Why did he die? Inquest into death of 19-year-old five years ago finally opens in Wakefield

TRAGIC: Jagdip Randhawa was punched by amateur boxer, Clifton Ty Mitchell, during a night out in Leeds and died five days later in hospital

TRAGIC: Jagdip Randhawa was punched by amateur boxer, Clifton Ty Mitchell, during a night out in Leeds and died five days later in hospital

The family of a Hounslow teenager, who died during a night out in Leeds in October 2011, say they are still waiting for answers after it was revealed hospital neglect may have been a factor in his death.

Jagdip Randhawa died when he fell and hit his head on a concrete path after being punched by amateur boxer, Clifton Ty Mitchell.

Despite being taken to hospital, he tragically died five days later.

A three-week inquest into his death is currently underway at Wakefield Coroner’s Court, where it was revealed this past week that Mr Randhawa could have survived the incident had his hospital care been better.

The inquest heard that Mr Randhawa had been placed on a faulty ventilator during his stay at the Leeds General Infirmary, ultimately starving the 19-year-old of oxygen.

Despite the constant sounding of alarms – which were supposed to alert staff to a problem - he was left on the ventilator for 46 minutes.

Mr Randhawa’s sister, Majinder, told the jury that medical experts had told her that her brother could have survived the assault if his care had been correct at hospital.

In court, she made an emotional appeal for answers surrounding his death.

When asked by assistant coroner, Kevin McLoughlin, what she wanted from the inquest, Ms Randhawa said: “I would like to know what happened to my brother when he was taken into hospital where he should have been cared for... he was on his own - we weren't with him.

“What happened? What went so wrong? Why was he on a faulty ventilator for 46 minutes, which is not a short amount of time and how could that have been allowed to happen?”

Ms Randhawa also reiterated her family’s desire for an explanation as to how her brother could have been attacked by a man who was on bail for a separate violent attack at the time.

 “The second thing my family would like to know is how that man came to be in Leeds on that night to punch and kill my brother when he'd breached his bail so many times before?” she added.

“He was a professional boxer, he'd committed a violent offence, how was that allowed to happen?

“This must not happen to anybody else, anybody else's family, because it's really, really hard to cope with.”

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