INSPIRATIONAL: Musharaf Asghar shot to stardom after his touching story was broadcast on Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire
INSPIRATIONAL: Musharaf Asghar shot to stardom after his touching story was broadcast on Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire

Britain’s most loved student on life after Thornhill

Last year millions of people were glued to their television screens as Thornhill Academy’s Musharaf Asghar overcome his stammer on Channel 4’s hit documentary, Educating Yorkshire.

His touching story helped earn the programme a number of awards over the past 12 months, with Musharaf, or ‘Mushy’ as he is well known, even having his own spin off programme ‘Stammer School’ following its success.

Now, the nation’s favourite student may have left the nation’s favourite academy yet with regular contact with former staff, and A-levels to study for, ‘Educating Mushy’ is still very much his life.

Speaking to the Asian Express about his new life as a local celebrity, Mushy said it has been an ‘honour’ to be involved in the show and hopes his personal story will help other people with stammers gain more confidence.

Q) What have you been up to since the end of Educating Yorkshire?
A) I have actually been busy with a lot of college work and trying to set up a YouTube channel which will hopefully happen this year. I’ve got a lot going on.

Q) How has your life changed since the Educating Yorkshire series?
A) It’s been amazing. From all the interviews and award shows. I’m absolutely honoured that I’ve been given this chance.

Q) The moment you spoke with music playing, what was that like?
A) It was quite emotional. Knowing that I knew the people sitting in front of me for five years and I hadn’t really been able to speak to them was quite hard.

Finally speaking in front of them was just a once in a life time experience. To see it on TV was quite weird. You never really imagine looking at yourself on TV.

It was nice knowing the fact that there was something on TV which I could really relate to.

Q) Do you keep in touch with the teachers at Thornhill?
A) I definitely do. I try my best to keep in touch with all of them including the one of a kind Mr Burton.

Q) Did you ever imagine the series would be so popular and win the awards it has?
A) Not even a chance. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been honoured to not only be on TV but to see the show was a massive success.

I can’t thank the people in this nation enough for having so much love for me. I can’t thank them enough for how much they have given me.

Q) Have you received any messages from people with similar stammers who saw your experience on television?
A) Yes, I speak to quite a few people who have stammers and they have really thanked me for the confidence boost I have given them.

Q) How did ‘Stammer School’ come about?
A) Stammer School actually came about after Educating Yorkshire was a success. There would be no Stammer School without the love Educating Yorkshire got.

Many people were messaging and emailing TwoFour (the production team of EY) that they wanted to know what happened next. If I had really overcame my stammer.

I still remember getting a call from Saskia Smith (the producer of EY) telling me that they wanted to make a new documentary only about Stammering and how it affects people in their daily lives. I was shocked but so pleased at how much positive reaction we got.

Q) What was it like filming another documentary?
A) This was absolutely perfect despite the fact I was fasting for nine or more hours due to Ramadan whilst filming the show.

It’s shocking yet pleasing to see how many people stammer. I loved every part of it and wish I could relive it all over again.

Q) What do you hope to do in the future?
A) Right now I’m at college, I hope to study further and go to university. I’m also as I said before building a YouTube career.