ZEDZ DETAILING: A keen eye for detail


Super cars deserve a super service and for drivers in Bradford there is only one place you need to pull up.

Zedz Detailing, just off Manningham Lane, opened its doors for the first time last weekend with a special launch which saw everything from Formula One race cars to honeycombed Lamborghinis zoom into the courtyard.

Offering a first class detailing service, drivers can give their majestic motors a terrific touch-up with help from an experienced and reputable establishment.

Zayad Hussain, known to all as ‘Zed’ is the owner and founder of the business.


SONY DSCHaving worked his way up from the bottom, the lifelong car enthusiast now has a fleet of supercars to his own name and knows exactly how to get the best performance, and best look, for the eye-catching motors.

“If you drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, you don’t want to be going to a £10 car wash,” he said. “You want the best service that your car deserves and that is what we provide right here.

“Using only the top brands in the detailing industry, our team cater for jobs large and small from as little as £50.”

From leather restoration to rust removal, treating hairline scratches to full and mini valets, there is a plethora of services available at Zedz.

Turning over their work in the most efficient time possible, bookings are already piling in for the exciting new garage.

“The detailing business is one that people they think they can just walk into. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and you end up seeing a lot of bad work from inexperienced workers,” Zed added.

“I have done detailing for a number of years now and a large number of the jobs I have done have come about because of somebody else’s mistakes.


“Now, drivers don’t have to worry about the possibility of a bodged job, they can just come here first time and receive the service they deserve.”

Outside of London, Bradford is the supercar capital of Britain, with a host of the most prestigious models gracing the streets of West Yorkshire.

Make sure your car turns heads, thanks to Zedz.


Contact details:

Unit 1 Thorncliffe Park,

Thorncliffe Road,

Bradford, BD8 7DD

Tel: 01274 492117


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