(Back) Tanaya Maslekar, Snigdha Mahajan, Adil Omar, Harin Wijayathunga and Nikhil Scott; (Front) Mahika Gogi, Sanjana Gunasekaran and Shiva Sairam

Students at The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) smiled with joy as they opened their A level results. Tamanna Dasanjh, of Alwoodley, attained a stellar four A* grades in chemistry, maths, further maths and physics.

Nikhil Scott, of Alwoodley, attained A* grades in classical civilisation, history and Latin with an A in English literature. He has a place at Christ’s College, Cambridge to read history. Sanjana Gunasekaran, of Meanwood, achieved A* in economics and history with an A in maths. She has a place at Brasenose College, Oxford to read law with European law. Adil Omar of Adel, achieve A*s in maths and further maths with an A in chemistry and B in economics.

Head Boy Harin Wijayathunga, of Meanwood, netted A* in biology with A grades in chemistry and maths. Kane Vyse-Peacock of Roundhay, scored A* in physics with A grades in maths and economics.

Harshel Bahl, of Adel, attained A* in maths, A in economics with B and C grades respectively in physics and further maths. Arjun Dasgupta, of Alwodley, scored A grades in all his subjects of chemistry, maths and physics. Mahika Gogi of Meanwood, attained A*in maths with A grades in English literature and German. Hassan Iqbal, of Bradford, netted A grades in biology, chemistry and economics. Snigdha Mahajan, of Bramhope, attained As in biology and Spanish with a B chemistry. Tanaya Maslekar, of Bramhope, achieved A* in economics, A in biology with a B in chemistry.

Nathan-Dhruv Mistry, of Meanwood, scored A grades in chemistry and maths with a B in biology. Hanaan Nazir, of Roundhay, achieved A in geography, with Bs in maths and economics. Jasmin Rehman, of Harewood, scored A* in psychology with A in business studies and B in biology. Shiva Sairam, of Horsforth, netted A* in classical civilisation, with an A in history and a B in English literature.

Ripudaman Singh, of Otley, attained A* in economics, A in religious studies, with Cs in maths and physics. Hannah Wakefield, of Roundhay, attained A* in music with B grades in chemistry and maths. Hamzah Yousaf, of Pudsey, scored A* in economics, with an A and B grades in history (early) and maths respectively. Aiman Zaidi, of Harehills, netted A in biology, B grades in maths and chemistry with a C in physics.

In all one hundred students achieved ABB, the coveted grades required by leading universities.

Of the top 100 students, 54 picked up the top grades of A*/A with 15 scooping all A*s.

Three of the 15 who swept the board with the top grade, achieved four A*s and a further 12 achieved three A*s.
Some 52 per cent of the GSAL cohort, who are among the first to take the reformed A-level courses, achieved a minimum of ABB grades.

Principal Sue Woodroofe said: “After the press coverage about the more rigorous reformed A-levels I’m delighted that almost half of our grades were at A*/A and three-quarters of grades were A*-B.

“Our students have achieved a superb set of results and their dedication and diligence has been impressive. These results are the culmination of years of commitment by staff and students alike, well supported by their families too. They leave the school well placed for the next chapter of their lives and we are very proud of them.”