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Prime Minister David Cameron at Asian Express

David Cameron pays a visit to Asian Express Newspaper and joins ABDN conference with Yorkshire’s business leaders.

Asian Express Year End Party 2014

With a sensational line-up, as always, 2014 Asian Express Year End Bash is headlined by Kanika Kapoor, along with Jay Status, Hunterz, Abbas Hasan and Navin Kundra. Hosted by British actor Ameet Chana.

Asian Express – Jackie Shroff Bollywood Emblaze Dinner Event 3rd May 2013

Asian Express arranged for Bollywood superstar Jackie Shroff to visit Bradford along with Surj (RDB) - Hosted by Ameet Chana also performing were; SonAash, Jaz Dhami, DJ Harvey, Usman Rehman, Navin Kundra and Nafees.

Jackie Shroff Visits National Media Museum

A selection of photos from a visit of Jackie Shroff to the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Asian Express Event - Desi New Year Dinner Dance 2012

Asian Express Newspaper arranged a magical evening at the Cedar Court Hotel Bradford - As a Year End party 2012 - The Godfather of Bhangra Singing legend Chani Singh and the Princess of Bhangra Mona Singh and the Hallmark Vocalist Silinder Pardesi.

Bollywood Celebs

A random selection of Bollywood Celebrities