Safra Paul - shattered 2 (300x450)Classically trained singer and songwriter Safra Paul’s singing ability was evident from a young age, but the Bedford-born artist followed the more traditional route of academic study and the world of work before fully immersing herself in her musical pursuits.

Alongside formal training, Safra has performed choral works from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries with classical greats such as Aled Jones, Hayley Marsh and Faryl Smith. She has also performed with her local church choir, often as a soloist, and has participated in musical festivals and a number of charity events across the country.

Safra’s talent has been recognised by others in the industry, and many opportunities have come her way.

After singing a famous cover in the studio, she was given due recognition for her outstanding vocal ability and her original style and has since worked with producers and artists such as Guy Stanway and Nikki Murray, and diversified in the urban Asian music scene collaborating with V-Dubl-E and Des C.

Guy Stanway of ZY Records and all round Musician & Vocalist, Nikki Murray produced and enabled Safra to record two contemporary tracks ‘Never Wanted to be Loved’ (uptempo pop) and ‘I Try’ (a country sounding ballad).

After a recent hiatus she has been working with producer Richard West and collaborating with Tim Laws (T-Rox Music Publishing and Productions Ltd) on the track ‘Shattered’ and in the studio with the talented country blues singer Cherry Lee Mewis.

Safra’s musical style is original yet versatile, and this enables her to reach a wide and diverse audience. She has a work ethic that is second to none and continues to challenge herself daily, often venturing outside of her comfort zone to achieve the limitless possibilities within her reach.

Her latest single ‘Shattered’ is out now via iTunes and other digital platforms.