How was it working with director Faisal Qureshi?

I’ve known Faisal for quite some time, as we did a series of television commercials for a mobile service together. So when FQ called me and offered me a role in Money Back Guarantee I said yes instantly. Working with FQ and the rest of the cast was a very fun and memorable experience. I have the utmost respect for Faisal and I really like his out-of-the-box ideas and his style of humor which is subtle yet funny.

Which movie scene do you think fans related to the most?

From the trailer, I would say that Fawad Khan’s scene where he exclaims “I want my money back!” while punching a guy is pretty relatable, as losing one’s hard-earned money can be very frustrating. Who knows what is actually happening in that scene though, but I hope everyone goes to the theaters on Eid Day 2023 to see it for themselves!

Which character in the movie most closely resembles you?

Honestly, all the characters in this movie are very relatable. I play a bank manager who has a lot of power and is at odds with Fawad Khan’s character as he wants to replace him, but my character refuses to go down that easily. I think that definitely resembles me a lot since I would also put up a great fight instead of giving up my place or my achievements.

What was the most challenging part of playing this role in terms of the shooting schedule?

Since I was new to acting in full-length features, memorizing lines with long dialogues was the biggest challenge for me. However, the shooting schedule went off without a hitch since  Zashko Films’ and Faisal’s teams were able to accommodate both my and my wife’s schedules perfectly.

What was the most enjoyable experience during filming?

Getting to work with Faisal Qureshi, as well as some of the most talented actors working in Pakistan was probably the most enjoyable experience during filming

What does it mean to you to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s film industry through films like Money Back Guarantee?

It means a lot! I am so glad that Pakistani cinema has grown so much in recent years and that because of international production houses like Zashko Films, we finally get the resources we need to bring both Pakistani stories and Pakistani talent to a global audience. We hope MBG will create many opportunities for Pakistani talent and creatives alike and leave a long-lasting legacy on the Pakistani film industry.