1. Which scene did you enjoy acting out the most in the series?

One of my favorite scenes (maybe not so favorite while filming) was a scene where I didn’t feel like I had to act. What you see on camera was my natural reaction to what was happening – without giving too much away, all I can say is… garlic. naan. Blood.

  1. Which character in the series resonates with you the most and why?

First of all, I would say my character. Nahima – Sees potential in everybody, she’s rooted in her community and culture she finds her strength in that but I would also say there are parts of her that I aspire to be – she is very no-nonsense do not come to her with foolishness, she’s bold and extremely self-assured, I love that about her! I think the casting director (shout out to Team Aisha Bywaters) did such an amazing job of casting the actors, everybody has a little piece of themselves in these roles. If I could choose another character, it would be Abdulla he always tries his best in every situation – even if he gets it wrong sometimes, I feel like everyone can relate to that.

  1. What was the most difficult aspect of taking on this role?

It was important for me to represent a modern-day woman that feels genuine because it’s a character we don’t see being authentically represented within our culture in mainstream media. Kaamil (Writer) wrote an empowering, rooted, and fierce woman who reminds me of my cousins, my friends, my mother. She will see potential in you, she will be there when you need her but she will also read you your rights when you’re acting like a mess – so making sure I stay true to that balance was the most challenging aspect.

  1. When did you enjoy yourself the most during filming?

The cast and crew on this production are some of the best people I have ever met! I had such a great time shooting with everybody. Most of my scenes were with Sia, Arian, Jaime, and Nina so I have to give them their flowers.

Sia Alipour (Shafi) who plays my fiance would crack me up every time he was in the room, he’s such an incredibly talented passionate actor, he was made for the screen. Arian Nik (Abdulla) is a straight-up superstar what he did in this series is exceptional and he made the days go by quicker. Jaime Winstone (Kathy) is such a badass on camera and off, I found myself just staring at her most days – I had to remind myself to act. Nina Wadia (Bushra) I had most of my scenes with her, every time we were together it was a riot – she is so cheeky, so charming, so funny while being a thorough professional, I learned so much watching her – she just brightens up the room. So short answer… every time I was around these inspiring people

  1. Any funny moments when filming on set?

I personally loved Sia (Shafi) and all of the Lost Bhais (Rishi Nair, Moe Bar-El and Jordan Julien) they are so silly and fun. They have great boyish chemistry together and it was always super entertaining to watch – every scene they’re in is hilarious and people are gonna love them!

  1. How was your wardrobe picked?

The amazing Susan Kulkarni did such a great job with all the costumes and helped give Nahima a modern yet traditional edge. Nahima uses her style as armor – in a world that tells her who she should be and how she should look, she reclaims that power for herself in what she chooses to wear and how she presents herself to the world.

  1. What does it mean to be a valuable part of this British Asian comedy?

It means everything! We still don’t see a cast like this very often on British television. There are so many people within the cast representing the diaspora of South Asian, reflecting the wider community, which Asim (Director) spearheaded so brilliantly in making sure that we stay true to the characters in this larger-than-life world while being rooted in the reality of our community. We need more producers like Phil (Executive Producer), Hussein (Producer) and Nana (ITVX) to greenlight these types of shows, to create more stories and opportunities until it becomes the norm.

What is really special about “Count Abdulla”  is that beyond representing our culture, the show also represents the universal struggle of feeling like an outsider and how we navigate that journey.

  1. What do you see yourself working on next to top this great production?

I genuinely don’t know if anything will top this experience! It’s paving the way for so much more opportunity and equanimity in our storytelling. I’m a huge comic book nerd, so if Marvel wants me to play a super-villain I wouldn’t say no 😉 I also love Bollywood – if I get the opportunity to do a dance number with Ranveer Singh, my childhood dreams come true right there.