1. What can you tell us about the film? 

Parde Mein Rehne Do is my 4th film and it is about a young couple who is unable to have children amidst pressure from their parents. The film tackles a sensitive social issues and we hope it entertains and educates.

2. What inspired you to make a film on this topic? 

My first 3 films were all out comedies. This time I wanted to create awareness about an issue that is quite common but people don’t talk about it given  our conservative culture. 

3. What process was involved while selected the actors for this movie? 

When I was reading the script, I was imagining Hania doing these scenes. Ali came on board later on and I’m happy to say I got the perfect cast for the lead characters, Kashan and Nazo.

4. As a producer point of view, what are the parameters which you see while deciding why to produce a certain film? 

Well you have to see the commercial viability while keeping in mind the sensibilities of our audience. For example, the use of humour cant be too over the top, the discussion about infertility cant be too in your face. And it has to strike a chord amongst people from all the demographics it is intended for. 

5. This is not a typical blockbuster masala film; it aims at sensitive topic which is not openly discussed; thus, is there any nervousness with regards to how this film will perform 

I’d say it has enough masala and that feel good factor for an eid film. Not nervous at all this time.

6. Would you encourage other directors to make films on such topics?

Definitely. I think we should all experiment with new topics and create an audience for all kind of films

7. Can you share a challenge which you faced while shooting for the film

Covid was the biggest challenge. We shot half the filmin 2021 and half of it in the spring of 2022..keeping the same looks, same energy one year later might have been a task but thanks to our wonderful and professional actors, we started right where we left off from.