malaika-arora-khan (300x450)…another bollywood split

Indian producer-actor Arbaaz Khan and wife Malaika Arora Khan are headed for a divorce after a marriage of 17 years, but Arbaaz is still hopeful and wants things to work out between Malaika and him.

Malaika has moved out of their home and into another apartment along with her 14-year-old son Arhaan. The gossip mills are also abuzz with the rumours of Malaika dating a UK based-businessman.

Despite brother-in law Salman Khan attempting to mediate between the couple, it seems Malaika has just about had enough and isn’t willing to listen to her family and has decided to take a big step.

The main reasons for her unhappiness, she says, is largely due to Arbaaz failing to provide her with financial stability and that he continues to struggle with things such as school fees.

According to sources she’s also revealed that her husband and his family want her to start leading a more “simplistic” and “domestic” life, which she has apparently clearly pointed out that she will not.

She has said though that she will not forbid their son Arhaan from meeting his father after the divorce, but she will fight for custody at any cost whatsoever.

Arbaaz and Malaika (800x551)