Citizen Khan… will there be a ‘Series 3’?

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Citizen Khan, BBC1 sitcomThe Asian Express recently had an email from a 14-year-old boy about BBC's second series of "Citizen Khan" saying that he was angered at the public humiliation of Muslim stereotypes in Britain.

The sitcom, the British-Pakistani family-based drama created and produced by the former BBC radio presenter Adil Ray, had received, quite obviously, major support during it's first series (2012), hence it was brought back to our box this year with Series 2.

Where many have lauded the show as 'toungue-in-cheek' and a 'cheeky perspective' on British-Pakistani culture, there has been much criticism and outcry from various quarters about it reinforcing negative and incorrect perceptions of South-Asian life today.

The 14-year-old, Jawad Ali, who wrote to us, says that he felt hugely insulted that the sitcom was ridiculing Muslims by suggested that they create their own religions on the spot and invent new ways of performing daily prayers, amongst other distasteful cracks that the programme makes.

What is rather surprising that the critical reaction to Series 1 has been largely negative for what was notably, BBC's first South Asian-related sitcom. I wonder if there will be a Series 3 to follow next year...Citizen Khan, BBC1 sitcom


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