Say hello to Jag Kalsi, your sales representative for Manchester and Birmingham

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Jag Kalsi

Jag Kalsi

From a Punjabi background and recently married, 34-year-old Jag is a real ‘family man’. With a liberal, left-wing attitude, he is open-minded and extremely affable.

Growing up in Dewsbury, his early life has helped him understand how many different races, religions and backgrounds gel together into one brilliant, dynamic and cohesive community across the north of England.

He said: “I believe Asian Express represents the world we live in, today.

“We don’t live in a society which is segregated, as the mainstream media wants us to believe.

“I’m proud to work for a company which is religiously and politically unbiased and the paper is a great vehicle for any business - that’s any shape or size - to shout and scream about what they stand for.”

Jag’s parents used to own a small shop that closed down due to bigger corporations coming into the town and ‘stealing’ their business.

“I’m here to support independent business owners because I understand what it’s like. I have a vast knowledge of different businesses, from e-commerce to hospitality. I believe people buy from people and I strive to build friendships first and foremost with my clients.”

So how did Jag come to join the Asian Express team?

“I met Nadim, our Managing Director, in June 2015 whilst working at Mumtaz Leeds as an Operations Manager.

“He was impressed with the Graphic Design work that I did for the company and when he found out about my sales background, he took me on board. I started working here in February 2016 and haven’t looked back.”

Jag describes his work ethic as methodical, fair and understanding; whilst his co-workers would say he’s ‘a real good guy’. They even went along to his wedding this year, where they were treated to Langar and a lot of laughs.

“I’ve always been an Asian Express reader, along with my family. My favourite section of the paper would be the local news and motors.”

Watch out for Jag... who’ll be looking for business in your area very soon!

Telephone: 08703 608 606 / 07542 780369


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