When life gives you lemons… The fruitful companion you can’t do without

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EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZEY: Lemons provide more than just a zesty taste

EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZEY: Lemons provide more than just a zesty taste

Have you ever looked in your fruit bowl at home and wondered if there was another purpose for that juicy orange or tempting apple?

Perhaps you’ve wondered if they can do more than just appease your appetite?

No? Well neither have we.

Thankfully though, there are some people out there on the internet – for one reason or another –who have discovered the many ‘fruitful’ ways we can use our healthy foods in other ways than nature intended.

This article focuses on one fruit in particular and you have probably guessed by the headline that it isn’t the hairy kumquat! It is of course... the Lemon.

Inside its sunshine-kissed skin are a thousand little secrets and hacks that can make your life a little easier. Here are just a four of our ‘not-so-sour’ favourites:

1) The perfect hangover cure?

When a hangover strikes, there is little anyone wants to do. Even getting out of bed sometimes seems too much of an effort, yet sometimes life forces you to get up and go.

So how do you spring out of the bed when your head is still thumping?

Well, thanks to the merciful lemons in your kitchen, you could revitalise yourself for the day ahead. The fruit naturally provides your body with electrolytes needed to get you up and moving, whilst also fighting nausea and providing much-needed detox for your body. Just cut up a few juicy slices and pop in a mug of hot water. You’re welcome.

2) Make your own sports drink

Forget the big high street names when it comes to hydration in sports, all you need is a lemon and a maybe a drop of honey. Mix it up like your favourite cocktail with distilled or sparkling water and pound the pavement faster than you ever have before.

3) No more motion sickness

We’ve all heard of the trick of sucking on a sweet to prevent nausea and we’ve all heard of stories where this just simply hasn’t worked.

Rather than risking your new Ford Escort getting covered in the kids’ spaghetti hoops from the night before, give them a lemon to suck on in the car.

It will look weird to start with and the kids may not thank you but at least your car will remain looking and smelling fresh.

4) Treat your toes to a lemon-inspired foot bath

It may not be the way Kim Kardashian or Beyoncè look after their feet but it works just the same as their multi-million pound tootsies treats from the hills of Hollywood.

Combine rosemary, lemon juice and warm water in a bowl – preferably not the washing up bowl unless you plan on your dishes smelling like day-old feet – and soak your foot in the homemade heated spa.

Add around half a cup of Epsom salt to finish off the medicinal concoction then sit back and watch your feet get the alternative A-list treatment.

Do you have any zesty secrets you would like to share with us or have you tried any of these tasty tips before? Let us know by email at comments@asianexpress.co.uk

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