Who doesn’t love to see John Abraham in a gritty, yet entertaining all-round action film? The stunts, the dialogues and the storylines fit him perfectly as the ultimate action hero. In Attack: Part 1, he does it yet again with a twist and he doesn’t disappoint.   

With the Parliament under siege, India’s first super soldier Arjun Shergill is tasked to get hold of the terrorists to  save the Prime Minister from their clutches and stop a dirty bomb from exploding and destroying Delhi. Will Arjun succeed in his mission?

Newcomer Lakshya Raj Anand’s Attack: Part 1 sets up a universe where India is on the verge of change, in terms of attitude and approach. But more importantly, he creatively slickly engages artificial intelligence as a character in the story. For that alone, he deserves a round of applause. 

The story is character-driven, which is never dropped throughout the film and does not follow the typical tropes of a patriotic film. There are some light-hearted scenes which brings some relief to the tense atmosphere of the film and it doesn’t keep forced – natural and concise which clearly is an example of excellent writing. It does have a fair dose of edge-of-the-seat moments, thanks to the action-choreography which is top-of-the-line and in sync with the rest of the proceedings.

Attack: Part 1 is a film not to miss and is worthy of the big screen. One to watch if you are looking for something full of action and stunts!