Christmas is still over 50 days away but now’s the time to start thinking about stocking fillers for family and friends.

What better present than the new Citizen Khan book, written by Mr Khan (Adil Ray) himself?

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, is a self-confessed fan of the hit BBC show, and said: “‘I would like to thank Mr Khan for guiding me over the years. Thanks, Uncle.”

The lovable, self-appointed community leader Mr Khan shares everything you need to know about living in post-Brexit Britain, such as bringing up the perfect daughter, educ-asian, romance and how to ‘get our country back’ (to how it was when all the Pakistanis came).

He offers advice you’ll struggle to find anywhere else: how do you make curry for white people? How do you make curry for brown people? How do you eat a custard creamie? Where should you go on holiday? And most importantly, what is the correct amount of toilet paper to use in one sitting?

Featuring previously unseen photographs of Mr. Khan’s early years, this guide is designed to sit on your coffee table, in your glove box and on your toilet cistern – at hand whenever you need it. Oh Twaddi!

Adil Ray is the creator and star of BBC One’s primetime sitcom Citizen Khan. He is also a broadcaster and presenter with over twenty years’ experience in television and radio.  

Citizen Khan is one of the BBC’s highest-rating comedy shows and currently its longest running sitcom. This autumn will see transmission of the 5th series, and audiences of up to 5 million viewers. The new series will run from 4th November through to Christmas.

The book will be published on 10th November, the hardback copy being £20.

www.adilray.com | @therealmrkhan