fawad khan main (300x450)Q: Did you enjoy working on your for the film?

A: I have been very fortunate in the past. This is my second time in a row to work with a team which has really become a family. I am really going to miss everyone and the whole journey. We had a ball shooting this film and these are wonderful and beautiful people to work with. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more from this film.

Q: What did you think of the script when you first read it?

A: Whenever I read a script, I make sure I don’t put it down until it’s finished. I read the ‘Kapoor & Sons’ script in just over half an hour, not because I was skimming over it but because I just read it like a book! I was blown away by the story and immediately picked up the phone ‘This script is gold’.  It’s a very touching story but in a very real way and it was hugely different from anything I have done in the past.

Q: Do you think the audience will relate to the Kapoor family?

A: Usually family dramas are really rehearsed and controlled but this family is as real as it gets. It never hits a plateau as it is full of such madness and energy.

Q: How has it been to work with Ratna Pathak?

A: This is my second film with her and I feel like she has become my permanent “Filmy Maa”. She is veteran actor and it is always a delight to work with such people who you can learn from.  But let me tell you that after the shoot she is a party animal.

Q: Being Pakistani, how is it working in Bolywood?

A: I have always experienced tremendous amount of love and hospitality everywhere I have gone. All the Indian people have given me loads of love and a warm welcome. Last time was great and this time also it’s like family. Wherever I have gone in India, it’s been an amazing experience. Yes I do miss my family but my co-stars make up for what I am missing out. I feel at home.

Q: Sidharth said you are Rishi Kapoor’s favourite out of the ‘Kapoor & Sons’ cast?

A: It’s true! He must have justified it by saying I was the only actor from Pakistan there (lol). On a serious note, the thing is that Sidharth was always taking too many pangas with him, but I was smart and just stayed quiet.

Q: How difficult is it being a Pakistani actor in Bollywood?

A: I feel it’s only difficult if you make it difficult. Everybody wants to grow in life but difficulty often comes from unrealistic expectations. Everything takes times but I am getting to do fantastic work and I am very happy about it. I want to be known globally as an Indian actor and not just in the Indian film industry although it is great to be a part of. You are in your comfort zone when your language is the same as in the Hindi industry but I would like to venture off into new directions.