The Flash is the latest offering in the DC Universe, and it delivers. It has everything you need from a superhero film, plus some. Despite everything that has happened in the background, the film puts DC in a better position that they have been in before.

The film sees Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) who is your typical goofy and nerdy character. But he holds on to a terrible past in which his mother is murdered by a mysterious person and his father is blamed for it. Fast forward a few years later and Barry is struggling to manage between being a forensic scientist and the speedster.

However, when he discovers that he can travel through time, he can go back and save both his mother and father. But what he doesn’t realise are the consequences that follows.

The Flash gives the audience everything: comedy, drama, action, and a whole lot of cameos. What director Andy Muschietti has given is a spin on the typical superhero flick by using Barry’s motivation to save his mother to remind the audience that he is human after all. He wasn’t bestowed by these powers or born with them.  

It’s one of those films that excites and blows you away with its spectacle but subtly brings you back to reality through Barry. It’s a reminder that you can have everything and nothing at the same time. A rare type of movie but definitely one to watch.

The Flash is out in UK cinemas in now.