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Real-world fuel consumption figures exposed

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Car buyers should look to the VW Golf SV 2.0 TDI if they want a car capable of getting close to its official claimed MPG figure, according to the latest batch of ‘True MPG’ test results.

The Volkswagen achieved more than 83% of its claimed fuel consumption of 58.9 MPG.

The BMW 218d Active Tourer is the next most likely not to disappoint when it comes to fulfilling official figures in the real world, on 56.2mpg

Since launching True MPG two years ago, almost 400 cars have been tested in real-world conditions, using cutting-edge test equipment, achieving economy figures that are an average of 19% lower than the Government figures.

At the other end of the scale, the Volvo V40 2.0 T5 R-Design was only capable of delivering 67.9% of its claimed 47.9 MPG – achieving a measly 32.5mpg.

The official figures are achieved under laboratory conditions and can rarely be replicated in the real world.

The True MPG data is scientifically calculated by experienced engineers, who drive test vehicles over a variety of real roads, including motorway, A and B roads and through towns and villages.

Government-sanctioned MPG tests data is proving unreliable because the tests are carried out in a laboratory. But when it comes to buying a car, for most buyers considering fuel consumption is amongst the most important attributes of a car.

Audi A3 Saloon 1.6 TDI Sport

Audi A3 Saloon 1.6 TDI Sport
Model Official: 72.4 MPG
True MPG: 52.7 MPG
(%) of official: 72.8%

Audi A3 Cabriolet 2.0 TDI

Audi A3 Cabriolet 2.0 TDI
Official: 67.3 MPG
True MPG: 46.3 MPG
(%) of official: 68.8%

Audi A6 2.0 TDI S line

Audi A6 2.0 TDI S line
Official: 61.4 MPG
True MPG: 47.8 MPG
(%) of official: 77.9%

BMW 218d Active Tourer

BMW 218d Active Tourer
Official: 68.9 MPG
True MPG: 56.2 MPG
(%) of official: 81.6%

Mini Cooper 1.5 D

Mini Cooper 1.5 D
Official: 78.5 MPG
True MPG: 58.7 MPG
(%) of official: 74.8%


Toyota Yaris 1.33 VVT-I
Official: 78.5 MPG
True MPG: 57.8 MPG
(%) of official: 73.6%

Volvo V40 2.0 T5 R-Design

Volvo V40 2.0 T5 R-Design
Official: 47.9 MPG
True MPG: 32.5 MPG
(%) of official: 67.8%

Volvo V40 2.0 D4 X-Country

Volvo V40 2.0 D4 X-Country
Official: 70.6 MPG
True MPG: 55.9 MPG
(%) of official: 79.2%

VW Golf SV 2.0 TDI

VW Golf SV 2.0 TDI
Official: 58.9 MPG
True MPG: 49 MPG
(%) of official: 83.2%

Audi’s high performance compact gets a soft top

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Rising temperatures call for a retractable roof, and for the first time in its three-generation history the high performance Audi S3 now has an answer to that call.

The all-new 300PS S3 Cabriolet - the first ever soft-top version of the acclaimed high performance compact - is available to order now priced from £38,910 OTR, and is set to arrive with UK customers from September.

audi S3 cabriolet 2014
At the same time, the TDI arm of the open-air A3 range has also been bolstered by a muscular 184PS 2.0-litre TDI engine which is notable as the first in the history of the A3 Cabriolet ever to be offered with the option of quattro all-wheel-drive. Providing a highly desirable combination of strong performance and 65mpg-plus economy potential, the A3 Cabriolet 2.0 TDI 184PS joins the range priced from £29,735 OTR, and takes to our roads from October.

Beneath the bonnet of the trailblazing S3 is the acclaimed EU6-compliant 2.0 TFSI engine, linked exclusively here to six-speed S tronic transmission and apportioning its power four ways via the multi-plate clutch-based quattro all-wheel-drive system.

Its substantial 300 PS power peak is available between 5,500 and 6,200rpm and peak torque of 380Nm is on tap from 1,800-5,500rpm, so a 5.4-second 0-62mph sprint and a governed 155mph top speed are well within its grasp. Combined fuel consumption stands at an impressive 39.8mpg, corresponding to CO2 emissions of 165g/km.

Asian Express’s best convertible guide

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With the weather kinda picking up, the best way (undoubtedly) to enjoy the sunshine is to put on your sunglasses, roll back the roof and turn the music up. Obviously, the most dramatic way to get the most attention is to roll back the hood when you’re stopped at the traffic lights (in true desi-poser-style!). With this in mind, here are some of the best two-seater drop-tops to help you get noticed for all the right reasons.

mercedes benz sl63 amg convertibleMercedes-Benz SL

The SL has often been labelled for either the mature male who likes playing golf or the mature lady who likes to lunch a lot. Although it pays to be sitting on a few quid to own and run an SL, the ageism angle is no more. This new, sharper SL should now also appeal to younger, more enthusiastic drivers, and especially those who like a classy design and the car’s clever folding metal roof.

Porsche-Boxster-cabrioletPorsche Boxster

No list of desirable drop-tops is complete without including a Porsche. The German firm’s Boxster continues to improve with age, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. Fast, sleek and a surprisingly good all-rounder if you’ve only got room for one car in your life, the Boxster can do it all.

Audi-A3_CabrioletAudi A3 Cabriolet

How small can you go with a premium convertible? According to Audi, cutting the roof off its desirable A3 hatchback is the answer. Retaining all the car’s good points – likeable exterior, premium cabin, good selection of refined and punchy engines – the cabrio offers enjoyable wind in the hair motoring in a size that’s capable of conquering the city.

mini_convertibleMini Convertible

Look past the fuss surrounding the all-new hatch, as the current Convertible still has plenty of life left in it. Cute, affordable, fashionable – just a few things routinely said about Mini’s dropt-top model. The key to a successful ownership experience is to make it your own through the myriad of options available, from exterior colour schemes to tempting audio upgrades. Realistically a two-seater, to get the most out of the car opt for the most powerful variant you can afford.

BMW-M2-CabrioBMW 2 Series Convertible

BMW couldn’t let Audi steal all the limelight, which is why the appearance of its 2 Series drop-top coincides with the launch of Audi’s A3. The BMW couldn’t be more different, though. Being rear-wheel drive it’s an altogether more engaging and sporting experience, a feeling backed up by some great petrol motors and super-frugal diesel units.