What did you see in Ameesha when you signed for the film?

Sunny: There was a pretty girl, so I signed on.

Ameesha: Didn’t even check if I could act or not.

When you’re new to the industry and you’re not sure what happens, how did you manage?

Ameesha: Especially for Gadar – I have Sunny ji and Amrish ji, I used to shiver. But working with Sunny is great. He’s a gem. People don’t even know that he’s a diamond. He’s rugged, a He-Man, good looking, in action, his voice is enough, he puts an end to everyone. But in real life, he has elegance, he is gracious, a little shy.

Any memories from Gadar 1 with Ameesha ji?

Ameesha: I used to steal his food.

Sunny: She’s always very sweet and it’s always been good. She was right for the character.

Ameesha: I used to come in with very cool and modern clothes and as soon as I got out of the makeup van, used to come out as Sakeena.

Will Tara and Sakeena make us cry again?

Sunny: There’s everything in this film, but I won’t say too much otherwise what aare you going to see? It’s the same story continued – the son has grown up and something happens with the family.

Ameesha: We went to Big Boss and Salman said “you and Sunny have frozen in time. It seems like you came out of Gadar 1 and went to Gadar 2.”