DISTINCTIVE ACCENTS: Aine Davis’ photograph was found on the phone of his wife, Amal El-Wahabi
DISTINCTIVE ACCENTS: Aine Davis’ photograph was found on the phone of his wife, Amal El-Wahabi

Two members of Daesh have been named

The terrorist group, Daesh, fronted by ‘Jihadi John’, have had two of their English members identified.

Dubbed ‘The Beatles’ by their captors because of their distinctive English accents, they have now been officially named as Aine Davis and Alexanda Kotey.

Before making their way to Syria, the pair, ‘George’ and ‘Ringo’, purportedly grew up in West London.

The most violent of the pair is called ‘George’.

Mohammed Emwazi – who is known by the moniker Jihadi John – was filmed beheading at least four Westerners including Britons David Haines and Alan Henning last year.

A US drone strike in the Syrian city of Raqqa killed Emwazi in November, confirmed by the January issue of the militant group’s magazine, ‘Dabiq’.   All remaining members of the group, are among the world’s most wanted men.

Thirty-two-year-old extremist, Kotey, also known as Alexe, has previously been named as a key conspirator with Emwazi.

Raised as a Greek Orthodox Christian, by a Greek-Cypriot mother and Ghanaian father, he grew up in Shepherd’s Bush, before converting to Islam as a teen.

Kotey is believed to have been a key recruiter for the terror group and helped radicalise young men in London before travelling to Syria.

Buzzfeed spoke to a former friend of Kotey who said he used to run a stall outside his local mosque.

The friend said: “Those guys used to openly preach and argue about what they thought was their cause or ideology.”

Kotey is said to have fled Britain in 2009, leaving his two children behind, when he travelled to the Gaza Strip on an aid convoy of 110 vehicles organised by London mayoral candidate and former Bradford West MP George Galloway.

A spokesman for the then Respect MP said Mr Galloway had not heard Kotey’s name until press reports emerged, although he accepted that there were around 500 people on the convoy and it was ‘entirely possible that they could have been on that trip, but George just doesn’t know the name’.

Davis, who was born in London but has roots in Gambia, is believed to have attended the same mosque as Emwazi and Kotey, which was the Al-Manaar mosque in London.

ITV news reported that all three men were marginalised sometime in 2011 for views of an extremist nature. Davis left the UK in 2013 to become a guard for Daesh.