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Introducing Velocity – Superfast Connectivity

Access to the internet has become a fundamental part of every business’ day-to-day operations, whether it be via a computer, tablet, telephone or use of devices such as PDQ machines to take payments.

With that said, a slow connection can hamper your business’ efficiency and also allows competitors to edge ahead of you in ever-more competitive markets.

Thankfully for companies across the UK, ITC are on hand to provide superfast broadband and give your business the connectivity you demand.

One of the government’s leading internet service providers nationally for superfast broadband on the Connection Vouchers Scheme, ITC have connected organisations nationally under their ‘velocity’ package and now it is your turn.

You may be thinking ‘Why choose ITC’? The answer is simple:

With a dedicated support network that is second to none, clients can rely on around the clock maintenance, alongside bespoke packages which can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements.

Whether it is nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday, or 24/7, 365 days a year, ITC are just a phone call away to meet your service requirements.

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ITC Managing Director, Nasar Hussain, explained that setting the business apart from the rest means ensuring peace of mind for every customer.

“Rather than waste your valuable time on your telecommunications, we think it makes sense to hand that over to us, the experts, while you focus on your core business,” he said.

“That way, you get all the benefits of an in-house communications team but with a much smaller price tag.”

He added: “A fast internet connection is so often the backbone to a business’ success and by opting to use ITC as your internet service provider, you have a partner you can always rely on.”

Never one to compromise on reliability or quality, a range of different connectivity packages are available to suit every customer’s usage and budget, with some clients even able to access superfast broadband for free.

Under the government’s Connection Vouchers: Superfast Broadband’ scheme, grants can be claimed to fund the installation of your new connection, but hurry, as the promotion is likely to end in the next couple of months.

Superfast velocity is much faster and more reliable than standard broadband, allowing you to utilise the internet’s full range of services, all at much higher speeds – and all at the same time.

So, whether it is office telephone systems, mobile solutions or broadband that your business requires, get in touch with the experts at ITC today and simplify your telecommunications.

Find out more by visiting:

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