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Track of the year!

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Soni Soni Selfiyan- Maz Bonafide 5 (800x472)

Maz Bonafide’s ‘Soni Soni Selfiyan’ smashes over a quarter of a million views within days of release

Soni Soni Selfiyan- Maz Bonafide 4 (299x450)It comes as no surprise as Maz, who’s one half of the award-winning UK Asian music duo ‘Bonafide’, racked up tens of thousands of views within hours of it’s release on YouTube.

Following on from the worldwide success of his first solo single ‘Jaan’, Maz Bonafide has now got everyone groovin’ to a mind-blowing anthem ‘Soni Soni Selfiyan’, which he has written and composed himself.

The entertaining dance floor track is very much aimed at the millions of people who click selfies on a daily basis and has been produced by acclaimed music makers 'Bloodline'.

Fresh from his North America Tour Maz says: “I literally wrote and composed the whole song in a couple of hours!

“I wanted to write a fun up-tempo track dedicated to the current selfie phenomenon, which has swept across the globe and become so popular on social media.

“Everywhere you go these days fans want selfies. When I’m out and about; be it here in the UK or another part of the world, fans want to take selfies.

“It’s no longer just about meet and greet, everyone wants to capture the moment. So naturally I wanted to give back to all, say a thank you for all the love and support and what better way to do this than portray this in my music and capture the fun and excitement.”

Maz Bonafide Soni Soni Selfiyan COVER (300x300)Starring the tremendously stunning Jasmin Walia (The only way is Essex, Towie, Desi rascals fame) and set in a luxurious venue ‘Arabian Nites’ in Birmingham, the big budget video has caused quite a stir.

As part of Bonafide, Maz along with his partner in rhyme, Ziggy recently collaborated with Bilal Saeed to give us the beautiful melodic summer hit 'memories'.

With ‘Soni Soni Selfiyan’ the popular British-Pakistani singer is hoping to expand his musical horizons and reach out to even more people.

“I enjoy both working as a solo artist as well as being a part of Bonafide.

“We like to switch it up and make each release fresh and different to our previous songs hence I followed up a romantic number 'Memories' with a fun up-tempo song many people will be able to relate to. I really hope people make Soni Soni Selfiyan their own,” said Maz.

Well maz, you’ve got us at Asian Express hooked on the track – can’t wait to hear what you’ve got lined up next!

Soni Soni Selfiyan- Maz Bonafide 6 (800x532)

Zayn Malik death threats

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One Direction singer Zayn Malik has had a deluge of murder threats and messages of complaint on Twitter for supporting the #FreePalestine campaign

Zayn Malik probably knew his protest tweet was the right decision and would cause a stir when he fired it off to his 13 million followers.

American Music Awards, Press Room, Los Angeles, America - 24 Nov 2013

The hashtag has been trending for weeks now, and Zayn hit a massive 130,000 retweets and 138,000 favourites in a matter of minutes, and within 24 hours accumulated 230,000 retweets and favourites.

The popstar's dedicated fans are an engaged bunch on social media. Even a simple smiley emoticon issued from his account clocks up 180,000 retweets.

However, it soon became apparent that not everyone agreed with his sentiments on Palestine, as it’s earned the young singer rebukes, abuse and even death threats.

zayn malik tweet

Angry Israeli fans have sent him some heavily furious and alarmingly violent responses calling for him to "kill himself" or to let them kill him instead.



The death threats even came from former fans, such as this person who continued to tweet Malik and anyone supporting him.

Of course, Malik isn’t the first famous face to tweet about the conflict. Rihanna forced a similar reaction when she posted #FreePalestine via her official account, only to delete it minutes later.

The current Gaza conflict has resulted in the deaths of more than 1200 Palestinians and around 60 Israelis.

It's also caused a spike in online abuse and arguments. Several racist hashtags have been trending for days.

Many social media users are sharing graphic images of victims on both sides.

Interestingly, many celebrities have been wary of commenting on the issue, spiking resentment and anger amongst their fan bases.

On Facebook, one person said: “Shocking how our Asian music artists and Bollywood celebrities have stayed away from voicing their opinion about the mass killing of Palestinians. Disgusted! If you can’t support your fans – why should your fans support you?”

Asian artists who have stepped forward and commented publically include England cricketer Moeen Ali, boxers Amir Khan and Adil Anwar, singers Usman Rehman, Shide Boss, Nafees, Bonafide, Kash Chaudhry, Nabz Chaudhry and dancers SonaAsh.

Ziggy collaborates with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan!

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Ziggy is one half of the UK duo Bonafide, who has for the first time decided to leave his stable mate Maz for a collaboration with one of his musical heroes Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The collaboration titled “Has Ke Bol” has really excited Ziggy. After many years of working with Maz the boys decided that they would also record tracks outside of the Bonafide persona to complete some of their dreams that they have had on their bucket list.

bonafide (Has Ke Bol) CD Cover
The Manchester lad Ziggy has come up with a banger of a tune to start off his new collaboration journey. The track was something that Ziggy has wanted to do for for some time and with the help of his friends at Hi Tech this wonderful dream has managed to come true.

After the success with Bonafide, Ziggy says: “I still can’t believe that I have recorded a track with the great Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, I still have to pinch myself as I feel that sometimes I’m in a dream”.

Ziggy has developed a massive fan base both across the UK as well as internationally, pleasing the crowds everywhere Bonafide perform.

To date Bonafide have performed in over 40 cities around the world including Dubai, Kampala (Uganda) and Lahore.

On a final note, this does not mean the end of Bonafide but only a journey to which both Ziggy & Maz are taking to develop their own sounds and complete some of their own musical desires including collaboration and future solo singles but Bonafide will be back!

The new single is titled “Has Ke Bol” released March 13th.

Maz and Ziggy

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Hi guys, what's been happening since the release of 'Mahi Ve'? What's the response from your fans been like?
Ziggy: The response has been phenomenal, it seems everyone has the ‘Mahi Ve’ fever all of a sudden and this was clear as the track got to number one in the iTunes world charts within 20 minutes of its release. Good music builds a good fan base but it’s the fan base itself that builds the artist so we are lucky and humbled to have such a fantastic following.

Who wrote the lyrics and who compiled the music for the track?
Maz: Lyrics are always a joint venture from both of us as we feel we bounce off each other’s ideas as we write. It’s not always an easy task to put onto paper what you feel inside but with ‘Mahi Ve’ it was different. We knew we had something special on our hands so the inspiration was there. The music was produced by Mr Vee the younger brother of Hunterz who produced one of our biggest hits including ‘Feel It Sohniye’, so it was only right that we got back together to create another Bonafide anthem.

Maz & Ziggy

Maz & Ziggy

How do you feel you stand apart from other artists?

Ziggy: We have our own sound and never jump on the bandwagon and try to do what others are doing. Bonafide cannot really be compared to other artist as we do something totally fresh to the scene and always have done. To start with we are a duo (something that’s not very common in our industry), and we both sing/rap/compose/write our own material not only in Punjabi but in English too. This comes across clearly in our music as you always get a fusion, a Bonafide mix that only we can provide.

Do you have any 'spoof' moments whilst shooting videos? (what was the funniest thing you guys got up to - ever)
Maz: Hahaha just the thought of spoof moments and Bonafide videos makes me laugh. All our previous videos have always been about good times and party vibes so it’s a mad laugh from start to finish with people playing pranks on each other. Some of this is caught on camera but its not always suitable for public viewing! One of the funniest times ever was at the ‘Feel It Sohniye’ shoot because we had Hamza (Diary of a Bad Man) on the set and it was very hard to do a single shot without crying out with laughter as he is a very, very funny guy. ‘Mahi Ve’ was a little different; we concentrated on letting the song push the video as appose to using pranks and props.

When was the most 'defining' moment of your careers as music artists?
Ziggy: Working with the likes of the legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has to be one of our best and most trusted moments and we really can’t wait for all our fans to hear what we have created with him. On the other hand being music artist and in the public eye has given us an opportunity to raise awareness for the less fortunate as charity is a big part of our lives. In 2010, we were able to raise around £100,000 for the flood appeal in Pakistan with the release of our charity single 'Jeevay Pakistan' as we managed to get a major sponsor on board. Apart from that Ziggy’s family run an orphanage in Uganda so we are constantly organising money raising events and ideas. Its moments like this that give us the most satisfaction and it’s because of our music that people take notice!

What can we look forward to next?
Maz: We have been constantly working on new and exciting material so there is so much more to come from Bonafide. Releasing a collaboration with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, songs produced by the super talented Bilal Saeed, a collaboration with the lovely Miss Pooja and amazing solo material we have ready to unleash. What comes next you will just have to wait and see…

What's the strangest thing anyone has ever said to you?
Ziggy: Someone sent me a Facebook message saying they loved me, and asked if they could name their dog after me. Didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Was it a compliment? I don’t know!

What's been the most interesting object given to you by a fan?
Ziggy: A hair brush! Seriously a group of girls came up to me in the Trafford Centre and gave me a hair brush. I have a bold head for God sake! (Laughs)

The world's hottest looking car - in your opinions?
Maz: The 3 wheeler from 'only fools and horses'!

What is the master plan from here for Bonafide?
 Ziggy: This is just the beginning for Bonafide… you haven’t heard anything yet. We are working on some big projects, super collaborations as well as some solo stuff. The next few months will see the release of some big tunes from camp Bonafide, so watch this space.

Maz: The overall plan is to create music, but we also like to give something back and will always do charity work whenever we can. We believe that if you can make a difference to someone who is less fortunate than yourself, that is a blessing and you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to help out.

If you could dedicate ‘Mahi Ve’ to anyone, who would it be?
Ziggy: This song is dedicated to our special and loving fans all over the world. It’s because of our fans we are here today and everything we do is with their love and blessing.

Tell us something funny about each other that not many people know?
Ziggy: Maz talks to himself, like a full-on conversation sometimes. He tells me he’s thinking of lyrics and talking out loud, but I think he has an imaginary friend to whom he chats to every day.

Maz: Ziggy is an absolutely huge fan of Peter Andre. Growing up, his favourite song was Mysterious Girl. I think he’s still got that big poster of Peter Andre in his room. He spends ages on his hair in front of the mirror – I am not sure what that is all about!


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After the phenomenal success of their previous two singles, 'Feel It Sohniye' and 'Only One', produced by Rishi Rich, Manchester based international superstars Maz and Ziggy better known as Bonafide are back with the highly anticipated 'Mahi Ve'.

The past year has been hugely exciting for Bonafide. The boys have been busy jetting across the globe headlining tours from America to France to the Netherlands among other places.

Produced by Vee and the lyrics written by Maz and Ziggy, ‘Mahi Ve’ contains one of the most contagious hooks of the year.

Maz and Ziggy, Bonafide.

Maz and Ziggy, Bonafide.

Maz says: “I can't wait to share the track with all our fans worldwide. We performed it for the very first time in Long Island, New York and the reaction was crazy. Judging by the response, it’s gonna be another Bonafide anthem.”

Ziggy says: “It’s been fun to record this track, I have wanted to get this single out for a while, I hope above all that our fans like the tune as that’s the main reason I keep on going in music!”

The video is very classy and compliments the song. It will hit the Asian tv screens across the world with a bang.

In the video you will see a young lady who features as the model, Dania Kabbani works as a retail assistant and was discovered by Maz while out shopping for socks at the famous Trafford Centre, Manchester. Maz spotted the young lady and simply asked her to be in the video, to her amazement she agreed and now features alongside the duo.

‘Mahi Ve’ releases worldwide on 28 November 2013 via Naughty Sound Records. These talented, charming guys with sharp abilities and a load of new material releasing soon are definitely ones to watch out for.