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Krishna Shroff has caused a stir after she posted some pictures of herself on her Instagram account. According to some Indian media, she had posed ‘topless’.

However, Krishna’s father, Jackie Shroff, immediately came to her rescue.

Jackie said: “Let me clarify one thing – she is not topless in the pictures!

“For a picture to be topless, you won’t be wearing anything. You should have checked the picture a little more clearly. She has a towel wrapped around her.

krishna shroff

“How can you even call it a topless picture?”

Since then, Krishna has become the talk of the town with several speculations about her Bollywood debut doing the rounds.

When asked if Krishna, too, was interested in acting, Jackie has said: “She has never spoken to me about her interest in acting ever.

“Rather, Tiger too had never told me that he wanted to act. This industry has given me everything and it has welcomed my son with open arms.

“So if Krishna wants to act, I would not stop her at all. I will be a rather happy person.”