EMPLOYED: Tara Sangani found a flexible job from the BahGum app
EMPLOYED: Tara Sangani found a flexible job from the BahGum app

New careers app brings students and employers together

A free app, which looks to put the simplicity back into job applications, was launched last month, meaning your future job could be just one swipe away.

‘BahGum’ was developed by a team of students from the University of York as a way of giving fellow academics a chance to find employment suiting their abilities.

With the simple concept  – ‘swipe right for apply, swipe left for ignore’ – the app progresses from the students’ already established website, and is able to provide job suggestions based on your online CV and past applications.

Amongst those to have used the app is BahGum’s own Accounts Executive, Tara Sangani.

Struggling to find flexible employment around her university degree, she was able to land a new role from one of the hundreds of flexible job listings.

Chris Smith, CEO of BahGum, said Tara’s story was not a unique one.

”We’ve seen incredible success with the BahGum website,” he added. “The app provides a more engaging, fun and personal experience for our users.”

The app is targeted at anyone seeking to gain employment, with a strong emphasis on students who are looking for summer internships, industrial placements and graduate jobs.

Users can take full advantage of instant job notifications, ‘one-to-one’ company updates, and a host of interactive tools allowing users to save, edit and return to applications at a later date.

Chris added: “We wanted to make it easier for international students to find employment through a ‘tinder inspired’ theme that’s easy, practical and functional – and we’ve had some great success already.

“The app is free because we want to share our successes with everyone. Companies post job applications onto BahGum at a cost which allows us to provide the app for free.”

BahGum can be downloaded for free from iTunes and will soon be released for Android.