Lakhwinder Wadali is back with ‘Laggian Zora Zori’ main (300x450)Resepcted Punjabi singer Lakhwinder Wadali is back with a fast peppy track ‘Laggian Zora Zori’, blending traditional Punjabi lyrics to a feet-tapping beat.

Lakwinder who hails from a muscial dynasty holds the fourth generation of the family name and has succeeded in establishing his name all over the world as a sufi, classical singer.

Lakhwinder Wadali born and raised in Amritsar, Punjab, was trained by his father Ustad Puran Chand Wadali and Uncle Pyarelal Wadali. He started his professional singing career in 2005 with album ‘Bulla’ and has gone on to releasing over ten albums.

With over a decade of professional singing he has toured  the world with international tours and many cultural programs in Canada, Pakistan, Dubai and UK. He also featured on PTC Punjab Voice of Punjabs where was a part of the judges panel with Roshan Prince and Sachin Ahuja.

‘Laggian Zora Zori is a fast peppy number blending the traditional Punjabi lyrics on a fast beat. The track whose music is produced by Aar Bee and lyrics by Jaswant Baaz, was performed at Lakhwinder’s latest tour where crowds took to the song prompting Wadali to release this song for the fans.