Halal Expo Manchester is supported by the Department for Business & Trade, and takes course over two days on 14th and 15th July 2023, at The Old Trafford Stadium.

The Halal Expo Manchester offers a platform for growth for young professionals

Manchester… home of the Bee Gees and Oasis, and of course the second biggest football ground after Wembley, a diverse city bursting with opportunity and potential.

With Manchester’s economy forecast to be UK’s third fastest growing between 2024 and 2026, and local economy expected to be £2bn larger than in 2022, the North West promises ample opportunities for business growth.

With the halal industry determined not only by halal consumption, an exciting exhibition Halal Expo Manchester will explore all avenues of halal including food, clothing, art, financial advice, marital services, housing, beauty, educational resources, leisure, travel, importing/exporting, charity and much more.

The Halal Expo Manchester launch event at the Old Trafford Museum on Tuesday 13th June, saw in attendance the trailblazing Lord Mayor for Manchester Yasmine Dar, alongside members of the media, business people and professionals in attendance.

Lord Mayor of Manchester Yasmine Dar said: “Manchester has a proud history – you can see an image of a bee all over the city – it’s the image of a worker bee, symbolising the city’s history of hard work, and is the country the first industrial city. Our 19th century textile mills were known as ‘hives’ of activity, with their workers compared to bees.

“Manchester is still full of hard-working people, but it has changed a lot over the years, and is an excellent choice for an exhibition.

“It’s diverse, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-tolerant and understanding. Manchester is a city that has been transformed in a comprehensive and dynamic way, and we believe a strongest performing regional centre in the UK.

“The Halal Expo Manchester is set to captivate the halal industry with leading businesses showcasing the latest halal products and services, giving opportunities for not just halal businesses but also mainstream brands to showcase their commitment to diversify and inclusion.”

Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Mr Maswood Ahmed

Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Mr Maswood Ahmed commented: “The global halal economy is with over $2trillion and expected to grow to over $3trillion in the next few years.

“We published a report titled ‘The Muslim Pound’ some ten-years ago, and the information there is still relevant today as it was a decade ago.

“We need to realise is that politicians, businesses and communities need to work together to meet the needs of the people and do good.

“Most entrepreneurs when thinking of expanding their business and maximise reach, often face sleepless nights taking the first steps.

“But remember, that as long as you are sincere in serving people, and be grateful to people who work with you, you can progress. Allah has said: “If you are grateful, I will give you more.

“Events like the Halal Expo Manchester offer great opportunity to capitalise and grow your business, as long as you are sincere.”

Aatif Majid, Founder & CEO of Halal Expo London and Manchester says: “Following on from the huge success of ‘Halal Expo London’, the event now comes to Manchester in a highly-anticipated two-day exhibition curated for both businesses, and consumers.

“Halal Expo Manchester is not only for Muslim or halal businesses, but is also an opportunity for mainstream brands to showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusivity.”

Lord Mayor Yasmine Dar and Asian Express Managing Editor Andleeb Hanif

Speaking at the event, Andleeb Hanif – Asian Express Managing Editor said: “As official media partners, Asian Express is completely thrilled to be working in partnership with Aatif Majid – founder and CEO of the Halal Expo, his team, and of course the businesses and individuals involved with the Halal Expo Manchester.

“As a platform for South Asians in Britain today, we work to unite those of all backgrounds – Muslims, Christians, Sikh, Hindus, Jewish and those of none on one platform, challenging negative stereotypes, changing the narrative, empowering south Asians communities, businesses, charities and organisations.

“And, we’ve witnessed first-hand the expansion of South Asian businesses, particularly Halal businesses sector across the M62 corridor between Yorkshire and Lancashire & Greater Manchester – and it’s still one with huge untapped potential.

“The Halal Expo Manchester is a fantastic opportunity for both halal businesses and non-halal businesses work in unison to deliver goods and services to those of all faiths and backgrounds.”

Halal Expo Manchester is supported by the Department for Business & Trade, and takes course over two days on 14th and 15th July 2023, at The Old Trafford Stadium.

Exhibitors will include some of UK’s reputable Muslim/non Muslim-led businesses, prominent dignitaries and brands which have become household names.

This comprehensive show will exhibit a series of seminars and workshops, with globally recognised Speakers/Ambassadors, providing eminent networking opportunities amongst business professionals and consumers.

For more information visit: www.halalexpomanchester.com, and to get involved contact the team at enquiries@halalexpomanchester.com or call: 07787 329 340