Following Luton’s fundraiser, the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) South Team has delivered another tremendous event for KORT Hospital.

The latest fundraiser in a series of events in the last couple of events was held at the Elite Banqueting Suite in Slough on Sunday 7th July, 2024.

The support for KORT by the Pakistani and Kashmiri community across Slough, Reading and Wycombe was evident from their generosity in donating for a number of hospital wards, fully equipped beds and medical equipment.

KORT management would like to thank the South KORT team spearheaded by KORT trustee Mubashir Afzal and supported by Ajmal Ali, Waseem Abbas, Daanish Afzal, Fiaz Khan and Ovaise Afzal.

KORT’s 32M Jorian Hospital Project is developing an extensive hospital facility and on-site educational facilities stemming from a profound need for accessible and quality healthcare services in the Mirpur District.

With 4.5 million residents living before below the poverty line, many encounter significant obstacles when seeking specialised medical treatment, often necessitating costly and exhausting journeys to Islamabad or Lahore.

Azad Kashmir has been riddled with contentious bureaucracy since 1947, which has hindered economic and social development compared with mainland Pakistan. For Kashmiris living and working in the UK, it’s almost seems like they have no choice but to take charge and invest in the region themselves, since almost all have families there.

The Jorian Hospital Project will develop a new 500-bed hospital complex will feature an Accident & Emergency department, along with full hospital services such as outpatient care, radiology, paediatrics, pathology, pulmonary, dental and eye clinics.

Alongside this, KORT will be developing on site, accommodation for staff and students, a medical college, dental college, a nursing training college, as well as other facilities.

KORT Founder and Chairman Chaudhry Mohammed Akhtar

Ch Akhtar says: “We don’t view our work as ‘charity’, we view it as an extension of ‘Ibaada’, as investing in humanity. We are empowering our own people back home – giving them the tools and means to become a better future of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

“We’d like to thank all our Slough organisers for their hard work to deliver this hugely successful event towards the construction of the £32m state of the art KORT Hospital.”