‘Not just a meal, an experience’

The idea of ordering a steak from an Indian curry house is one which may entice very few people.

However, opinions can quickly change when you add in flaming hot 400 degree stones, the most succulent cuts of 28-day aged meat, and a completely unique dining experience – which has already put many steakhouses to shame.

That is, at least, what Moghuls Restaurant has found out since rebranding their much-loved restaurant to Moghuls On the Rocks just over two months ago.

The restaurant, in North Street Keighley, has brought a new concept to steak-lovers in November when they brought in hot-rock cooking, allowing diners to cook their own steak on sizzling stones at their tables.


Giving every diner the chance to experience their favourite cut of HMC-certified meat, cooked exactly how they like it, the concept has gone down a storm in Keighley.

Ishtiaq Ahmed currently manages the restaurant, whilst his father, Syed, heads up the kitchen every night, following in his own father’s footsteps.

“This hot rock cooking is something completely new to the area yet we have actually trialled it in two other restaurants, in Portsmouth and the Isle of Man, where it has been a huge success,” he said.

“In just two months, the new menu has propelled us to the top of Trip Advisors’ ‘must-visit restaurants’ in the area and the place is always booked out at weekends.”


He added: “As people are not always ‘sold’ on the idea when they hear about it, I always insist on giving free samples to new diners. This way they can see for themselves what we are offering and it is very rare that they do not order steak after that.”

Syed, known affectionately as ‘Manny the running chef’ for his charity exploits, has recently had a new nickname bestowed upon him, highlighting the success of the meaty menu – ‘the Godfather of Steaks’.

With the vivid memory still in his mind of turning around the ‘open’ sign 35 years ago, he explained why the decision had been taken now to diversify the business in 2016.

“To say the steaks menu has been successful is an understatement really, it has massively taken off,” he said.


“What we are allowing diners to do here is have the finest cuts of their choice of steak, and cook it to their exact preference.

“My idea of rare to medium will differ to the next person’s because we all have different experiences of dining. The hot rock gives you the chance to ensure every cut of meat is perfect, from the first bite to the last. Simply leave the meat on the rock for a longer amount of time if you want it well done, and less time for a rarer finish.”

The chefs prepare the steaks with a simple sprinkling of rock salt so that the mouth-watering taste can ooze out of each sensual slab. The meat’s own juices and natural flavours are left to do the work on your taste buds, transporting you to heifer heaven.

However, to truly appreciate the hot-rock steaks you really do have to taste them for yourself. Head down today and enjoy not only a meal, but an experience, at Moghuls on the Rocks.


Contact details:

114 North Street,


BD21 3AL

Telephone: 01535 604423




Twitter: @Moghuls