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Experts in Medical and Clinical law

There is no denying that medical negligence is one of the toughest areas of British law, with victims suffering not only physical injuries but psychological scars as well.

Thankfully, there is one law firm that not only specialises in cases of medical and clinical negligence but also gets results too, with Chapman Dhillon Solicitors always on your side.

Established in 2009, the solicitors have offices in Leeds and London with client care always at the forefront of their operations.

Their expansive team of industry professionals cover the entire country in their work and offer a callout service for every client - where solicitors will even visit you at home for your convenience.

Earlier this year, the forward thinking law firm even invested in its own IT infrastructure, teaming up with former Apprentice winner, Mark Wright to allow greater access of their legal services for the public.

Principal Solicitor, Raj Virdee, has handled every type of injury case in his successful career and explained what set Chapman Dhillon Solicitors apart from the rest.

“We leave no stone unturned when working with our clients as we strive to get them the best results every time,” he said.

“Medical Negligence cases can be extremely complex and it takes dedication, knowledge and experience to know how to handle each case.

“Here at Chapman Dhillon, we have dealt with all cases, from the wrong tooth being extracted by a dentist to life-changing catastrophic injuries.

“The one constant throughout is the committed legal service every client receives from our close-knit team of solicitors as we get the right results for you.”

Medical negligence can impact a victim’s life massively with cases including the misdiagnosis of cancer, amputations, birthing injuries and surgical errors.

Contact Chapman Dhillon Solicitors to get results you merit and service you deserve.


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