Interview with Indian singer Mikka Singh

1. Can you remember the first time you performed in front of a live audience and what was that like?

I’ve been performing since I was a kid. Memories go back to being just a few years old. Performing at school at local functions, and playing alongside my parents in the Gurdwarasaheb.

2. How do you look back on the journey from that first performance to becoming a world renowned live performer?

Performing is an art which is mastered over time. I have been performing for so many years now that it has become second nature to me. I have learnt so much over the years which I am really proud of.

3. What has been your most memorable live show?

I couldn’t really name any one particular show. Each show is memorable in its own way. Beautiful Cities, wonderful people, it’s been a spectacular journey.

4. You have mastered the stage, but what is the secret of a live show?

I feel when it comes to Live shows the main ingredient is connecting with your audience. Keeping them involved, making them feel as if the performance is completely interactive.

5. You seem to have an extra burst of energy on stage many artists don’t have, where does that come from?

I’m always energetic! To sum it up, ‘Punjabiyaan di battery charge rehndi hain’.

6. What has been your memorable encounter with a fan at a live show?

My favourite are my young fans. The kids are so cute. I always call them up on stage to perform with me. It’s truly humbling.

7. How much are you looking forward to your UK show and what can we expect?

UK has always been a favourite destination
of mine. London, Birmingham, Leeds, I have met some of my most wonderful fans there. I plan to come there and do what I do best and am super duper excited to tear up the stage.

8. How much do you plan a show and how much is freestyled?

My shows are completely freestyled, nothing is planned and I with my live band improvise each and every performance.

9. Which songs do you enjoy singing live most and why?

I love singing the songs my fans enjoy most, and lucky for me by gods grace that has been each and every one! I get various requests at each show; my hits like ‘Subha hone na de’ ‘440 Volte’ and ‘Jumme ki raat’ are favourites.

10. How do you UK audiences compare to others around the world?

My adore my UK audiences. Like I mentioned earlier they are a brilliant crowd. So alive, energetic, appreciative and loving.

11. You spend a lot of time on the road, what is the biggest thing you miss about being at home?

Home cooked food. But then again saying that, I travel with my cook, so do tend to get that on the road too! Hehe.

12. Is there any country you haven’t performed at but would love to and why?

I think again the grace of god I have covered everywhere in the world now. Over my career span of 18 years, I have been lucky enough to reach some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

13. You have a great ability to select hit songs how do you select them?

I don’t select them- Great hit songs select Mika Singh.

14. You are also a musician, does that make it difficult to take instructions from a music director?

Never. However, They never really instruct me they tell me what they think would sound good and I give my suggestions.

15. What are your big passions away from music?

I am extremely passionate about animals. I have over 30 beautiful animals at my farm house in Delhi.

16. You have quite a mischievous streak where does that come from?

Haha. It comes from within. I keep myself and people entertained by just being ME.

17. Do you have any big unfulfilled ambitions away from music?

None as of now. There are new targets I set to achieve every now and then and I make sure I work towards them and hit the jackpot in everything I decide to do.

18. Today what inspires you?

My biggest inspiration today is Amitabh Bachchan sir. He never stops, never quits, never gives up. That’s how I wana be all my life.

19. Why do you love music?

I belong from a musical family. It’s in my blood. It’s a part of me.

20. Why should we come to your UK show?

Because I want you to witness the best of Bollywood music live.