INDIA-ENTERTAINMENT-BOLLYWOODKabir Bedi’s baritone goes one decibel up when he talks about his ‘Annual 50th Birthday Bash’ which he is hosting on Saturday 16th January.

The veteran actor turns 70 and has planned a big party at a suburban hotel in Bandra. Invites have been sent out to the family, fraternity and even school friends. A Sufi singer is being flown in from Delhi and the evening will be a daawat fit for a king.

Buzz is, he’s planning to secretly tie the knot with live-in partner, Parveen Dusanj, and the announcement will be made on birthday.

The man, who found plenty of admirers both in the East and the West, has been married thrice before, to the late Protima Bedi, Susan Humphreys and Nikki Bedi.

After he divorced Nikki in 2005, he began dating British-born Parveen Dusanj who is 29 years younger than him. The couple has been together for nine years.