The Yumin Hijab is an innovative solution that is set to make life easier for hijab wearers, especially those new to the style. It was born out of founder Sana Askary’s sheer frustration with traditional variations available on the market.

Founder Sana Askary with her non-slip chiffon hijab with patented technology

The answer to hijab-wearing Muslim woman’s prayers has arrived – a hijab that truly takes just a couple of minutes to put on; and it’s quickly becoming an eagerly sought-after, ‘must-have’ item in any wardrobe. 

Born out of sheer frustration, the Yumin Hijab is the perfect answer for busy, modern women who want modest clothing, while staying elegantly stylish, glamorous, and practical.

It’s as easy as wearing a headband. It’s also very secure, staying put even in stormy weather or when doing sports such as gymnastics. 

Having decided to opt for modest clothing and a hijab, dentist Sana Askary quickly became exasperated with traditional variations. “It added about 40 minutes to get ready in the morning,” she says.

“The chiffon kept falling off and the pins were uncomfortable.  
“I’m only in my mid-twenties and I felt disheartened when people commented how much older and serious I looked with my new style.” 

Founder Sana Askary launched the Yumin Hijab at the Aqua Shard. Pictured here (r-l) Halima Ali, Miss England Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, Sana Askary, Ms Imanii

She began exploring the instant hijabs available online but found that while they looked great on models, they were not suited to her facial shape. 

“I’d end up looking like a potato in some of them! The other problem was the length of traditional hijabs. 

“It had to be folded over and tucked into my shirt.  I saw what I looked like in a mirror and was horrified.  There was too much extra length compared to the size of my body.”

“Speaking to others, I realised I was not alone with the problem.” Sana began experimenting. 

“I eventually superglued a lace-covered headband to the chiffon to make it comfortable and stay in place. It was much more elegant and needed no pins.”

Within a short time, the Yumin Hijab was born. 

It’s a patented concept involving a lace and chiffon pocket in which the headband can be slipped, then adjusted to suit your face. The band can be removed when you want to wash the hijab. Wearing a Yumin Hijab is as easy as putting a hairband on, it takes just a couple of minutes!” 

Two black versions are currently available – a jersey version and a lace scallop chiffon design with prices starting at £25. Other colours are set to be introduced soon.   

“This hijab has changed my life,” says Sana. 

“Our mission is to make the hijab easy, accessible, and comfortable for every sister. We want to make you feel beautiful and elegant in modest attire.

“The hijab can be a challenge and our products will encourage you. Whether you have been wearing hijab your whole life, or are just starting – our products will make styling your hijab one less thing to worry about!”