Strangled with a scarf: Ex-husband and father of Bradford ‘honour killing victim’ appear in court

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MURDER INQUIRY: Samia Shahid died last month whilst visiting her family in Pakistan

MURDER INQUIRY: Samia Shahid died last month whilst visiting her family in Pakistan

The former husband and father of a Bradford woman, who is suspected to have been the victim of a so-called honour killing, have appeared in court in Pakistan.

28-year-old beauty therapist, Samia Shahid, died in uncertain circumstances in Pakistan on Wednesday 20th July – only a short time after arriving in the country.

Her ex-husband, Choudhry Shakeel, and father, Mohammad Shahid, were subsequently arrested on 13th August in connection with her death.

They appeared in court on 17th August and were remanded for a further five days.

Shakell has reportedly confessed to Samia’s murder, saying he strangled her with a scarf.

Her friends said she had returned to Bradford from Dubai in September to try to patch things up with members of her family in the UK who were unhappy that she had married an ‘outsider’ from a different Islamic sect.

She married a man from Dubai after her alleged forced marriage to her cousin in Pakistan didn’t work out.

Samia died while visiting relatives in the Punjab village of Pandori.

She was buried in a village graveyard following an immediate post-mortem, in which local police initially claimed to have found no visible injuries or signs of violence on her body.

Samia’s friend, from Bradford, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Asian Express: “They told me she had committed suicide and I didn’t believe it.

“It’s all about paying off the officers over there. No-one is going to let the truth out.”

The friend, who has ‘known Samia for ages’, wants to see ‘justice’ served for her friend who was ‘always smiling and laughing’.

“She had a forced marriage to her cousin in Pakistan and it didn’t work out. Her husband was quite abusive. He divorced her over the phone and then she got married to Syed. Her family all had doubts about him and made rumours about him,” she claimed.

“I knew it was a lie about suicide so I got in contact with the local embassy because she deserves justice.

“We know we can’t bring her back, but at least it will help her husband grieve her loss.”

The UN states over 5,000 ‘honour killings’ are reported annually worldwide, though this is believed to be an underestimation as many are never reported because of the ‘shame’ they would bring upon the family.


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