clifton restaurant at night (751x423)

clifton restaurant old (338x450)In 1968, Mr Rashid established Clifton Restaurant in Bradford, serving the first generation of Asian settlers an array of traditional Pakistani dishes.

Today, that same restaurant continues to act as the heartbeat of the city and with an incredible transformation in recent years, the setting is finally on par with the food.

Located on Carlisle Road, in Manningham, the three-storey, five-star establishment offers a totally unique experience for diners, with a panoramic view encompassing the individualistic design.

Catering for up to 500 people, Clifton Restaurant is split into several exclusive lounges, named after world famous mountain ranges in the Gilgit Balistan region of Kashmir, and offers the privacy diners want when enjoying a delectable meal.

Few other establishments in the city can boast the history Clifton offers, and now world foods are being served up from the iconic restaurant.

Clifton3 (300x450)Executive chef, Chef Ramzan, has prepared the finest selection of Eastern foods for the world-renowned QE2 previously and is joined in the kitchen by former Ritz employee, Chef Baig, and head chef for the intercontinental group, Chef Aurangzeb.

Together, their culinary skills, mastered in Abbottabad, blend together for a delicious menu which will transport diners from Bradford to traditional kitchens in South Asia.

Inspired to relaunch the restaurant after a ‘life-changing’ trip to Kashmir, Mr Rashid says the resulting building is befitting of the restaurant’s upcoming 50th year anniversary.

“This is where I first opened my Restaurant in 1968 and it is amazing to be able to reopen on this exact same spot,” he said.

“I am very proud to be working in this area of Bradford and putting something back into the community.

“As well as being one of the city’s most historic eateries, we are now level with the most exclusive ones when it comes to our dining environment.”

During Mr Rashid’s trip to Kashmir, he was so inspired by the local cuisines that he brought a host of secret recipes back to the UK with him.

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“Our selection of world foods surpasses the quality of anything available in Bradford today,” he said.

“You cannot experience tastes as pure as our dishes unless you travel to the nation’s these foods originate from and that is what makes Clifton Restaurant a must-visit venue.”

Located at over 15,000ft above sea level, the Gilgit, Hunza and Astore mountain ranges are known for their curing abilities, with the average age of residents in the areas exceeding 100 years.

Mr Rashid, who suffers from severe arthritis, made the epic trip, along treacherous roads and picturesque mountain peaks in hope of helping his own mobility.

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Once there, his health not only improved but he fell in love with the whole area, from the food to the views, and the simplistic way of life.

Of course it is not only the food at Clifton restaurant which has been inspired by the mountain ranges, with the stunning designs, inside and out, creating a relaxed dining environment.

See what all the fuss is about for yourself and head down to Clifton Restaurant today where you can taste the world from the true heart of Bradford.

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Clifton restaurant,

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Opening times:

Mon-Sun – 11.30am-11pm

Tel: 07796 136 557