Cre8 Nutrition has recently opened on Killinghall Road and is causing such a stir on the wellbeing scene that England cricketer, Ajmal Shahzad, has even been spotted perusing the shelves.

If keeping your body in the ultimate condition is something you take pride in – then walk, run or skip down to Bradford and investigate a shop full of great supplements and nutrition at brilliant prices.

Cre8 stock health goods for people interested in sports, or those who want to lose weight, or even put it on.

Shelves are stacked with nutritional treats, such as powders, shakes, bars, specialist crisps and meal replacement shakes.

Cre8 also stock energy products for endurance cyclists and long distance runners who need that extra energy boost; as well as essential vitamins and minerals, fat- loss aids and estrogen blockers that control your strength and stamina.

Cre8 started their body-boosting business in January 2012 and haven’t looked back since. They expanded their empire and now have shops in Morley Street, Bradford, and are looking to open in Keighley and the city centre in Ivegate.

Owner Fahim Azam, who is also a personal trainer, said: “We have noticed that our clientele has recently changed.

“Initially it used to be men buying bulking powders for body building. Now we have the elderly coming in to see how they can improve their joint function, yoga enthusiasts, women and athletes-in-training.

“The landscape has transformed regarding to what’s available and the selection has grown with it.

“Supplements are being sold within gyms now and people are more aware of what is available, such as protein, amino acids and creatine.”

Whey protein is one of the best selling products at Cre8, as it’s simple, easy to use and versatile.

Whey protein can be used in baking, yoghurts and shakes, making it easy to incorporate into almost any recipe. It is a simple way to get protein and is especially useful for vegans, vegetarians or those who can’t eat animal products for religious reasons.


Fahim said: “We concentrate on the full package here: the product, the advice, and the facilities. On Killinghall Road we have a gym next door so clients can work up a sweat and then pop in to our shop and boost their fitness regime with a health product.”

At Cre8, a customer can look forward to tailor-made diet and nutrition plans and a one-to-one chat with an expert who can critique their lifestyles to make sure they are balancing their gym routine with a healthy eating regime.

The body conscious brand also give back to the community, as people who are interested in becoming personal trainers can be apprenticed by the company.

Fahim has just taken 15 apprentices on board, giving them free government funded Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training Courses.

Cre8 has become such a storming success due to them not only matching internet prices but providing products even cheaper than what is available online.

Fahim says that the internet can’t offer the ‘one-to-one’ approach that his shop provides.

He said: “We even do samples to see if the product reacts well with you. In all our stores, there are experts here to advise you, so that you can be confident you are buying the right product for your unique needs.”

People can be sceptical about energy and body building foods because they may associate it with big, muscle-bound athletes.

However, Cre8 is a company that concentrates on general health, so that your body can feel at its optimum. Cre8 will help you improve your body composition, advance your physical performance, improve all your health outcomes and meet any challenges you have set yourself. Visit their store today.


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22-24 Cow Green,


West Yorkshire,


185 Morley St,



22 Killinghall Rd,



Tel: 01274966657/01422 322090