Centros Unico Valentine’s special

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Loved up fuzzy feelings... minus the body fuzz!

Centros Unico is Europe's biggest aesthetic clinic and is now on your doorstep at the Broadway Centre in Bradford.  A leader in high quality advanced and medical aesthetic treatments – without the excessive fees that can be involved in beauty procedures- Centros Unico prides itself on its flawless treatments.

Specialising in laser hair removal and a wide range of other facial and body treatments for men and women, it’s the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day – and beyond.

Medical aesthetic treatments are carried out by highly qualified doctors. Doctors also supervise all of laser hair removals - so you can feel not only relaxed - but safe too.

The beautiful clinic has a minimal yet rustic aesthetic; with corrugated walls in a warming wood, mood lighting and a line of smart potted plants in the window.

It’s the ultimate place to treat your body (and mind) and to give yourself a much needed sprucing and pampering in the loved up month of February.

‘Fabulous February’ treatments on offer:


Aqualyx (256x300)Fat reduction injections are a fast and safe alternative to traditional liposuction treatments, achieving fantastic results even when dieting hasn’t worked.

Aqualyx enables the non-surgical remodelling of areas of your body that you feel self-conscious about. It removes areas of fat and irons out stubborn cellulite to improve your body confidence and overall sense of wellbeing.

Performed by a highly qualified Centros Unico doctor, Aqualyx fat reduction injections take very little time to administer.

There’s minimal downtime, so you can go straight back to your normal schedule immediately afterwards.​


Dermal Fillers (336x450)You have probably heard of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule which promotes good health and youthful appearance. A number of beauty products and treatments use it, but we have researched and identified the best way to introduce it to the body for maximum results.

Our Dermal Filler treatment uses hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite to enhance your facial features and bring out your natural beauty. Dermal fillers are especially recommended for the lip area, as they can reduce unattractive wrinkles, boost lip volume and define their shape.

Hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite pack countless benefits for the skin and the body, including stimulating the creation of collagen, battling free radicals, supplying hydration and maintaining skin elasticity.

Using these potent, natural substances, our experts can help bring out the most beautiful version of yourself yet.


Mini Thread Face Lift (249x300)The best option to give your face an immediate, long-lasting lifting effect without having to undergo invasive surgery is undeniably the Mini Thread Face Lift.

Our experienced doctors implant a series of special sutures to the face to create a system of support to highlight your best features and turn back the clock on ageing.

This treatment is personalised to suit your individual needs and concerns. Wrinkle reduction, face tightening, improved elasticity and skin thickness are immediately visible. Still, the Mini Thread Face Lift works its magic over time to boost the production of natural collagen and elastin in the skin, enhancing your timeless beauty from within.

The Mini Thread Face Lift is non-invasive and especially fit for a busy schedule, as a quick session of one or two quarters of an hour is enough for a visible, long-lasting effect.

Wrinkle Reduction (800x526)


A simple name for a straight-forward, effective treatment – wrinkle reduction is becoming increasingly popular as more people realise its effectiveness and affordability.

Our wrinkle reduction expertise can bring back the natural beauty of your face, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring its youthful shape. Once our skilled doctors apply botulinum toxin type A to the desired areas, the results are instantaneous.

This method is recommended by doctors over the globe to women and men who want to look and feel younger, more attractive and confident. It is painless, safe and medically approved.

Enjoy the wisdom and experience that comes from aging without worrying about wrinkles. Turn back the clock of your skin by trusting us for your Wrinkle Reduction treatment.


Body Messotherapy (225x225)Localised fat deposits and cellulite are often particularly difficult to deal with for women and men alike.

Gentle yet effective, mesotherapy utilises latest research findings, pairing state-of-the-art technology with natural ingredients to provide an effective solution to these unsightly problems.

Thanks to a combination of vitamins, homeopathic substances, natural extracts and pharmaceuticals, your body receives the combined benefits of different cosmetic methods. The result is a combined treatment that visibly treats cellulite and localised fat.

Mesotherapy is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. It is quick, pain-free and patients can resume their daily routine right away.

Choose mesotherapy to get rid of cellulite, banish localised fat and stimulate your metabolism, to achieve the healthy, attractive appearance you deserve.

Valentine’s Special Asian Express Reader’s Offer:

Cut out and bring in to Centros Unico at Bradford’s Broadway to receive one free session when you buy a package of six ‘High Power Diode Laser Hair Removal.’ *

*All laser hair removal treatments are signed off by our doctors. Offer ends 29/2/2016

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