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Ferrari reveals stunning-looking new 661bhp 488 Spider

Feast your envious eyes on the newest convertible addition to the Ferrari range, the turbocharged 488 Spider.

Based on the 488 GTB, the 661bhp supercar is fitted with a similarly graceful folding electric roof that actually saves weight compared to an equivalent fabric type. It completes its motions in 14 seconds.

An electric glass wind break behind the two seats can be raised into three positions for reduced buffeting inside the cabin, and it can also be lowered with the roof in place to enhance the sound of the engine.

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It shares the same 3.9-litre turbocharged unit as the GTB. Specially tuned to mimic the rev-hungry performance of a normally-aspirated engine while offering much greater torque, it has already been hailed as an astounding feat of engineering.

Ferrari claims that the Spider has the same torsional rigidity as the GTB; a 23% increase over its predecessor, the 458 Spider. The Italian firm says that is down to its use of 11 different aluminium alloys in the chassis, which are combined with “other noble metals such as magnesium.”

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Speed demons will love its ability to sprint from a standstill to 62mph in just three seconds, and to 124mph in a furious 8.7 seconds. Fashionistas will prefer the newly-tweaked styling and feeling the wind in their hair.

It will be officially presented to the world at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but can for now be drooled over in the new ‘Blu Corsa’ paint finish on Ferrari’s website.