Opticians give free sight tests and glaze up those goggles in style!

A pair of trained optometrists, who had their ‘eyes’ focused on a dilapidated building in Bradford, have renovated it completely, fitting it with highly sophisticated technology and designer branded eyewear.

The intrepid husband and wife team, Eram Quesar and Mohammed Ahsar, decided to start up their own venture after being successful locum and resident opticians in various practices.

After months of hard work, the run-down Royal Hotel pub, on Great Horton Road, is no longer recognisable and has been transformed into a “glasses palace”.

SONY DSCThey’ve been pulling in business thanks to free eye tests and state-of –the-art on-site digital retinal photography that takes detailed pictures of the back of your eye.

If you order your glasses on the day, it will take between seven and 10 working days to get your specs and customers will be informed over the phone if they are ready before or after this time.

Eram said: “The business has been good. We’re trying to cater for everyone, whether you’re under six or over 60.”

A large selection of free NHS glasses are on offer, with as much specs appeal as the ‘higher end’ glasses which cost up to £110.

“NHS glasses have stylish frames and include standard single vision, 1.5 bifocal or Star Price 1.5 varifocal lenses with a scratch-resistant treatment,” Eram said.

“For that you’ll be getting all the upgrades, such as varifocal or polarised lenses.”

Varifocal lenses combine three different prescriptions in one clear lens, allowing patients to see comfortably at all distances.

As we age, the crystalline lens at the front of our eye loses elasticity, making it harder to focus on things close up, such as reading. The eye also struggles to focus quickly between near and distant objects, a problem which varifocals quickly solve.

Eye Clinic has a range of top brands such as Ray Ban, Ozzie and Avanglion. For kids there are free Batman vs Superman glasses, as well as Super Girl, Barbie and No Fear.

To keep children happy, Eye Clinic also stocks ‘Blinx’, an eyewear accessory range which features colourful charms which can be attached to spectacles for added fun.

NHS services are available on site and the family-run business even offers free contact lens assessments and a second pair of glasses for half price, so you’ll always have a spare.

So head down to Eye Clinic and frame your eyes with super stylish specs.


738 Great Horton Road,



Tel: 01274 772 787