ENTERTAINING: BollyMob UK is made up of over 50 dancers who surprise bystanders with their ‘pop-up’ performances
ENTERTAINING: BollyMob UK is made up of over 50 dancers who surprise bystanders with their ‘pop-up’ performances

Dancers bring fun and surprise to city’s streets

There are some things you expect to see when walking through the streets of London from historic landmarks to famous faces, people from all over the world descend on the capital to experience the city.

One thing you may not be expecting however is to suddenly feel the urge to dance, yet that is exactly what one group of dancers have been doing to bystanders this past week.

The BollyMobUK group began with just six dancers in landmark locations across the city before they were joined in the routine by what seemed like members of the crowd.

Dancing and moving to catchy Bollywood tunes, the group aimed to inspire others to join in with the ‘joys of dancing’ in the big city.

Alia Kapoor, speaking on behalf of the group, explained where the idea for the flashmob came from.

“The BollyMobUK is simply an idea driven by our sheer love to perform by making others happy by surprising them with our highly energizing performance,” she said.

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“If we’ve managed to inspire any single person to get up and dance that would be wonderful, even if they’ve never danced before.

“Combining indo contemporary and modern movements with strong ballet grounding and performance-based visuals our performance worked a treat for everyone who was watching – at various locations across London, which included Tower Hill, Liverpool Street, Southbank and Wembley Central to name a few.”

The London-based group is made up of mainly students from the Shiamak Davar’s ‘The Dance Academy’.

Alia added: “Just like food is the spice of life, dance is the magic, which transcends cultures and brings together people in a way like never before.

“So with our little boom box we descended across the capital to treat the public to surprise performances with more than 50 of us.”

Look out for the BollyMob next time you are in the capital and get your toe tapping to some good old fashioned Bollywood hits.