VOTING CLINTON: Ammara from Leeds believes Trump would be a bad role model for America
VOTING CLINTON: Ammara from Leeds believes Trump would be a bad role model for America

As US voters head to the polls, the choice has never been more difficult for the American public.

Donald Trump has promised to ‘drain the swamp’ which translates to a 100-day plan to clean up corruption.

He said: “We must fix a rigged system in which political insiders can break the law without consequence and where government officials put special interests above the national interest. If we want to make America great again, we must clean up this corruption.”

He has also offered a historic pro-growth plan to create 25 million good paying jobs, adding: “We will cut taxes on middle-class Americans by 35 per cent. We will eliminate every needless job-killing regulations. We will end the off-shoring of American jobs.”

Hillary Clinton has promised to introduce‘comprehensive immigration reform legislation’. She said: “I’m confident that we can work across the aisle to pass comprehensive reform that keeps families together and creates a path to citizenship, secures our border, and focuses our enforcement resources on violent criminals.”

She has also vowed to put forward the biggest investment in new jobs since World War II if she wins the vote. “We’ll produce enough renewable energy to power every home in America within a decade,” she added. “We’ll cut red tape for small businesses and make it easier for entrepreneurs to get the credit they need to grow and hire.”

Throughout the two candidates’ campaigns, people have been critical of the ‘child-like’ back-and-forth insults which seem to appear on a daily basis.

With that in mind, the Asian Express have asked one of its younger readers how she feels about the debate.

Grammar School at Leeds student, Ammara Khan, 12, from Leeds, has made up her mind and says she would vote for Hillary if she lived in America..

She said: “I think Donald trump is a racist person and I know this because he hates Mexicans and Muslims.

“One thing he needs to realise is that one person does not represent the rest of their back ground and there are actually some good Muslims and Mexicans in America.

“If he does win the election, I don’t think he will be able to keep his promise of taking Muslims and Mexicans out of America.

“Overall I think that he will be a bad role model for America and he will give them a bad name.

“Most people are only supporting him because they want to get rid of Muslims and Mexicans and they don’t think of the rest of the reasons why he should be their president.

“Recently, he had an accusation of sexually harassing young women and he did not get any punishment and this shows that if you have money you can just buy your way around life and you do you want that type of person running your country who does not respect other people, just because of their gender or nationality.

“Stand up for your beliefs, as we are all one nation. If you feel something is wrong make sure you get heard and make a difference.

“Donald Trump is all about having power. He does not know to help people. When have we seen him helping poor people out? Or, in fact, anyone.

“If Donald Trump gets in, it will be a huge mistake for the United States of America.”