our humble beginnings and would never devaluate the importance of our oldest and loyal customers who helped us to make Great Horton Road and obviously the Icestone Gelato brand into the thriving success it is today.”

Icestone Gelato set unprecedented standards being the very first to offer a dessert restaurant experience in the heart of Yorkshire over four-years-ago, and attracted customers from all over Britain.

The brand has ambitious plans announcing other new stores in some great locations such as Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool; the expansion doesn’t confine itself to the UK, CEO Mahboob Hussain, is pushing Icestone Gelato internationally with his sights set on Asia and beyond.

“It really is amazing to see how our brand is capturing the imagination of other like-minded business people who recognise the strength and longevity Icestone has to offer,” comments Mahboob.  

“Icestone Gelato is unique as we are the innovators we believe in bringing luxury, authentic Gelato initially to the streets of Bradford and latterly to the country on a whole.

“Our Gelato is made and presented with artisan technique with some of the finest Italian Gelato experts overseeing our operation. We are always pushing forward with new ideas to continue to improve our products.”


A roaring success

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Bradford’s Dragonboat Festival sees teams battling it out over three-day tournament

Thousands of people from different faiths and cultures descended upon Roberts Park in Saltaire to enjoy the spectacle of the Dragonboat Festival, now in it’s third year.

It’s been estimated that some 15,000 people turned up for the three-day event which ran from Friday 5th May to Sunday 7th May.

Whilst the festival was delivered by volunteers, many of them were council officers jointly working with local businesses and the community to showcase the positive attitudes and the best in community spirit within the city.  

Other cities have seen this and are now using Bradford as the benchmark.  

During the event supporters cheered on some 41 teams from across our region, including the first international team ever to participate from Pakistan, thanks to the Consul General of Pakistan, Ahmed Amjad Ali.

Committed to promoting Pakistani culture to both British Pakistanis and the wider community, is a passion very close to the Consul General’s heart. Says Mr Ali: “I am keen to promote a positive image of Pakistan and Pakistanis in Britain, as there is so much for us to give to the wider community.

“As Pakistanis living in Britain, we must take an active interest to educate people that Pakistan is a peaceful and loving nation.

Teams were raising money for the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Geoff Reid’s chosen charity YoungMinds, which helps children, young people and their parents to find out about the mental health and wellbeing services that are available to them.

As well as taking to the boats, other entertainment in the park included live music, an Army inflatable assault course, a climbing wall and public Zumba classes.

Registration for 2018 has already opened and people can register via the website http://www.bradforddragonboatfestival.co.uk



The winners of the championships

  • Day 1 Youth Championship (5th May)

Appleton Academy (Seniors) How to Train Your Dragon Boat (Juniors)

  • Day 2 The Charity Festival for the Lord Mayor's Appeal (6th May)


  • Day 3

Socially Minded Mish Mash Splish Splash who are raising money for Centre Point




Great Wall challenge will boost dementia fund

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It’s so huge it’s visible from space and has been named as one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of the World.’

Now, two intrepid members of staff at Bradford Royal Infirmary, part of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will see the mighty Great Wall of China first hand when they attempt to walk sections of it – and all in the name of charity.

Consultant Physician, Care of the Elderly, Eliz Brierley and Lead Nurse for Dementia, Danni Woods are now headed for an adventure of a lifetime which will see them trekking around 35 km (22 miles) along stretches of the famous structure, in order to raise money for the Trust’s Forget-Me-Not charity which supports patients with dementia.

The momentous challenge will take place in the run up to National Dementia Awareness Week, which runs from 14th-20th May.

The terrain and the altitude will certainly be taxing with sections such as Gubeikou, Jinshanling, Mutianyu and Juyongguan described as “tough” and “challenging.”

And as well as various steep ascents and descents, there will be hundreds of steps to conquer as the walkers aim to master dozens of watchtowers during their five-day trek!

Eliz said: “People may well be asking why we are doing this but it will be a terrific experience and at the end of the day we will be helping our patients with dementia so that’s our motivation. When Danni asked if I fancied taking on the challenge, I thought ‘why not?’ We are both fully funded so everything donated goes to the Forget-Me-Not fund.”

Danni added: “This is a fantastic charity and a really worthy cause, and with the money we raise, we will be able to provide materials and equipment which can make such a difference to patients.”

Some of the resources already benefiting patients include brightly-coloured crockery which can help with visual impairment, and revolutionary ‘My Life’ digital reminiscence units, which can help with anxiety. Eliz and Danni hope the money they raise can help to provide more of these helpful aids.

Between them they have now raised almost £5,000, smashing their original target of £3,000 thanks to generous sponsorship from colleagues, family and friends as well as a number of fund-raising local events including a beetle drive and supper, ceilidh, wine tasting, race night and treasure hunt.

“The ‘My Life’ units are invaluable because they can really help patients with cognitive impairment,” explained Eliz.

“By simply touching the screen, the software stimulates people with dementia to start lively discussions, debates, and telling of anecdotes of long-forgotten tales. Personal media items can also be uploaded, allowing families, carers and people with dementia to view images from the past or other relevant images. This ensures everyone can have a meaningful and personal experience.”

Danni, who is being funded by ‘MY Dementia Improvement Network Life’, added: “So far we have 20 units but we would like to provide more. These units plus the other equipment we are able to buy all help to create environments which support our patients who are experiencing dementia-related difficulties.

“Our priority is to maintain a person’s independence as far as possible and make people feel relaxed while at the same time, providing a stimulating environment which provokes conversation and engagement.”

To prepare for the momentous trek, both Danni and Eliz have been in training, which has included regular walks, swimming and visits to the gym!

“I think the variations in temperature and the terrain will really stretch us and there will be cultural challenges too,” said Eliz.


Pakistani sponsors of Tour de Yorkshire put on colourful show of prancing horses, disco buses, dhols and dancing

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PROUD PAKISTANI: Consul General of Pakistan, Ahmed Amjad Ali is committed to promoting a positive image of the country

PROUD PAKISTANI: Consul General of Pakistan, Ahmed Amjad Ali is committed to promoting a positive image of the country



Bradford’s Centenary Square was drizzling with colour on Sunday 30th April in a unique and cultural display of involvement from the city’s Pakistani community honouring Tour de Yorkshire.

In true desi-style, the Consul General of Pakistan, Ahmed Amjad Ali, one of the sponsors of the much-loved annual Yorkshire cycling event, pulled together key figures from region to infuse the culture of Pakistan with the mainstream celebrations.

Committed to promoting Pakistani culture to both British Pakistanis and the wider community, is a passion very close to the Consul General’s heart. Says Mr Ali: “I am keen to promote a positive image of Pakistan and Pakistanis in Britain, as there is so much for us to give to the wider community.

“As Pakistanis living in Britain, we must take an active interest to educate people that Pakistan is a peaceful and loving nation.

Students from Oasis Academy Lister Park represented the Consul General at the Centenary Square celebrations, dressed in Punjabi, Sindhi, NWFP’s, Balochistani and Kashmiri attire and performed traditional provincial dances.

Making a particularly beautiful spectacle were the horses adorned in Pakistani-accessories, a ‘disco-bus’ in all its glitzy splendour - thanks to Regal Bakeries and the sounds of beating dhols, which all encouraged hundreds of heart-lifting comments and talking points from the wider community.

“The showcase of Pakistani culture drew in the crowds with particularly non-Pakistani people taking snaps and asking lots of questions,” comments former England Rugby player Ikram Butt.

“It was a wonderful heart-warming and fun day, more of this should happen and more often.”

Waqar Younis of Regal Foolds says: “It was an honour to support the Consul General’s initiative to promote Pakistan. We felt the ‘disco-bus’ would be an iconic representation of the country – it’s colourful and  lots of fun and generated a lot of interest on the day.

“Being an established dominant Bradford brand which exports products globally, we feel a great sense of responsibility to influence diversity and take the lead where we can.

“Regal Foods is fondly called the ‘world’s local baker’ – we’re proud to be British, proud to be Yorkshiremen and proud to represent diversity in this city.”


“I have heard first-hand accounts of mothers mixing water with sugar for their babies because they couldn’t afford baby milk.”

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GOOD SAMARITAN: Nazim Ali will be travelling to the Turkish-Syrian border with SKT Welfare to deliver food parcels to starving families

GOOD SAMARITAN: Nazim Ali will be travelling to the Turkish-Syrian border with SKT Welfare to deliver food parcels to starving families


Bradford man on a self-funded pre-Ramadhan food aid trip

A Bradford man who is self-funding his fifth aid trip to the Turkish-Syrian border, this time to distribute Ramadhan food parcels to displaced Syrians, says he’s compelled to do what he can as the images of their desperate faces haunts him.

Devoted humanitarian Nazim Ali has raised almost £100,000 over the last 19 years for numerous charities both locally and globally, by partaking in numerous challenges such as marathons, 10K runs and mountain treks.

Now, ahead of Ramadhan on 15th May, during his annual leave as a Careers Adviser, he’ll be travelling to Reyhanli and surrounding areas to provide supplies to displaced families in the Turkish/Syrian border.

Leaving the comforts of his home for a week, Nazim - also a Non-Magistrate for the North and West Yorkshire Advisory Committee, will make his way to the Turkish-Syria border accompanied by other humanitarians from Dewsbury-based international humanitarian charity SKT Welfare.

Speaking to the Asian Express, Nazim says: “This is my fifth visit to the region for the fourth consecutive year, it is also the third consecutive annual Pre-Ramadan Aid Trip.”

“My trip is self-funded ensuring 100% of donations go towards the food parcels.

“I can tell you the situation has not changed for the displaced Syrians. Many families are living in partially built homes with no windows or doors, some are living in tents and are in need of food and water – commodities we take for granted.”

The crisis in Syria is the biggest humanitarian emergency in our era, with almost three-million Syrian refugees fleeing to Turkey for safety and struggling to survive

“They (Syrians) need our help. The conflict has been going on for over six-years now and sadly shows no sign of ending.

“I have heard first-hand accounts of mothers mixing water with sugar for their babies because they couldn’t afford baby milk. Large families are rationing the very little food they have so that it lasts as long as possible.”

Nazim adds that one of the primary reasons he keeps going back are the Syrian refugees who have told him that it’s not just the aid he delivers that is appreciated, but the fact that his presence gives them solace.

“They are so thankful that someone has left their family 3,000 miles away in the UK to help them.

“They say ‘we (Syrian refugees) feel the world has forgotten about us but you being here (delivering aid to us) shows us and gives us comfort that we are not alone and in our hour of need are here to support us’.

“Just as many Muslims will be fasting in Ramadhan (for up to 20-hours without food or drink), so will they.

“The only difference is that we will be opening our fasts in our homes with our loved ones and in the presence of an abundance of food. They (Syrian refugees) however will be struggling to afford basic items such as dates and water.

“Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are suffering and in desperate need of assistance. In Reyhanli alone it is estimated there are almost 80,000 externally displaced Syrian refugees.

“I am also like previous aid trips planning to, God willing, take a suitcase full of toys for the Syrian Orphans and will hopefully visit SKT Welfare’s flagship state of the art ‘Springs of Hope Orphanage and Family Centre’ in the Turkish/Syrian border town of Reyhanli.

“For the last two years I have run 10K Runs in Ramadan for the aforementioned orphanage raising over £22,000."



Nazim had requested readers of Asian Express to assist in this aid mission. People can donate on: www.justgiving.com/nazim4syria or for further information can call 07825 698283 or e-mail: nazim27@hotmail.com - one food pack costs £50 and consists of two parcels each weighing 20.5KG each, providing enough food for a family of five people for one month.




Yorkshire’s first hijab-wearing Police Officer handles pub brawls, domestic incidents, dead bodies and more

INSPIRING: PC Tayyaba Afzal is Yorkshire’s first female Muslim hijab-wearing police officer pictured here with PC Amjad Ditta

INSPIRING: PC Tayyaba Afzal is Yorkshire’s first female Muslim hijab-wearing police officer pictured here with PC Amjad Ditta - Positive Action Coordinator and Authorised Firearms Officer


Super hijabi cop!

“A person’s role in society shouldn’t be seen as any different from anybody who doesn’t wear the hijab or the turban or the mosque hat.” PC Tayyaba Afzal

The Bradford District continues to set standards nationwide with it being the Curry Capital of Britain for the sixth year running, part of the epic Tour de Yorkshire (third instalment this weekend), UNESCO’s City of Film and home to some 200 South Asian restaurants, just to mention a mere handful of attributes.

And now, the City can add to its growing portfolio of sheer uniqueness, a female Muslim bobby patrolling the streets donning a hijab as part of her official attire. She’s involved with handling pub brawls, domestic incidents, dealing with dead bodies amongst some of her daily duties.

PC Tayyaba Afzal, one of the latest trained District Response Officers from the force, is Yorkshire’s first hijab-wearing police officer and marks the growing diversity and ever-evolving ethnic dynamics of West Yorkshire Police (WYP).

She became interested in a career with the police and attended a workshop led by PC Amjad Ditta a Positive Action Coordinator and Authorised Firearms Officer. Here she quizzed PC Ditta about if she would be accepted by WYP if she wore her headscarf and whether she’d be granted permissions to offer her prayers.

“I feel strongly about wearing the hijab as it’s an intrinsic part of my beliefs and values,” explains PC Afzal.

“PC Ditta answered all of my questions. He reassured me that WYP, due to the diverse work that it does and deep involvement with the communities, I’d be welcomed into the force.”

Following the application process, PC Afzal dedicated herself to completing each stage of the recruitment process. Finally, after finishing 12-weeks of intense training, she’s now a police officer serving the communities.

“Staying true to my identity has been really important for me, and what I have accomplished shows that no matter what background you're from you can be part of the service and make a difference; this reflects on the police force in a very positive way.”

“I would say it’s a career like no other and a varied role. You can still practice your religion and beliefs and have a career. It gives you skills for life and is a very rewarding job.

“A person’s role in society shouldn’t be seen as any different from anybody who doesn’t wear the hijab or the turban or the mosque hat.

“It’s a shame that we live in an age where we are judged by the way we look, but that’s why I have joined to bust these myths and overcome the barriers others may perceive that exist.”

The Muslim communities have given PC Afzal much respect, and she says mostly when dealing with disruptions or tense situations, seeing a Muslim headscarf-wearing female demands respect.

“It’s really encouraging,” comments PC Afzal.

“While arresting an individual recently they commented ‘It’s nice to see the police becoming diverse and accepting all other communities as well.’ I was totally taken aback, slightly amused and also pleasantly surprised – I took it as a huge compliment. It made my day.”

PC Amjad Ditta worked with PC Tayyaba Afzal to create the WYP-approved hijab which would be both professional and comfortable to wear and says he felt that WYP had taken a great positive leap in representing the communities out there

“There’s more to be done. However we are going in the right direction,” comments PC Ditta.

“The engagement that I and other officers including members of the community, mosque leaders, councillors and others have undertaken has had a significant impact in attracting a more diverse workforce.

“PC Afzal is a role model and an inspiration for other females who have always wanted to join but for reasons like "is the headscarf allowed" and "will we get time to pray" may have stopped them from applying.

“We as a force encourage all backgrounds to come and join our service.

“We need more individuals like PC Afzal and others to come and be part of the service.

“I would say it's a job for life and a vocation. No one day is the same and each day brings its own challenges and rewards.

If anyone is interested in any role in the police services, you can contact PC Ditta direct on Facebook PC Amjad Ditta or Twitter @wyp_amjadditta or email amjad.ditta@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk


Sikh New Year celebrated with vibrancy: Thousands turn out for Bradford’s annual Vaisakhi parade

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PANJ PYARE: The 'Five Beloved' of Sikh history - is symbolised here by five members of the modern Khalsa as they lead the procession (Photo credit: Jag Kalsi

PANJ PYARE: The 'Five Beloved' of Sikh history - is symbolised here by five members of the modern Khalsa as they lead the procession (Photo credit: Jag Kalsi

Hundreds of thousands of Sikhs across Britain celebrated Vaisakhi over the Easter weekend and marked the day with impressive holy parades throughout the country.

The annual festival is one of the most sacred days in the Sikh calendar and marks the creation of the Khalsa - the Sikh order into which all followers are baptised or initiated, something which is held dearly to the 300 million Sikhs worldwide.

In Bradford on Saturday 15th April, thousands turned out as per their annual commitment to put on a spectacular display of colour and pride to rejoice the Sikh new year from Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara. The procession takes a number of hours merging with people from other temples in the city as it goes along.

Dressed in orange, worshippers made their way through Bradford to celebrate the harvest festival, which traditionally begins with tea and traditional Asian breakfast of chickpeas, chapattis, samosas and Karah-prashad.

SIKH PRIDE: For Sikhs, Orange is the colour of connection, a sense of community and belonging. Here the Nishan Sahib is cleaned by Jeet Kalsi and other members of the congregation (Photo credit: Jag Kalsi)

SIKH PRIDE: For Sikhs, Orange is the colour of connection, a sense of community and belonging. Here the Nishan Sahib is cleaned by Jeet Kalsi and other members of the congregation (Photo credit: Jag Kalsi)

Jag Kalsi explains: “After breakfast, the congregation sits in the Diwan hall for prayers following which we prepare for the parade.

“If you’re not familiar with the parade, all the temples get together in Bradford and we walk from temple to temple, which takes around four hours. It’s quite an extensive walk.

“We prepared the outside area for the massive parade. Local businesses donate food, snacks, drinks and crisps for people to enjoy and get refuelled.

“The parade is a much-enjoyed spectacle for people of all faiths and we always have lovely comments from non-Sikh people. It’s always such a fantastic feeling being part of such a vibrant festival.”

COMMITTED: Crowds of Sikhs walked for up to four hours from temple to temple (Photo credit: Jag Kalsi)

COMMITTED: Crowds of Sikhs walked for up to four hours from temple to temple (Photo credit: Jag Kalsi)

The Five Ks

The Five Ks are the articles of faith that Sikhs wear as ordered by the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. Most Sikhs wear one or more of the articles but only Sikhs who have taken amrit - a ritual analogous to baptism, wear all. They include:

  • Kesh - Ushorn long hair, which is protected by a dastaar, or turban. The dastaar is worn by men and some women to cover their long hair. But most women keep their hair long and uncovered, except for when entering a gurdwara
  • Kangha - a small wooden comb meant to keep the hair combed twice a day
  • Kara - an iron bangle to be worn on the hand used most
  • Kachera - a specific undergarment for men and women
  • Kirpan - a short dagger



Indian music extravaganza for Bradford’s older residents with south Asian sounds of tabla, dhol and harmonium

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Dhan dhanak dhin dha dha

Residents at a local Bradford Extra Care estate were treated to an Indian musical master class  when the QED Foundation visited the Dove Court development as part of its musical memories initiative.

The young-at-heart occupants of the Hanover Housing Association property couldn’t not believe their eyes and ears on Wednesday 10th April, when they were greeted by the delightfully infectious sights and sounds of percussion instruments from the subcontinent.

Joined at the music feast by the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Geoff Reid, and the Lady Mayoress, Chris Reid, everyone couldn’t help but limber-up with some Indian style tunes.

Along with help from trained volunteers, participants were encouraged to interact with the music by learning how to play instruments.

The musical treat from QED was thanks to funding received from the Postcode Community Trust to provide sessions for older people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the Bradford area.

The QED program was established to help improve the health and wellbeing of older people in the Bradford area by increasing self-confidence and helping reduce isolation through music therapy.

Also attending the jam session was Hanover’s Chairman Dr Stuart Burgess, who said: “This has been a hugely successful and entertaining gathering.

“It is testament to our ongoing commitment to engage with the many vibrant cultures in Bradford and we look forward to working with QED to host further interactive events like this in the future.”


Volunteers determined to help Forest of Bradford hit its one-million tree-planting target

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There’s just no stopping them…

It’s seems like there’s no stopping these green-fingered enthusiastic volunteers who’ve been working towards hitting the one million tree planting mega-mission for Yorkshire.

Eager individuals from the Sant Nirankari Mission, some as young as three-years-old, helped plant 700 trees at Lineham Farm in Eccup, Leeds, in an associated effort for Forest of Bradford.

It was a special day as two of the volunteers celebrated their 30th and 41st  birthdays on site and even cut birthday cakes there too.

This was the last tree-planting of the 2016/2017 season and Forest of Bradford Manager Ian Butterfield said: "We will hang our spades up now till the new season starts again in  October.

“In total 70,000 tress have been planted this season alone, and a great big thank you to all groups who have come out and helped plant these trees in all types of weather.

“We are well onto reaching our target of planting million trees in the Yorkshire  area. A really special thanks to Sant Nirankari Mission Yorkshire volunteers who come out with their youngsters and elders to do a fantastic job.”

Meenakshi Arya commented: " It was great to work alongside many volunteers to plant trees.

“The team effort on the day reinforced that when we come together to do good in our societies anything can be achieved.

“There is no better way to spend your Saturday morning in the beautiful countryside helping the environment we live in. I really enjoyed it and it was also my 30th Birthday it was the best way to spend it!

Sukhy Chahal who was also celebrating his birthday said: " I enjoyed my birthday tree planting with my son, daughter and wife and helping the planet for next generations to enjoy."
The day ended with a picnic in the lovely sunny weather. The faith group say they’ve had a great time helping to plant the trees and look forward to the new season.


Solidarity: Community champion rallies over 200 people in Bradford graveyard clean up

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EXEMPLARY: Adil Shaan (left) urges young people to join in positive voluntary actions, pictured here with his colleague Isran Akhtar and in the background Suria Nawaz and her children Muhammad, Ahmad and Aminah

EXEMPLARY: Adil Shaan (left) urges young people to join in positive voluntary actions, pictured here with his colleague Isran Akhtar and in the background Suria Nawaz and her children Muhammad, Ahmad and Aminah


“Kullu Nafsin Zaiqatul Maut” (every soul shall taste death)”

In an amazing show of solidarity, over 200 people gave up their Sunday to join forces in a major clean up of one of Bradford’s largest graveyards.

Eager men, women and children equipped with their wellies, gloves, spades and bags descended upon Scholemoor Cemetery in Great Horton, one of 24 cemeteries in the Bradford Metropolitan District.

This was the graveyard’s second major clean-up and took over six hours to rid it from fly tipping mess that had been dumped there. The initiative was organised by voluntary group ‘Friends of the Deceased’ (FOTD).

27-year-old banking complaints manager Adil Shaan, founder of FOTD group, says that he was inspired to keep the graveyard clean and litter-free as his own grandparents are buried at Scholemoor.

Headed up by Adil, volunteers, many of whom don’t even have family members buried there, flocked the site to lend a helping hand. They ended up filling an entire skip and over 50 large bags of refuse.

“My social media post went viral last year after I called out for people to come and assist with tidying up the cemetery for the first time,” explains Heaton-man Adil.

“It’s been such an eye-opener.

There are so many good-hearted people around who are willing to give up some hours for selfless labour, all you have to do is ask.”

As well as rallying up support through Facebook again this year, which was shared widely by friends and family, Adil and his friends had posters and flyers made which were put up in businesses and community centres across Bradford.

The group saw many local businesses generously donating gardening tools, gloves, bags and refreshments for those toiling away on the day.

Adil reminisces that last year when the first ever clean up started, the late much-loved 33-year charity worker and humanitarian Syed Sharaz Ali Shah - fondly known as Shah Gee took part.

Shah Gee suffered from breathing problems and died during a major operation on his heart at Leeds General Infirmary in September last year.

“Now Shah Gee is buried on the same site he was cleaning,” says Adil sadly. It’s heart-breaking when you look back and remember.

“Friends Of Shah Gee all attended this years clean up too.”

Adil says that he hopes to inspire young people. “’Be part of something different that has never been done before.

“’Kullu Nafsin Zaiqatul Maut’ (every soul shall taste death).

“A lot of us will only be able to donate a relatively small amount of time at each clean up, but it is important to see the bigger picture you are contributing to.

“Powerful work is made up of thousands of actions from a number of people who come together.

“I would ask young people to volunteer their free time and give time to any projects that helps the local community.

“Myself starting from young age of volunteering,  it is very rewarding, you feel good about yourself and most importantly seeing changes that you made in your local community makes you proud.”


Curry in a hurry: Proud Bradford-brand Aagrah gives authentic taste with handmade tarka cooking sauces

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INNOVATIVE: Aagrah Managing Director Mohammed Aslam MBE, DL, talks about his handmade cooking sauces

INNOVATIVE: Aagrah Managing Director Mohammed Aslam MBE, DL, talks about his handmade cooking sauces


Many of us are familiar with the Aagrah Restaurant Group famed for its delicious fine dining experience. Popularity of their “tarka cooking sauces” with home-diners has really hit the spot for those who wish to create award-winning Aagrah dishes at home.  

Using the Aagrah Cooking Sauces you too can become an expert chef and create delicious meat or vegetarian dishes.

It takes minutes to create Chicken Hydrabadi, Lamb Balti, Veg Achari, the much-devoured Chicken Tikka Masala or the original curry dish Chicken Karahi. Using any of their cooking sauces, simply add your choice of meat or veg for a mouth-watering masterpiece.

The handmade cooking sauces are a great healthy option and are free from artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings, nut and dairy. Featuring a combination of the chef’s innovation and tradition of taste, Aagrah’s Tarka Cooking Sauces offer a perfect solution for lovers of curry in a hurry.  

The range of five deliciously authentic cooking sauces, let you create the perfect meal in minutes. Each jar serves four portions and you can grab yours from supermarkets Asda and Co-Op.

The sauces are a creation of the much loved and respected Aagrah Restaurant Group, with 14 branches throughout Yorkshire.

The restaurant chain have been serving award-winning dishes for the last 40-years under the helm of Managing Director  Mohammed Aslam, MBE, DL. Joining the team is Shezad Aslam, Director of Aagrah Foods, son of the Managing Director who is now heading the Aagrah Tarka Cooking Sauces operation.

Shezad brings a vast experience in the food sector working for Mars as a Project Manager.

Commenting on his vision for the cooking sauces Shezad says: “I am excited about building on our customer-base and looking at new markets.

“With a strong brand like Aagrah behind the sauces, we will be exhibiting at major trade food shows around the country as well as exploring international markets”.

The Executive Chef’s team have travelled to regions of Pakistan where the recipes originate to appreciate the true taste of local culture. Blending the team’s innovative ideas into authentic local cuisine. The dishes created from Aagrah Cooking Sauces are essential for any store cupboard.


Sufi music and dance to be celebrated at star-studded festival

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ORGANISER: Zaffar Tanweer is the brains behind the festival

ORGANISER: Zaffar Tanweer is the brains behind the festival 

A Muslim celebration of music and dance in the Sufi tradition is set to become a permanent feature on Bradford's cultural calendar.

Saif-ul-Maluk is an allegorical book of poetry from one of the best-loved sufi saints – Mian Mohammad Bakhsh.

This year the third Saif-ul-Maluk Festival is all set to take place at the beautiful Alhambra theatre over two days, and will feature a music concert boasting hugely popular A-list artists from the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

Organiser Zaffar Tanweer hopes to make the Saif-ul-Maluk conference and festival an indelible feature of Bradford's cultural calendar, a city which has been a strong contender for capital of culture, and is home to one of the most diverse populations anywhere in the country.

FESTIVAL: Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans performing at tha previous festival

FESTIVAL: Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans performing at tha previous festival


"We would like Bradfordians to embrace this event of love peace and respect for all faiths colours and creeds as taught by the great Sufi thinkers of the world," he said.

"Mian Mohammad Baksh who wrote the poetry more than a century ago is a highly respected thinker and an equally loved poet among Bradford's Asian communities. His message of love for all has never been needed as much as it is in today's world."

The festival will comprise of two sessions of discussion and music, and will feature prominent scholars, world famous singers Hans Raj Hans and Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan, and will introduce new, home-grown talent.


Prity City: Prity Beauty salon branches are conquering Yorkshire

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There’s been a lot of publicity in recent years around the art of threading as a beauty treatment. It seems every single high street pharmacy has a ‘threading bar’ just waiting to get at unruly brows and there are even shops devoted to the craft that offer 15-mins lunch-time-fixes.

Whilst convenience is great for some things; food, drink, travel etc., one thing we don’t want to go for quantity over quality on is how we look, and most importantly, how we achieve that look!

Enter Prity Beauty Salons, based in both Bradford and Harrogate.

Prity Salons are market leaders in the ancient Indian art of Ayurveda. This means they concentrate on natural and traditional beauty and wellbeing treatments, ensuring their philosophy of high quality, natural & organic ingredients are first and foremost in their approach.

Prity Salons have over 30-years of experience within the beauty industry, and are a fully licensed and qualified microblading salon. Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup which uses hair strokes to enhance the shape of eyebrows. It’s recommended for people who want to achieve a new shape or combat sparse eyebrows and lack of hair growth.

Always being one step ahead of the trends, Prity are one of the first salons to offer Microblading in the UK. Combining this unique treatment opportunity with their extensive experience in the industry and being the first salon to offer a Hamam (Turkish Bath) in Bradford, Prity show why they are leaps and bounds above the rest in offering innovative, original and ground breaking beauty therapy.

For those wanting something extra after enjoying the decadence and relaxation of a Prity treatment, the company has evolved to create a unique cosmetics brand, offering Ayurveda inspired products to take home from their salons, also now available to purchase online via their website: www.prityskincare.com.

Open 7 days a week and offering a walk in service, Asian Express readers can find out about Prity Beauty’s latest offers, made available on their Facebook (prityskincare.com) or Instagram @pritysalon.

With salons located at: 65 Leeds Road, Harrogate, HG2 8BE and Bradford 14 Legrams Lane, Bradford, BD7 1ND. Appointments can be made by calling 01423 871286 and 01274 307040 respectively.


Zahbro Sports Ltd are unstoppable force in ever expanding Bradford Boxing scene

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Boxing booms in Bradford

It feels like Bradford is synonymous with boxing with boxing legends Roberto Duran coming to Bradford in May and Floyd Mayweather making a stop off in the city this month, it’s a hotspot for UK-based boxing events.

This makes Bradford a natural home for one of the country’s best boxing outlets. Zahbro Sports Ltd based at St Andrew Mill, Legrams Lane, Bradford, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of martial arts and boxing equipment as well as other sporting goods, in the UK.

Having been in the business since 2009 and an (Amateur) International Boxing Association approved stockist, Zahbro Sports Ltd specialise in both the manufacture and retailing of sports equipment. Their unique standing as AIBA suppliers means Zahbro Sports Ltd can promise their goods are of top quality by ensuring all products are tested against arduous quality control measures, as required by the AIBA.

Zahbro Sports Ltd operates on numerous platforms including eBay and Amazon and prides itself in its adept level of customer service throughout. By keeping a close watch on market prices, Zahrbo Sports Ltd can ensure that they always remain competitive.

Speaking to Asian Express Muhammed Zahid, manager of Zahbro Sports Ltd said “Our mission is simple, quality, comfort, design and durability are the characteristics that are found within the DNA of all our equipment.  By focusing on comfort, design and durability together we ensure that the ergonomics of our products are balanced to perfection.

“Our vision is to bring the world together through sports. Our Passion for sports is the heart of our business.” Muhammed concludes.

Whether you’re looking for boxing gloves, focus mitts, shin guards, Muay Thai equipment, MMA  gear,  shorts , gym belts, skipping ropes or more, Zahbro Sports Ltd are your go to for quality and customer service.


Running for £24,000: Bradford’s determined fundraiser helps to raise money for cancer care

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10K: Kamlesh Patel recently took part in a ten kilometre run in Bradford

10K: Kamlesh Patel recently took part in a ten kilometre run in Bradford


A man from Bradford has been instrumental in raising over £24,000 for charity.

Kamlesh Patel has participated in a number of fund raising events, many of them physically challenging, and he’s showing no signs so slowing down.

Marie Curie is a charity that is very important to Kamlesh, so much so that he’s helped to raise over £9,000 for hem.

“Marie Curie needs donations to continue running its nursing service, hospices, support line and much more,” Kamlesh explained.

“Cancer touches the lives of many, young and old.

“I feel emotionally touched seeing people suffering from cancer and wanted to do something for them and their families, which will help the cancer patient’s quality of life.

“The hospice in Leeds-Bradford provides free specialist medical cancer care for people with serious and terminal illnesses and emotional support for their families, giving them the best possible quality of life.”

The hospice is a place where cancer suffers can stay, or visit regularly to receive treatment such as pain relief, physiotherapy and complimentary therapies.

“It’s a warm, welcoming place where loved ones can be together,” Kamlesh said.

“And because the hospice works hand in hand with local nurses in the community, they also help people return to their own homes and be looked after there.”

FUNDRAISING: Kamlesh Patel has helped to raise an impressive £24,000 over the years for various causes

FUNDRAISING: Kamlesh Patel has helped to raise an impressive £24,000 over the years for various causes


The rest of the 55-year-old’s efforts have been for organisations both locally and internationally, raising money for causes like St Luke’s Hospital (Bradford), St James’s Hospital (Leeds), Oxfam, Sport Aid and the Kenya SEWA project (Selfless Efforts for Welfare of All - a Hindu faith-based humanitarian non-profit service organisation) to name just a handful.

“Fundraising is difficult, because with every challenge I do people’s expectations get higher. When I go around again asking for them to sponsor the next one they’re keen to know how I’m going to top the last challenge completed,” Kamlesh laughingly explained.

“They want me to do tougher challenges and it becomes even harder.”

Kamlesh said that marathons are very physically demanding and unpredictable.

“You don’t know what to expect on the day. Mental preparation is very important when you're running, you have to rely on yourself.”

Still, Kamlesh won’t be slowed down. He’s already planned several fundraising events for 2017, including the Greater Manchester Marathon in Trafford on 2nd April and a Yorkshire Three Peaks trek, which covers an exhausting 24 miles, and includes a 5,200ft ascent.

To help Kamlesh in his tireless efforts to raise money, check out his Just Giving page at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kamlesh-patel-2017


Safety First: Steelis Workwear products offer protection at work

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STEELIS: Steelis Workwear is situated on Thornton Road, Bradford

STEELIS: Steelis Workwear is situated on Thornton Road, Bradford


With over 20 years in their industry, the goal at Steelis Workwear is to help make the workplace a safer place.

Their company roots may lie in West Yorkshire, but they offer their reputable products and services nationwide, boasting high profile clients like the NHS.

At Steelis Workwear, they offer a wide variety of products suitable for many different industries. If you work outdoors, their workwear will keep you warm, dry and safe. Wrap up in their coats, body-warmers, safety boots and hi-vis clothing, all high quality products available in top brands.

Steelis Workwear make it their business to help your business. To give you that professional look and help you build brand identity and stand out from the crowd, Steelis offer high quality embroidery and printing, which means several of their items can be branded with your company logo.

Steelis Workwear supply both individuals and businesses with industry standard footwear at competitive prices, which ensures not only a perfect fit for your foot, but for your budget too.

FOOTWEAR: Footwear on offer in Steelis Step Into Spring promotion

FOOTWEAR: Footwear on offer in Steelis Step Into Spring promotion


With their fully trained staff on hand to advise and recommend the correct equipment for any job, you can pop in to their Thornton Road, Bradford store to see what they have to offer, or you can visit their website and buy online. www.steelisworkwear.com offers free fast and reliable shipping on all orders over £50.

The workwear providers have handled contracts from large companies to sole traders all around the Bradford area, and the NHS Bradford could not speak higher of them, praising the quality of their products and their customer service.

‘We approached Steelis regarding supply of our uniforms as they are local to us and I hoped they would be more responsive than our current supplier,’ the NHS Bradford testimonial reads. ‘We were not disappointed. They were very obliging and helpful in sourcing what we needed, allowed staff to go in and try samples for correct sizing, and the end product is fantastic and great value for money.’

For more information visit www.steelisworkwear.com or visit their store at 544 Thornton Rd, Bradford, BD8 9NB


Unstoppable humanitarian: Charity hero just can’t stop running around for the needy

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INSPIRING: Nazim Ali in his t-shirt commemorating his close friend Shah Gee, on race day

INSPIRING: Nazim Ali in his t-shirt commemorating his close friend Shah Gee, on race day

Nazim Ali completes part one of two 10k race missions

A full-time careers adviser who selflessly devotes every minute of his spare time to helping others is completing a double-header charity challenge for SKT Welfare’s ‘UK Homeless and Needy’ initiativein association with the Bradford Soup Kitchen.

Nazim Ali, who is no stranger to Asian Express, regularly involves himself voluntarily with charity fundraisers, Syria aid trips and multi-faith friendship building activities.

For over a year now UK registered charity SKT Welfare has been providing warm meals to the homeless and destitute in Bradford, regardless of their religious background. Nazim aims to raise £4,800 through completing the two races, which will see the food kitchen provide cover twice a month for a year.

Despite suffering a strain injury on his right knee both in training and on race day as well as feeling so unwell the day before the race that he spent the day recovering in bed. Nazim completed the race in a time of 01:01:11 – a truly remarkable result even without the preceding ailments.  

The race had over 2,000 competitors, the biggest ever in the history of the race and wet and windy weather and only occasional sunshine, but none the less, Nazim powered on.

Speaking about the challenge he faced, Nazim told Asian Express: “I felt emotional since the double charity challenge is in dedication to my late esteemed friend Sayyid Sharaz Ali Shah Bukhari, affectionately known as Shah Gee. He was a Bradford humanitarian hero and sadly passed away in September 2016 at the tender age of 33.

“We did many charity initiatives together. My focus now is firmly fixed on part-two of the double-header on this coming Sunday's (26th March 2017) Keighley 10K.”

To donate to the charities mentioned and help support Nazim towards his fundraising goal, you can go to: www.justgiving.com/nazim2017