Shazia Anjum started her legal career in 2002 after realising the need to ‘move forward and serve her community’.

Fourteen years on and Ms Anjum is not only a successful solicitor with her own firm, Premium Law Solicitors, but also has multiple awards to her name.

Ms Anjum said: “To become a solicitor has been my ambition since I was young. I grew up in Pakistan, then I decided to come to the UK to hone my skills.”

The plucky solicitor explained that she witnessed the suffering of women in prison and ‘nobody was there to represent them, even though they weren’t guilty’, which motivated her to pursue a career in the field of law.

“I came here as an immigrant from Faisalabad, studied at University and then completed a Masters in Company Law.

“It was after my education that I moved to Birmingham where I worked at a solicitors firm to get more experience.

“I finished the Qualified Solicitors Course to get the conversion skills I needed too,” she added.

From her grassroots beginnings, Ms Anjum now has her own flourishing business and is currently recruiting more people to work with.

“I’m a supervisor now and I feel blessed. People have awarded me for my community services and for the support I give to women through advocating for them.

“I can read into the core issues of the community, why people are feeling vulnerable and why some people feel like they are left behind in the community.”

Specialising in Immigration and Family Law, the company has recently been excelling in the business law sector, with cases including contractual disputes and landlord and tenant disputes.

“My firm is going very well,” Shazia added. “We can get justice for businesses and for the person on the street.

“I’ve moved the business into bigger offices and I now even have approval for my London branch.”

For Ms Anjum, this is only ‘the start of her career’.

“My ambitions are to spread across the country and have a global reach,” she said.

“I feel there are some loopholes in the law that need to be filled at a global level and I intend to address this.”


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